Surviving A Breakup – Healing A Broken Heart and Restoring Yourself

By Felicity Muscat

Do you know that most individuals have been taught that the healing process of a broken heart takes time to heal, the limitation with this is that although the pain subsides the effects of the scar remain and continually get re-triggered when individuals attempt to move on into new relationships, healing a broken heart after a breakup can only happen if the memory of the event is completely and permanently erased from your mind? Does this sound preposterous to you? Does this sound impossible? Does this arouse scepticism and doubt about whether you should read further? Well here is the reason why you really can’t pass this article up?

All negative memories inherently become downloaded into your mind/body once the memory of the event takes place. Those memories remain inside of you for the rest of your life. Although over time they begin to feel more and more remote to your conscious awareness they still continue to wreak havoc on your life in a very direct way.

For example, the fear of rejection is generated, fuelled and sustained by negative memories of rejection and or abandonment long after the events in question have supposedly faded from conscious awareness. The fear serves as a marker and as debilitating evidence that the negative memory is still very much present and active in one’s life.

In my experience , and of 12 years of study of the human mind as a former psychologist , hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner I have come to the sad realisation that no other modality succeeds to completely erase the offending original negative memories nor provide any positive and/or permanent results. With that realisation a new coaching process was developed over a decade ago that essentially does just that i.e. it erases negative memories, thoughts and limiting beliefs completely and permanently.

When applied to the pain associated with a broken heart it helps to restore one to their pre-injured state in ways that are difficult to even describe here. The problem is the pain unconsciously seduces the individual to believe the negative events improving the quality of their life. In does this by unconsciously preparing the individual for future rejection and or abandonment of any kind by shutting down the heart of the individual and putting them in a anxious state when attempting to move on.

The pain and process of the brain work in the following ways:

It motivates you to stalk your ex to help cope with the pain and in some cases motivates the individual to want to win back the affections of there past lover or seek revenge, making the individual to fall scam to win your ex back material on the market and clouds your objectivity of, if its even in your best interest to go back.

If you have experienced a recent break up, are suffering the hurt that goes with such an event and you want to rapidly move past this so that you don’t lose years off your life to grief then you may wish to visit the web site below where you can learn more about this process.

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Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.

If you have tried other approaches that have failed and are ready for change, request a complimentary introductory phone/Skype coaching consultation to help you get started on your journey back to your peak performing empowered and alive self today. To learn more and explore others’ success stories, download Felicity’s eBooks.

Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

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