Why haven't I found my Soulmate?
How can I attract the really Great Woman or Man into My Life?

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The dating game can be fraught with rejection, disappointment, and a lot of wasted time.

You might be telling yourself:

  • “Online dating is so depressing.”
  • “I can never find a really good partner.”
  • “I think I’m destined to be alone forever.”

All of these are beliefs, and beliefs can be changed to align with reality. I’ve seen the transformational power of self-belief overcome many obstacles in love and life.

There are three challenges a person looking for love faces:

  • They pick the wrong person for them.

  • Due to a misalignment of needs one person disappears leaving them stuck with a fear their “mistakes” will repeat again and again

  • They have a hard time getting their loved one to see the value in themselves and/or long-term commitment


Hi I am Felicity Muscat a Dating Coach in Sydney and Abroad,  You Can finally discover how to make dating easy and find the right partner for you to you can have the love and life shared with someone that you imagine. 

Do you Ever wonder why you attract the people you do or have not  found the right person in my search for love, i am too busy to date, well yes The actions you should take should lead to a great first date and happily ever after are being hindered by behaviours and insecurities from your past.

Did you know you can attract and meet the right person by becoming ready for it?

Do you ever wonder why with so many people out there, you have not found them why?  Well becoming a magnet by becoming ready makes the process a lot simpler. 

These Obstacles and fears leave people uncertain of what they need and who is really right for them. Their life becomes unbalance and they seem to place dating and love as their last priority – they throw their hands up in the air and say “It’s all too hard.”

They wonder why uncovering each other’s interests is not leading to love. They wonder why they can’t get that initial connection to reach a deeper level where values connect and just “fit.” They don’t seem to understand why friends and family can achieve lasting love but for us, it just feels impossible.

I have worked with countless individuals and understand all too well what these challenges can do for your confidence. We all want to find that amazing person to feel loved and adored and wanted by – I get it – I’ve been where you are, and so have so many of my clients.

The thing is, if we do not get out mind, our life and out space ready we will keep meeting the wrong people who need to leave

If you want to find love, and have tried dating sites, match makers, asking your friends if they know anyone, well it doesn’t have to be that hard 

To help solve these frustrations and challenges, I invite you to join me in a 60-minute free consultation session. Together, we’ll kickstart your plan to attract the right person into your life. It’s just a no obligation dating coaching session on how I can help you.

If you’ve tried online dating, match making, speed dating, and all the places you’ve been told you can find success in love but to no avail, I invite you to join me in a free dating coaching session. If you’ve had negative thoughts about your love life, you aren’t alone.


In this breakthrough session we will:

  • Get a clear picture on who you are and what is right for you on who you are and what’s right for you – without this you are going in blind
  • Get the recipe for your “secret sauce” of attraction to get noticed by others – without it, it leaves the opposite sex feeling there’s someone better just around the corner.
  • Uncover wishy-washy behaviours that often amplify your insecurities and only serve to push them away
  • To get clear on your values and know which decisions to make so you know who to look for and who to choose – otherwise you’ll feel frustrated with incompatible partners that leave you feeling misunderstood, alone, and frustrated as your needs are ignored
  • Set you up so they’ll notice you and be excited to get to know you – you’ll be surprised how easy this is without any games or manipulation; it’s just you being your true, authentic self
  • Lay out a clear identity matrix. An identity matrix is a clear picture of who you are, why you want someone in your life, and when you see or hear this it will take away any fears they have of moving forward together

I’m offering marriage minded women and men who want to get out of the dating rut an easy and effortless way to break out of dating and move into abundance, choice, and the ability to choose who they want in life.

If you think it isn’t possible, think again. The secret law is this: know who you are, know what you want, know your vision, and know you deserve it; no matter what you think is your barrier to love is, love appears. Trying all the other ways creates failure resistance, attracting the wrong people for you who either don’t support you, don’t want you for you, or have an ulterior motive behind dating you. It just creates frustration and heartbreak.

There really isn’t anything to lose: a free 60-minute consultation with a relationship coach who has studied the human mind and behaviour for 15 years. At the very least, you’ll walk away with insights and knowledge you haven’t heard before.

You won’t find my work available to download or buy anywhere else – you can only gain this knowledge through my session. As an author of the success path accelerator and over 200 articles in psychology, mindset, and success, this is a true game changer.


You can meet with me online using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

To start your journey – arrange a dating coaching session today. Don’t delay – reserve your place before they run out!

Why do I feel so alone in my Relationship?

Hi! Sydney-based Relationship Coach from Sydney and abroad Felicity Muscat here.

Finally Discover how fix your relationship or decide its not the right one for you, so you can finally have the love life you have always wanted, with trust, mutual respect, lasting attraction and connection and a shared entity thats balanced .

You know those couples in a relationship who are always fighting or not communicating at all as its all too hard, They end up taking of the focus of there own lives to try and make it work but it seems to make things worse, I am a relationship coach who works with both partners or one to get the results needed to make it work. Please note if there is any type of abuse please look at foundational esteem coaching as i do not help if one partner is being hurt in any way,

Did you Know you can achieve the success you desire in relationships by shifting your mindset using a tool called MRP in which makes implementing and changing aspects of your relationships effortless even if you believe you have tried everything ,

Do you ever wonder why the love and attraction faded away and the relationship moved out of what the so called experts state as the honey moon stage ?.Success in relationships can feel like a struggle, especially when those mere inches away from your partner feel like a great cold distance that seems impassable. You may have found yourself telling friends or loved ones:

  • “The spark in our relationship is gone.”“My partner isn’t interested in me physically – they don’t even ask how my day is any more.”“I feel like we are just performing roles and don’t know how to break out.”“I don’t know who my partner is any more.”


There are no shortage of “tricks” and “tips” for “spicing up” marriages or long-term relationships out there. The real challenges couples face, knowledge or counselling cannot fix alone.


  • The feeling of being in love has faded and believe that it cannot be recreated; as the experts say “the honeymoon phase” is over and won’t come back. Wrong!I know my partner is not responsible for how I feel but I just can’t seem to control it. When it takes over we fight and later we are able to come to our senses, but the outbursts seem to kill the love and attraction and I don’t know how to repair itI can’t seem to create attraction and I am not even sure they still are attracted to me or love meI can’t leave as I will have to start again. This is not how I saw my “happily ever after” we have invested so much in this relationship: If I don’t figure this out, I’ll be a failure.

Let me explain have you ever read books on relationships or tried to take advise but it didn’t seem to work out ? Yes, well knowledge alone cannot be absorbed if your mindset filters do not have the right foundations to one, apply the knowledge and two implement it if your unconscious unmet needs kick in.

Many clients come to me stuck, feeling as they have fallen out of love feeling distant from their partners and they have every right to feel that way as there unconscious needs are not being met.

Unsure of what advise to take that they have gotten from online relationship experts, thinking should i be more independent, stop nagging, speak to my partner in a certain way. How do i get my relationship back to where it was.


If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you aren’t alone. There is a way to break free from all relationship conflicts such as feeling misunderstood, like my partner doesn’t “get me”, working too hard, fights and outbursts, and cold shoulders or distance.

It really took me years to figure this out, i made all the mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have finally perfected what you must do to have a healthy relationships that are loving interdependent relationship with lasting attraction

I invite you if you have tried fixing it yourself, read books, gone to counselling and almost everything you can think of, I invite you to try my special relationship reactivator coaching and mentoring.

My relationship reactivator has been informed by over 15 years of psychology and relationship coaching experience, lifting dozens of couples out of the doldrums, rekindling attraction, connection, and passion. if you have tried counselling sessions, family Therapy, online couples counselling, couples therapy, relationship therapist, relationship advice, relationship counselling, counselling, and still have relationship issues after all of the above click to learn more


To get clear what the issues are, what’s not working, and a plan to get things in motion towards fixing it, getting things right will feel impossible.

During our coaching session, we’ll:

  • Uncover what’s killing the attraction and how to get it back: without this uniting the relationship, it will feel like hard work; and one person would
  • rather go on a fishing trip rather than talk about the relationships leaving it to fail
  • Get clear on your values; you’ll instantly know if you are in this relationship for the right reasons. Without knowing this, both of your efforts will not know how to create a fulfilling, separate entity rather than a relationship that feels rigid and bondage
  • Examine your roles such as the “traditional” woman and man, which if left ignored will leave both partners feeling lost, directionless, and kill the passion for a fun-filled life together

You’ll be surprised how easy this is – there’s no games or manipulation; it’s just you becoming your authentic self.

I’m offering either on your own or together, a free 60-minute session to break out of these challenges and bring back the attraction, connection, and fun.

The session will heal your relationship whether you’re still together, thinking of separating, or even if one person has already left the relationship.

Please note: I don’t break up new marriages to reunite old ones. If one partner has already moved on, all I can do is work with you as an individual to rebuild your own self-confidence. I only work with the utmost integrity.

There isn’t anything to lose: a free 60-minute session with someone who had studied the mind and human behaviours for 15 years, understands not only what creates attraction but the secrets as to what caused it to fade. There are three thoughts in the mind of a person that gets activated when they are in a relationship that causes attraction to fade. Once you know this, you also know the key to rekindling it.

Even at the outset, I’ll pack you with insights and knowledge you’ve never heard before. You cannot download or find my work elsewhere. This is a game changer: I’m the author of the success path accelerator and have authored over 200 articles in the field of psychology, mindset, and success.

Do not apply or request a spot if you are not 100 percent ready to hear the plan to get you to a place of fulfilment and confidence in your relationship.

You can meet with me online using your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

To start your journey, click here to arrange your relationship coaching session. Don’t delay – reserve your place before they run out!

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