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Mind Resonance Process

How MRP Coaching works to achieve powerful permanent results for self improvement 

There are hundreds of methods out there for people who want to improve their lives. If you are looking for change in your life, you can choose basically any technique  you want – EFT, TFT, EMDR, hypnosis, psychotherapy cognitive behavioural psychotherapy, the Sedona Method, and many others. The problem is, many of these methods yield only temporary results. Unlike other methods, the Mind Resonance Process ® (MRP) actually yields permanent and irreversible positive results so if you are a individual who doesn’t like to waste time then i suggest other modalities trying Mrp for yourself.  I refuse to other modalities with my clients. I am qualified in three of the below, and have done extensive studies on all and have had clients use, the below before shifting to MRP. Don’t believe it? Read on! I also recommend my new  clients who haven’t yet tried, NLP or any of the below to go try it first,  so that they can have a comparison model for themselves,

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I have been using MRP to help people make positive, permanent changes in their lives. “Permanence” here doesn’t just mean that the changes will last a long time; it actually means that if you wanted to go back to your old, negative thought patterns (who would want that?), you wouldn’t be able to. This transcends what most people think of as normal human experience, but it is true!

This also explains why people who have had their lives changed by MRP have a hard time explaining to others the changes that have happened in their lives. They literally don’t even remember why they were the way they were before. The only reality they live in is their new, positive reality.

The Mind Resonance Process actually changes who you are, how you think, how you perceive the world, and how you live in the world. It removes the straitjacket of limited beliefs that are holding you back by removing your accumulated, stored memories of negative life experiences. If your mind were a computer, MRP would be the process of erasing your mind/body hard drive, which many refer to as the unconscious.

The way that the Mind Resonance process works is that it challenges your belief that your memories are real. It shows you how believing in your memories is toxic by using a process of assessing what the beliefs and emotions are doing to your emotional wellbeing. Practically everyone does it, but it harms; it does not help. Once your belief in your memories is addressed, they actually disintegrate in your conscious awareness. To your delight, you will reclaim feelings of energy, clarity, empowerment, confidence, and resilience.

This doesn’t mean that you are left as a blank slate. Instead, the full and authentic expression of who you really are is free to emerge. The reason for this, is Belief systems, being in place in the Psyche, kick the real you out, and with modalities like EFT, EMDR, CBT, Affirmations, Sedona Method, they address beliefs from a standpoint of replacing the negative belief with another and or releasing the emotional charge the beliefs are generating every time, yet again someone makes us feel not enough and those negative emotions need releasing once again. The problem with this approach is that, when a belief system is in the frontal perception area, where self is supposed to form and front of mind, by replacing the belief system. You never effectively kick it out, so the real self, who doesn’t need to believe anything about the self, more so just needs to be the self, is kicked out of conscious awareness and the person spends a whole lifetime never experiencing their real selves, other than who, they know themselves to be through the lens of that belief.

You become a powerfully creative being sourced from what many call divine universal energy Authetic, Happy Positive. alive and In my experience, this is exactly what many people search for in their spiritual quests but rarely find.

MRP helps you become who you truly are underneath all the layers of toxic memories and beliefs. I offer coaching in MRP to help you become the best version of yourself. Contact me at the website below and you can also get a free MRP telephone/Skype coaching consultation.

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