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Hi, I’m Felicity, a relationship coach in Sydney.

You know those couples in a relationship that are constantly fighting?

One minute they’re okay, the next minute they’re not? Every time they fix something, it tends to get worse and another argument begins. What if this is your relationship and you aren’t even aware of it?

You must be reading this because you might have some relationship issues that need solving. And look I get it, relationships are a very private thing and it might be difficult talking about it.

That’s why I’m here – to make the process super easy for you.

So do you want to create a passionate and desirable relationship?

Are you struggling to get connection and attraction back with your partner?

Or maybe you just want a more balanced and loving relationship?

By building the right mindset, you can finally stop trying so hard to make your relationship work so that you can focus more on creating an exciting life together. 

By implementing the Mind Resonance Process, I truly believe that you’ll create drastically positive changes in your relationship in an effortless way.

If there’s a voice in your head that’s constantly saying:

“The spark in my relationship is gone”

“My partner isn’t interested in me physically anymore”

“I feel like we’re just performing roles”

“I don’t know who my partner is anymore”

The truth is, relationships aren’t easy.

Many clients come to me feeling stuck, or even worse… feeling like they’ve fallen out of love. They feel distant from their partners and feel like their needs are not being met.

But let me tell you that there is a way to break free from relationship conflicts. There is a way to finally fix the “my partner doesn’t get me”, fights, cold shoulders and uncomfortable silences.

If you want success in your Sydney relationship, my FREE Relationship Re-activator Session is perfect for you. 

With over 15 years of psychology and relationship counselling experience, I’ve helped couples rekindle with great connection and passion. 

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What Clients Have Said About
Relationship Coaching Sydney

"Felicity has given me great tips for starting my new business in Sydney, and has helped clear many suppressed ‘toxic’ beliefs."
"I’ve been working with Felicity for just over a year now. She was referred to me by my vocal coach and initially I was very sceptical. I had worked with a few life coaches and psychologists and didn’t really get much benefit from the sessions so was worried I would just waste money and time again. However, given my vocal coach referred me and spoke very highly of Felicity’s work, I wanted to at least give it a try. I committed to 8 sessions as I knew that it would take a few sessions to see any benefit and didn’t want my scepticism to block the work in any way. It’s really difficult to encapsulate everything Felicity has done for me and how much she has helped me become the person I am today. I still work with her every now and then as a top up, which goes to show that the work we have done has had a long term impact. I would highly recommend anyone to Felicity if they’re serious about making positive changes in their life – she has been absolutely amazing."
"I was ready to step up my career to the next level. I had the skills and more, but didn’t push to get my dream job. I told myself don’t like to brag. A nice little excuse. Felicity taught me how to effectively market my skills beating out other candidate by miles. Felicity is a highly perceptive coach that will help you spot those hidden blind spots in your performance and problems. She will raise these in way and explain why they will get in the way of your desires and make it make sense. Once you see these problems you can fix them. It’s very empowering. I'm an Engineer that was always working hard and never getting ahead. While I was working nights and weekends the other people were getting promoted and enjoying fun projects. This was because of few bad core beliefs I had. Now that I’ve resolved them I can rest over weekends without feeling guilty about not working harder and funny thing is, my career is just doing better because of it."

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Relationship Coaching Success Stories

The technique of Mind Resonance Process is nothing without concrete and measurable results.
Check out these success stories from Mind Resonance Process participants!

Claim Your FREE 40-Minute
Relationship Coaching Session

Do you feel stagnant, stuck or frustrated with your relationship? Do you feel like you’ve lost the spark that was once there?

It’s a crippling feeling knowing your relationship isn’t working. So what would it mean for your life if you finally got the fire and passion back?

What if instead of feeling unloved, undesired and isolated, you felt confident, passionate and excited to spend every single day with your partner.

Just imagine for a second what that would feel like.

If you finally want to push through the barriers that are holding you back from relationship success, here’s what I’m giving you today:

A FREE 40-Minute Relationship Coaching Session where we dissolve your doubts, barriers and self-imposed limitations so you can finally be on the road to a passionate loving relationship.

In this breakthrough session we will:

  • Uncover what’s killing the attraction and how to get it back. 
  • Get clear on your values so that you’re in the relationship for the right reasons. 
  • Figure out what’s not working and uncover the mindset shifts needed to build passion and love.
  • Examine the different roles in your relationship (so you can finally stop feeling ignored and directionless).

This free coaching session will give you an effortless path to relationship success from an expert dating coach with over 15 years of coaching experience in relationships.

But I have to warn you.

This free session is only for individuals HUNGRY for success and committed to changing their lives. If you are looking for an easy fix or silver bullet, then I kindly ask you to leave this page.

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Every journey begins with a single step.

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Why Choose The Mind Resonance Process?

Relationship Counselling Focused On Results

Unlike psychology, this coaching approach focuses on results. It’s not about pushing a behaviour or trying to retrain the brain. MRP is about removing harmful patterns so that the behaviour affecting your goals no longer exists.

It Works In All Areas of Life

Whether it’s getting ahead in your career, personal development, learning a new ability, attracting a fruitful relationship or gaining overall wellbeing and mental health, MRP removes the thinking that is hindering your progress towards your goals.

Long-Term Success

Through sustained action and mindfulness, once a shift has been made, it’s very difficult to go to former negative patterns and behaviours. You’ll finally break free from life-long patterns of negativity and blame.

An Effortless Change

The Mind Resonance Process shifts your mindset to make achievement and fulfillment effortless! You gain success on YOUR terms and get to finally break free from the expectations and limitations your mind has set. 

Your Journey To Relationship Success Starts Here!

What are you waiting for?

Let me guess…

The right time? The right amount of money? The right level of motivation?

Listen, I know deep down that you just want to reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

So today I’m giving you that opportunity. At ZERO cost.

What can you lose?

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