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I am Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery. I’m a trained Mind resonance coach author of over 200 articles on Psychology, Mindset, self development and Business Coach, Sydney based life coach and working on Skype with clients in 21 countries, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

My drive that propelled me to do what i do ,  is this simple understanding, 

An extraordinary life is created by an ability to take action. Actions geared towards success, are only effortless when our minds belief system are aligned positively, to what we desire and are congruent to our real selves, not the Beliefs we took on to keep us safe
Felicity  Muscat 


PTSD does not allow for one to feel at peace , having suffered from it myself, after three experiences that broke my trust in life and the world, after 8 years i discovered the cause, treatment and a 100 percent effective solution to remove the mental triggers causing PTSD. 

lets start with how I obtained this information, I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals and then providing mindset advise with only knowledge, as frankly, that doesn’t stick and if that was the case, everyone who has read a book, wanting to get a results would have been able to apply what they have learnt and adopted that readers thinking and apply the same actions to generate a results right. ? Wrong. so if knowledge and learning and CBT, Psychotherapy and EMDR, so called treatments didn’t help me solve this issue of feeling that , every time i was around people, i would panic and go in a fight and flight response that caused me to lose access to memory for three days, then what did ?

Lets start with understanding what PTSD is, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) it is a state of mind, in which is labelled a disorder in which a individuals experiences after being exposed to a traumatic event

 A Individual who is suffering  form Post traumatic stress disorder, will experience Symptoms of, consistant recurring thoughts, recalling the events and what they should, shouldn’t have done differently, negative thoughts and feelings about life, and dreams of similar theme to the original trauma. ,  and attempts to avoid people and or situations which may trigger similar experiences or feelings. 

What i learnt, is that every experience in your mind, that is being triggered is controlled by fuelling beliefs that anchor in memories, that generate and trigger feelings that are caused by the beliefs that the initial experience/ memory of the event are generating.

For example a abusive memories will install beliefs that, i am not safe, people are not safe, i am vulnerable, i am helpless, i am exposed, in which are the cause of the disconnection, in which is the fight and flight response, and can be removed,  so that your mind can be restored back.

Before i treat a clients, their biggest concern is, but if i do not have that memory altering me of dangers, how will i know or how can i ensure that i am safe from it happening again.

The thing is this, when our perception is filtered by belief systems, you are more likely to be in danger.  in similar situations with those beliefs there and are less likely to be traumatised as, i mentioned above, the trauma does not happen from the event, its created by the beliefs that are generating the feelings .

Therefore if the mind is in a calm state, ( meaning responding from a place of making healthy decision , not a fight and flight response state, you are more likely to make choices to remove yourself from the situation , than if your mind were to freeze up in the cause of the event re accruing, you are at odds at what to do with the beliefs their, creating the trauma and thats why the mind stays in a constant alert state to alter the person of potential threats.

Let me explain in this post Traumatic stress disorder articles on
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a condition in which the mind develops a set of reactions in order to cope with witnessing a traumatic experience. The mind then goes into a state of fight and flight in order to avoid similar experiences in order to keep a person safe.

This onset of reactions from the mind is brought about by witnessing or experiencing a terrifying life event. Common symptoms include nightmares, severe anxiety, flashbacks, and obsessive or uncontrollable thoughts. These symptoms may occur immediately after the event, or they may not develop until years later. There are four types of PTSD, including intrusive memories, avoidance, adverse changes in mood and thought, and emotional reactions and physical changes. 

If you would like to learn more about the ineffectiveness of EMDR, CBT Current treatment methods) and other modalities click here.

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