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Why haven't I found my Soulmate? How can I attract the really Great Woman or Man into My Life and be attractive to them without having to be someone i am not be fake or try really really hard?

The dating game can be fraught with rejection, disappointment, and a lot of wasted time.

Hi! Sydney-based Dating  Felicity Muscat here if you want success in your dating life you are in the right place.

We Build success Mindsets that help you attract partners towards you, who you like and help you to know who is right for you so that you can have the choice of whom you want so that you can stop settling , have more fun  so you can  stop wasting time on, trying to find the right person  so that you can spend time focusing being with that person

Keep reading,  if yes you want more prospects you like, more prospects who can see you as the right one for them and more choices or reliable ready partners 



WELCOME! AS A PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEUR WHO MENTORS THOSE WHO DREAM BIG AND YEARN TO BUILD and want to know how to create a desirable passionate relationship, even if you feel that it isn’t possible, I’m thrilled you stopped by.

A mindset coach and Dating  coach who helps Women and Men in find love thats right for them who are struggling to get find and attract the right person for them. Who are at odds as to how to why the people they are attracting, do not want the same things, have different values and are not good for them,   even if you have tried all dating sites, used matchmakers been stood up, went on countless dates are are loosing hope that you will ever find the one

You might be telling yourself:

  • “Online dating is so depressing.”
  • “I can never find a really good partner.”
  • “I think I’m destined to be alone forever.”

All of these are beliefs, and beliefs can be changed to align with reality so that you can find love. I’ve seen the transformational power of self-belief overcome many obstacles in peoples love life.

There are three challenges a person looking for love faces:

  • They pick the wrong person for them.

  • Due to a misalignment of needs one person disappears leaving them stuck with a fear their “mistakes” will repeat again and again

  • They have a hard time getting their loved one to see the value in themselves and/or long-term commitment


Hi I am Felicity Muscat a Dating Coach in Sydney and Abroad,  You Can finally discover how to make dating easy and find the right partner for you to you can have the love and life shared with someone that you imagine. 

Do you Ever wonder why you attract the people you do or have not  found the right person in my search for love, i am too busy to date, well yes The actions you should take should lead to a great first date and happily ever after are being hindered by behaviours and insecurities from your past.

Did you know you can attract and meet the right person by becoming ready for it?

Do you ever wonder why with so many people out there, you have not found them why?  Well becoming a magnet by becoming ready makes the process a lot simpler. 

These Obstacles and fears leave people uncertain of what they need and who is really right for them. Their life becomes unbalance and they seem to place dating and love as their last priority – they throw their hands up in the air and say “It’s all too hard.”

They wonder why uncovering each other’s interests is not leading to love. They wonder why they can’t get that initial connection to reach a deeper level where values connect and just “fit.” They don’t seem to understand why friends and family can achieve lasting love but for us, it just feels impossible.

I have worked with countless individuals and understand all too well what these challenges can do for your confidence. We all want to find that amazing person to feel loved and adored and wanted by – I get it – I’ve been where you are, and so have so many of my clients.

The thing is, if we do not get out mind, our life and out space ready we will keep meeting the wrong people who need to leave

If you want to find love, and have tried dating sites, match makers, asking your friends if they know anyone, well it doesn’t have to be that hard 

To help solve these frustrations and challenges, I invite you to join me in a 60-minute free consultation session. Together, we’ll kickstart your plan to attract the right person into your life. It’s just a no obligation dating coaching session on how I can help you.

If you’ve tried online dating, match making, speed dating, and all the places you’ve been told you can find success in love but to no avail, I invite you to join me in a free dating coaching session. If you’ve had negative thoughts about your love life, you aren’t alone. I have created a system called from dating to love accelerator and outline


See What others are saying 

I went from attracting men who constantly talk about themselves, This course changed the way i see myself, i now believe i matter and no longer attract men who reflect that back to me . I have been with my partner for 6 months after 2 years of being single as i was tired of feeling like i didn’t matter to the men i was attracting, Joanne Camilleri , Adelaide


I heard about this course from a friend after i had tried, three others online, none of which changed the type of men i was attracting, This course was  amazing, Petra Anderson, Aukland


I had worked with a coach on attracting the one before this so i didn’t want to fail again. I had no idea it was about me and not them and completely get why i had failed in the past having not done the internal work. I am with the man i can see a future with and i can 1000 percent say it was because of the Dating to Love accelerator  

I was so tired of men keeping me as only a friend, Felicity you have no idea what your course has done, i am so appreciative for you and what you do . Emily Chaffer Sydney


In this breakthrough session we will:

  • Get a clear picture on who you are and what is right for you on who you are and what’s right for you – without this you are going in blind
  • Get the recipe for your “secret sauce” of attraction to get noticed by others – without it, it leaves the opposite sex feeling there’s someone better just around the corner.
  • Uncover wishy-washy behaviours that often amplify your insecurities and only serve to push them away
  • To get clear on your values and know which decisions to make so you know who to look for and who to choose – otherwise you’ll feel frustrated with incompatible partners that leave you feeling misunderstood, alone, and frustrated as your needs are ignored
  • Set you up so they’ll notice you and be excited to get to know you – you’ll be surprised how easy this is without any games or manipulation; it’s just you being your true, authentic self
  • Lay out a clear identity matrix. An identity matrix is a clear picture of who you are, why you want someone in your life, and when you see or hear this it will take away any fears they have of moving forward together

I’m offering marriage minded women and men who want to get out of the dating rut an easy and effortless way to break out of dating and move into abundance, choice, and the ability to choose who they want in life.

If you think it isn’t possible, think again. The secret law is this: know who you are, know what you want, know your worth, know your vision, and know you deserve it; no matter what you think is your barrier to love is, love appears. Trying all the other ways creates failure resistance, attracting the wrong people for you who either don’t support you, value you, see your worth, don’t want you for you, or have an ulterior motive behind dating you. It just creates frustration and heartbreak.

There really isn’t anything to lose: a free 60-minute consultation with a dating coach who has studied the human mind and behaviour for 15 years. At the very least, you’ll walk away with insights and knowledge you haven’t heard before.

You won’t find my work available to download or buy anywhere else – you can only gain this knowledge through my session. As an author of the success path accelerator, Dating to Love accelarator and over 200 articles in psychology, mindset, and success, this is a true game changer.

You can meet with me online using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

To start your journey – arrange a dating coaching session today. Don’t delay – reserve your place before they run out!

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