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There’s a big difference between working hard to achieve results and leveraging systems and your mindset to create a life that helps you achieve the goals you want the most without the struggle where the mental constraints and limitations that working hard, and committing harder poses, and no longer needs to be the challenge you face between wanting more from your life.

We all started with the hope that achieving our goals and wants, would mean that we could control our own lives and time, have the things we have always hoped for, but all too often we lose control of time and get less freedom and become more burdened by our goals and unachieved dreams ,when the burden of responsibility shifts and we place more pressure on ourselves for putting it off far into the future.

These mindset hindrances are the very reason things do not turn out as we initially hoped – the reason we say we want one thing, but do a different behaviour resulting in the opposite result we initially wanted. These challenges then cause our mindset to shift to:

“I’m really not sure if this business will work”

“Im not even sure I want those goals and ambitions any more”

“Achieving What I Want isn’t possible”

“Things will never get better”

“I am just going to be greatful with the things i already have”

“There’s too much uncertainty in business”

“These business strategies do not work”

“Business is hard”

“I should just give up and get a job and not chase my passions”

“I don’t think I’ll ever achieve success in life”

I can just get someone to help me, take care of me so i don’t need to sort all of this out”

“Business is so hard and I lose time being in Business”

From there, let me ask you this question. Did you start out initially wanting your goal with the hope of more from your life, a better life, greater success, power, authority, love, acceptance, wealth and freedom and control?

But found yourself:

“Going out more to distract yourself from the things you need to be doing”

“Watching other’s lives unfold where you wish you could have the freedom and time they did, although you can’t seem to cope with facing anything other than your routine of work and home”

“Working more hours than you did whilst you were working for someone else, if you started a side business”

“Wanting to get in shape or find that partner that adores you, but found yourself doing more harm than good to your body, or constantly attract the wrong person ?

Are with friends and family and your mind, cannot seem to switch off, causing you to feel more irritable and stressed than you were before, as you are watching your life unfold and its the very opposite of what you had hoped?

“Annoyed that you are doing okay, but just cannot foresee if this consistency will last, that you will truly make it,  even worse you’re worried about your energy eventually running out and you don’t feel you can sustain the stress and worry in the long term?

If any of this sounds like where you are at and how you might be feeling, these insights below will change the way you see life, your goals and how you thought you needed to achieve them. I promise you, if you face both the challenges with an approach of adjusting your mindset first, then applying the systems that create the goals with knowledge, this approach will change your entire life guaranteed. 

How would it make you feel if I could 100 percent guarantee you, that achieving your goals can be easy?

What I mean by easy is, you know how currently you set a goal, put it off make excuses, lose motivation or distract yourself then feel bad that you’re not taking the action to achieve your goals? Well, what I mean by easy is, you can feel the unwavering focus, drive, motivation, clarity, forward thinking, decisiveness, confidence and complete control over yourself and behaviours to get the goal accomplished?

Take a moment to experience how that would feel.

If you’re reading this… Then I know we already share a love of independence and building a life that expresses your full potential of freedom, joy and abundance.

So welcome! I’m really glad you stopped by. 13 years ago, I too wanted to be able to effortlessly achieve my goals. I was never a natural – I was that person who set a goal, and put it off until the next year’s resolution. It lasted for 2 weeks for me to revert to doing absolutely nothing to advance my goals, and I spent 10 years wasting my time and energy, not knowing why I couldn’t achieve the things I truly wanted.

Well, I am the Creator of the PtoP Goal Accelerator Method. This is not about setting a goal and trying to achieve it with force, commitment or grind, no. 

Below I explain how I figured this out. I explain how the mind works and how I was able to transform the way the mind creates resistance around goals and explain why you haven’t achieved yours as yet. 

You’re probably here to get to know more about me and to figure out if we’re a good match.

My name is Felicity Muscat and I’m a trained psychologist, success coach and level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process. I’m also the author of more than 200 articles on psychology, mindset shifting and self-esteem issues.

Using the Mind Resonance Process, I help people like you break free from self-limiting beliefs and struggles with love, life, career and business. I help you to achieve effortless balance in all areas of your life. 

In fact, my clients have come from all walks of life – speakers, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs, business, managers, athletes. If you truly believe there is more to life than what you currently have, I can help you get there.

How I Discovered The Mind Resonance Process

As a psychologist, I’ve talked to hundreds of individuals who have tried to overcome their struggles and have failed. Looking for a better way, I studied everything under the sun – From Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Some were useful in getting results for a few weeks, even a few months. But my clients quickly fell back to their old habits!

I had to keep searching.

Soon after, I discovered the life changing coaching program of The Mind Resonance Process (MRP) devised by psychiatrist Dr. Nick Arizza. After my discovery, I studied under Dr. Arizza to become a Level 3 Mind Resonance Coach.

Now I proudly share the life-changing power of MRP to people around the world. Whatever goals you desire, I 100 percent Guarantee that you can get there through MRP and the p2p Goal Accelerator  Method.

So if you’re struggling with your career, money, business or dating life, and you don’t care about the details of me explaining this to you – sure, you can skip the details and just have a chat with me.

I’d love to help you destroy the obstacles in your way in a FREE 20-Minute Coaching Session and explain it to you, if you are a reader and want more info I explain below.

But be quick! This popular session only has a few spots each month.

If you have tried other methods, I think you would enjoy my comparison guide on why self development tools are limited in changing the results you can get.

Are you tired of self-development only having short-term results?

Want a tool that will 10x the speed of acceleration to your goals?

Want to:

  • Save time
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My Coaching Programs

woman pushing mans head away

Success in My Relationships

Struggling with your relationship? An experienced success coach can help you unlock the secrets to a more passionate and connected relationship. Get a Free Consultation.


Success in My Business

Want to run the business of your dreams? It can be a frustrating journey to the top. Success coaching allows you to effortlessly excel in business fast.


Success in My Confidence

Building confidence can take a long time with massive amounts of energy. Talk with a success coach to help you gain huge amounts on confidence in little time.

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Success in Dating

Are you really attracting the right people for you? Some partners might be a complete waste of time. Avoid these mistakes and achieve dating success through relationship coaching.

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Success in My Career

Feeling stuck in your career? A success coach can you help you get to your dream position or pay in an effortless way. Get your FREE Cosultation!

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Mindset & Identity

Mindset is everything. Your mindset, beliefs and identity determine whether you succeed at your goals or not. The right success coach can give you the tools towards that right mindset and identity

My Journey To Success Coaching

I wasn’t always a success coach…

I started off working in an industry I didn’t love, selling things I had no interest in. I had absolutely no control over my time.

I was constantly seeking approval from people around me, while also hiding my crippling fears, and anxiety. All I could do was pretend I was okay… after all, it was just a job to hold while studying my degree.

Then I had enough. I soon realised what a waste of time it all was. I had no actual care for the job I was in. I wasn’t achieving my true goals which made me feel extremely frustrated.

But it kept getting worse. I picked partners and friends who treated me poorly. I became so terrified of rejection that I isolated myself for a long time. I constantly chose to not be around people, finding any excuse to run away. 

From A Frustrated Individual to A Thriving Life Coach

I was negatively thinking, self-sabotaging, felt stuck and had no idea how to move myself forward. I had trouble keeping weight off, looking after my health, taking action on my business and attracting good relationships. I was making poor life choices whilst blaming everyone else around me for my failures.

At the age of 22, I wanted lasting change… and got it.

I went from having no answers to following the right path. I woke up every single morning feeling incredibly happy and confident in myself. I kept hitting every goal I set.

The secret?

I did less, not more.

I soon as I did less, I struggled less. I removed the obstacles in my mind to feel positive, calm and at peace. I was able to live and breathe my passion of psychology and removed limitations I previously put on myself.

I went from feeling stuck to becoming my authentic self, doing what I wanted to do in life and pursuing my passions.

So How Did I Do It?

Not everyone’s path to success looks the same.

I had so many fears, anxiety and confidence issues, that I didn’t even know who I was and what I wanted. I started from scratch.

I studied what causes beliefs to form, where they come from and how they even get into the mind in the first place. I studied how limiting beliefs entered the mind, and how to get them out.

It took me 12 years to figure out how to remove all my self-limiting beliefs…and that’s when my journey to becoming a success coach really began. 

Being amazed by my own results, I started teaching others on stage what I had learned in my journey. And become blown-away watching other people’s transformations using what I had taught them. 

Now I’d like to share it with you.

Book a FREE 20-Minute Success Coaching Session where we can talk about your unique journey. I’ll help you move towards success in an accelerated way. Hit the button below now!

What Clients Have Said About Me

"Felicity as a success coach, has given me great tips for starting my new business, and has helped clear many suppressed ‘toxic’ beliefs."
"I’ve been working with Felicity for just over a year now. She was referred to me by my vocal coach and initially I was very sceptical. I had worked with a few success coaches and psychologists and didn’t really get much benefit from the sessions so was worried I would just waste money and time again. However, given my vocal coach referred me and spoke very highly of Felicity’s work, I wanted to at least give it a try. I committed to 8 sessions as I knew that it would take a few sessions to see any benefit and didn’t want my scepticism to block the work in any way. It’s really difficult to encapsulate everything Felicity has done for me and how much she has helped me become the person I am today. I still work with her every now and then as a top up, which goes to show that the work we have done has had a long term impact. I would highly recommend anyone to Felicity if they’re serious about making positive changes in their life – she has been absolutely amazing."
"I was ready to step up my career to the next level. I had the skills and more, but didn’t push to get my dream job. I told myself don’t like to brag. A nice little excuse. Felicity through her success coaching, taught me how to effectively market my skills , beating out other candidates by miles. Felicity is a highly perceptive success coach that will help you spot those hidden blind spots in your performance and problems. She will raise these in way and explain why they will get in the way of your desires and make it make sense. Once you see these problems you can fix them. It’s very empowering. I'm an Engineer who was always working hard and never getting ahead. While I was working nights and weekends the other people were getting promoted and enjoying fun projects. This was because of few bad core beliefs I had. Now that I’ve resolved them I can rest over weekends without feeling guilty about not working harder and funny thing is, my career is just doing better because of it."


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The Ultimate Success Coaching Program The Success Path Accelerator™️

I want you to know… I’ve been there.

I looked successful on the outside, but on the inside I was deeply unhappy and miserable. I was hopeless and ready to give up.

It was this experience that led me to develop the Success Path Accelerator™️ – a success coaching program with permanent results. This method will break you out of mental traps that left me frustrated in every area of my life.

I’ve encountered thousands of individuals and business owners who felt like they’ve tried everything and still had no results. 

But after the taking Success Path Accelerator™️ they finally overcame whatever it was in their way. They experienced new confidence, wholeness, mindset, emotional balancing, relationships and progress like never before.

I want you to experience this too.

Check out the success stories below:

Success Stories

The technique of Mind Resonance Process is nothing without concrete and measurable results.
Check out these success stories from Mind Resonance Process participants!

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  • Figure out what’s not working and uncover the mindset shifts needed to build momentum.
  • Create your Success Matrix – A clear picture of what you want and how to achieve it.

This free coaching session will give you an effortless path to success from an expert coach with over 15 years of coaching experience in business, career, confidence, relationships, goals and more.

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Hack your way to success and achieve anything you’ve ever thought possible in confidence, career, love and business.

These 12 Little-Known Secrets have allowed hundreds to shift their reality in almost every aspect of their life.

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