Step Up To Your Life and Find the Courage to Quit the Job You Hate

Did you know that most people that hate there job have been programmed to unconsciously choose a job they hate? Because, they believe and have been programmed to believe that their choices are fallen, as they make these choices unconsciously.

Many people, who find themselves stuck in a job with countless fears to leave, are the cause of the internal pain. What are the unconscious drivers that cause an individual to stay dependent on a job which they hate? And what can you do about it?

If you:

1. Have a fear of being Independent
2. Have a fear of losing financial stability
3. Engage in Procrastination
4. Have a fear of making decisions and taking responsibility
5. Have a Fear of failure
6. Believe that you can’t truly succeed

And so on, then you have a significant programming problem and conditioning stifling creativity causing you to navigate towards unconscious choices, which are not in your best of interests. How does that make you feel to know that your free will to create and have the life you desire has been taken away by a computer program? This is causing/driving you to make unfulfilled life choices, and will continue to plague your life taking away joy, happiness and the hopes to enjoy life.

Job-ChangeThe items above result from old dysfunctional programming, derived from cultural standards of “old ways” of thinking, lack of parental education and peer pressure on the university degree that will supposedly make you happy and set you up for life.  In your family of origin (the memories of which remain firmly stored in your subconscious mind much like a computer software), the above list of unconscious fears and blocks shouldn’t actually be inside of you, what so ever. The sad thing is that most believe its part of being human to have these things inside of us, and hence that’s part of the problem as to why they even reside within us.

Most individuals don’t realize that this programming (also referred to as “conditioning” by some) has a powerful influence on one’s self confidence, sense of adequacy, self image, wholeness and resilience.
Let me employ a simple and familiar metaphor, whenever one’s computer became infected with a disabling virus it is possible to restore the computer to a state that preceded the existence of that virus. After which, from the perspective of this computer and that of the users, the experience would be “like” there never was any virus.

The things mentioned above taking control of your mind, slowing down your internal process and generating either negative feelings or resisting you from your goals and objectives; can you succeed without them? Of course, although when the procrastination kicks in and individuals find themselves justifying their behavior, then clients take a honest look at their situation.

Well, what if it were possible for human beings carrying negative debilitating memories (which behave much like viruses creating the wounds deeper with fears) to “restore” oneself to a state before these memories where formed, what would the person be like, when the negative doesn’t even exist? Well, this is going to be difficult to accept for some, but I’ll say it anyway; they will have actually lost the understanding of what “failure” actually means.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, because the “idea” of failure and the associated feelings only originates with an experience that is defined, perceived, and accepted as a failure by others. In other words an individual must literally be “hypnotized” into taking in this negative concept by others around them. This most commonly occurs in childhood when, as a child, one is dependent, vulnerable and hence easily hypnotized by the adults around them.

As an adult once they become “de-infected” through the effective deletion of the negative memory experience, they will actually feel confident, strong, empowered, resilient, whole, complete and good about themselves to name a few. Not only that, but because the memory is now gone for good the above experience becomes permanent.

Over a decade ago while exploring how and why negative memories remain stored in the mind/body (i.e. the subconscious mind) it was discovered that a) these memories behave as “life force energy parasites” in that they deplete one’s vital life energy and b) that they could be permanently and completely erased simply by making conscious a series of lies about how they supposedly serve us.

As simple as this process appears, its effects are equally powerful and profound. Indeed many individuals who have restored themselves to their unadulterated authentic state of being have realized that this state also represents a form of spiritually unshakable confidence permanently within themselves and a will to bounces back unstoppably though adversities.

If you are one of those individuals who want to break free and work for yourself to better support your lifestyle, but do not understand what’s holding you back; a new process called MRP can help you out. After working with hundreds of individuals and experiencing it myself, and the noting the results the clients get and how it has worked for me, I have yet to feel any other self development modality do such a thing. Clients have come to me after trying sedona method, mrp creative visualization and still have not felt the level of freedom.

If you are interested in seeing this for yourself and want to take full control of your choices the way you feel like; I offer a free consultation where you can explore the permanent removal of one of the above fears, in which ever situation you are in.

Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery -Founded to Help Conscious Individuals fulfill , the truest, highest most authentic expression of themselves, in Relationships, Self Confidence, and pursuing success effortlessly

If you have tried other Modalities that have failed and are ready for Change or would Like a free introductory telephone/Skype coaching consultation that will help you get started on your journey back to your peak performing empowered and alive self today. Or if you want to learn more or have a read of other success Stories Feel free to download the One of Felicity’s Ebooks on Effortless Success the Right in Relationships, Confidence and Or Success way

Felicity Muscat, a former Psychologist is a International Self Esteem, Self Empowerment ,Self Mastery and Relationship Expert , Self Empowerment Life Coach, Relationship & Success Coach, Author Of three Bestselling Books, Level 3 Mind Resonance Coach

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