Does Business feel too difficult? Is success a Distant Dream?

When you get up in the morning to get back at the coalface of your business, do you often say to yourself:

  • “There’s too much uncertainty in business.”
  • “I should just give up and get a job.
  • “I don’t think I’ll ever achieve success in my business.”

Hi! Sydney-based business coach from Sydney and abroad Felicity Muscat here. Finally Discover how to can make not only your business and triple your profits, but master your work life balance so you can finally stop worrying about your business and start focusing on living your best life worry free.

You know those business owners struggling to achieve the success they desire? They end up sacrificing one area of their lives for the other, there work life balance is out and they do not know the cause or how to get it back, Even if they do make the time for there their health or relationship to make the other work there mind is still on business. I am a business growth coach and I help business owners double, triple their businesses and put their lives back into balance without pushing them harder than needed to get the results they desire. Its possible to make your business work with out it consuming mental space and energy that it taking away focus in other important areas

Did you Know you can achieve the success you desire in business by shifting your mindset using a tool called MRP in which makes implementing and changing aspects of your business and incorporating strategies for success a breeze even if you do not have the a million dollar marketing budget for expensive marketers to bring in more leads or accelerate your business.

Do you ever wonder why business is hard and has been hard and stressful and inconsistent in bringing you the results that will make you feel that your first vision to create a businesses has reached that pinnacle of success.

Here is the secret as to why its been hard, there are several factors that can cause this, Market demand, product, pricing, competition and your own mindset ?

Let me explain have you ever seen a business doing what you wish you could achieve and read and attained the knowledge alone to get the same results but it didn’t seem to work out ? Yes, well knowledge alone cannot be absorbed if your mindset filters do not have the right foundations to one, apply the knowledge and two implement it

Many clients come to me stuck, unsure of who to follow or which marketing strategy to follow, how to get the results that will work to bring them in the profits they desire, and if they do find another one they find it impossible to find the time to implement it as they have so many other responsibilities to attained to, its like there just chasing there tail.. WELL STOP

 Finding the time in your business if you know this do not know this will  to be hard,

It really took me years in the corporate world of working with business’s and watching there mistakes and then embarking on business myself to learn this, i made all the mistakes, lost a lot of family connections and friends with my desire and determination but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have finally perfected the business productivity time matrix to get you results and free time and inner peace of mind.

There are three main challenges a business face when trying to achieve success when i offer my business mentoring & coaching

  • My small business owners as well as large business owners, feel frustrated as they are not getting the results they desire. Their mind would rather be doing everything except doing what’s needed to get the results of more profit, more free time, more clients.
  • They have no idea why and if they are working themselves to the bone; why their efforts are not producing a result. As a business coach, I have really learned this the the hard way. I once had the knowledge but just could not get the result and started to wonder why I couldn’t create continuous opportunities that would lead to my success.As an entrepreneur or director, you need to spur into action to clinch that deal, attract new clients, or make bold decisions. For you, success may not come easily – or ever come at all.
  • You may have hired the wrong people; people who create more problems than they solve. I too had all these feelings not too long ago.



You want to grow your business, so your shelves might be full of business mastery books and your calendar chock-a-block with coaching and mentoring sessions. Even though you have good intentions, your motivation is lacking, your vision unclear. This leads to procrastination and a lack of confidence.

You may be yearning for your own special version of success without any idea of where to start, let alone how to get there. Your old paradigms of mediocrity and inaction must be “re-programmed” for abundance, achievement, and success and balance . and with this free coaching session below, you can now turn a negative, scarcity mentality on its head?

Success rarely happens in isolation – successful business owners need to have a clear vision of success, backed up with a commitment to decisive action with goal setting and the mindset congruent to achieve it.

I’ve worked with many business owners. They have achieved more than they ever thought possible when they’ve transformed their thinking from scarcity towards abundance using my field-tested, individualised, and truly transformational coaching programs. My programs are geared towards realising your true potential.

The first step to align your goals with your vision is to activate the desire to act. That’s why I’m offering a free consultation session to get you started, click the link to find out more about my coaching services a make a successful business a reality.

felicity Business coach is offering executive coaching and or a business coach triple your productivity Session as a start

In the mean time, Learn about the ten things you must know before hiring a coach

The Things you need to Know before hiring a coach 


I am offering business owners a FREE activation session to help you master your mind and triple your productivity.

You’ll spend 60 minutes with me, Felicity, discussing your goals, your mental blocks, and how to overcome them.

You will learn, how to attract the right people to help you with excelling in business.

How to take the stress and overwhelm away of everything you think you need to do to make your business a success.

We will get crystal clear on your vision, what it looks like you you, uncover any obstacles so you can start taking action and uncover the steps you must take to actualise your vision 

You can meet with me from the comfort of your office or home using a computer, phone, or tablet – anywhere in the world.

To book your session with me, click here – be quick – spots are limited.

Is your Career Stagnating? Do You wish You felt more confident?

In my 12 years of career and business coaching, I’ve worked with many talented, gifted, and noteworthy people who feel stuck in their careers. They may have many gifts but lack the self-esteem to truly grasp success in their career.

Career Coach Sydney and Abroad invites you 


Hi! Sydney-based Career coach from Sydney and abroad Felicity Muscat here.

Finally Discover how to get your career on track or decide its not the right one for you, so you can finally have the Dream job you have always wanted working in a field you love and doing a job you are get excited to wake up to.

DO YOU FEEL LOST AND FRUSTRATED IN YOUR CAREER and are looking for a Career coach or just career advise?

I am a Career coach who works with people looking to advance their careers.

Did you Know you can achieve the success you desire in your career path by shifting your mindset using a tool called MRP in which makes implementing and changing aspects of your career effortless even if you believe you have tried everything.

You know those people who feel lost, who say “I do not know what I want to do, I feel lost, even bored…but at least my job pays the bills?”

“I do not have the skills to advance and if I take on more work that means more responsibility.”

If you feel you are competent but don’t feel you’re confident to take on the massive challenge of rising through the corporate ladder – your mindset is out of alignment with your values. Your mind may spin ruminating thoughts like:

  • “I’ll never make it to the director’s chair.”“One day, I’ll approach the boss with my good idea.”“It’s everyone else’s fault I’m not successful in my career.”“I feel lost.”“It’s easier avoiding thinking about finding a better job or asking for better pay.”“I’ll just learn to like where I am. I can’t stand interviews and I never get picked anyway.”

If you’ve ever had these thoughts, you aren’t alone. There is a way to break free from the stagnation and feeling that you just do not love your job. Beneath it all, there are clear reasons for that.

There are three challenges a person who yearns for exceptional results in their career face:

  • They may not have discovered their true skillset and how to align a career path to it. They don’t feel confident in their skills to chase the jobs they want. They cannot stand working in a job that doesn’t fulfil them on a core level; yet have no idea how to change it

They feel they don’t deserve a better, more rewarding career as they associate work with feeling miserable and spiritually void.

I worked in such unfulfilling roles, feeling lost. I felt like I had few, if any, options.

Have you ever read books on Career or advancing in  it or tried to figure out what you purpose or true calling was, or tried to take advise but it didn’t seem to work out ? Yes, well knowledge alone cannot be absorbed if your mindset filters do not have the right foundations to one, apply the knowledge and two implement it if your unconscious career blocks kick in.

It really took me years to figure this out, i made all the mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I have finally perfected finding a career your passionate about, motivated towards and how to get selected if it is, a job you desire.

Many clients come to me stuck in a job they dislike, stuck in careers they have outgrown. The mind needs challenge and growth to feel fulfilled and this gets suppressed if the fear of change kicks in or you feel you need to be loyal to your current role.

They felt  that they did not get selected for the roles, not knowing how to present a cover letter or resume that gets seen or even how to articulate their value in the interview and had no idea   what path is right for them or even know what they would enjoy doing

Unsure of what advise to take that they have gotten from online career experts ,


If you’ve tried a skyscraper stack of “find your passion seminars” but still feel stuck, have examined your life’s purpose but your mind doesn’t have the ability to know how to make a living from it, you have an issue. If you are looking for advanced career development or to find out all your carrer options, or would just like career advise,

The things you need to know before hiring a coach

Begin the journey to joy-filled challenge and success in your career together with me in a free 60-minute career coaching session.


I’m offering career-minded people who feel stuck and want to break free from fear and frustration a FREE 60-minute business coaching session. We will

Get clear on the right path for you, decide on how much of an increase you want and unlock how to actualise it; together we will uncover the secret to getting it.

Uncover what you want to spend your time in career doing, and how to attract an employer looking or someone like you 

Uncover and master the one skill and mental shift to unlock your motivation to achieve it

You will start doubling your effort and excel at your work goals

Discover how to unlock the pressure of performance anxiety at work and learn how to achieve your goals without stress or overwhelm or working longer hours 

You can join the one-on-one career coaching session with me online using your PC, tablet, or phone.

You’ll learn how to start doubling your effort and excel at your work goals with a clear and purposeful vision.

To start your journey, click here to arrange a session. Don’t delay – reserve your place before they run out!

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