How To Overcome PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the truth revealed about why you have not successfully returned to normal as yet with traditional techniques

®By Felicity Muscat

Ptsd Symptoms and the Truth as to what it is and how to restore the mind back 


I am Felicity Muscat, CEO of the Institute of Self Mastery. I’m a trained Mind resonance coach author of over 200 articles on Psychology, Mindset, self development and Business Coach, Sydney based life coach and working on Skype with clients in 21 countries, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

I help people break free from self-limiting beliefs and struggles with love, life, and career and business, confidence, Mindset and self Image using the Mind Resonance Process.  A Mindset coach who helps individuals remove limitations in mental hinderances so they can have a emotionally fulfilling and mental landscape in which is healthy to build a life and self that allows them to live their best lives. As you know PTSD does not allow for this, having suffered from it myself, after three experiences that broke my trust in life and the world, after 8 years i discovered the cause, treatment and a 100 percent effective solution to remove the mental triggers causing PTSD

I have created over 17 life-changing self-development programs and assisted hundreds of people all around the world. These people come from all walks of life – speakers, artists, coaches, Individuals, Mums, Dads, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, athletes – anyone who believes there is more to life but is struggling to realise it because of mental obstacles.

 How do you reverse post-traumatic stress disorder

In knowing how it is formed you can then understand how treatment for ptsd is possible. The way to do it is quite simple, 12 years ago an Engineer based in Canada had discovered that memories and beliefs can permanently be removed if one is to remove the unconscious reasonings as to why the mind needs it to hold onto it in the first place.

Before i touch on this i want to touch on current treatments and symptoms of ptsd i want to shed shed light on why this is not effective in removing triggers in which are brought on by the onset of the recall process of memories and similar situations so you can make choices which will give you results that work and last.

Prolonged exposure therapy

This type of therapy is where a Person is exposed to the memory in which created the trauma, In this attempt to treat the ptsd symptoms, there will most likely be from 7 to 12 sessions of this exposure. Patients will first be exposed to a past traumatic memory; following is an immediate discussion about the traumatic memory . I want to touch on why this is not effective, the reason it is not is, the mind has been designed to recall memories, it has also been designed to recall negative memories in by which affect or personal and physical safety by attaching belief systems to the event or experience about the world ect, so when the person is exposed its the equivalent of finding something your mind has been negatively associated as dangerous and placing it close to you in the hopes that your mind will relax and become accustomed to this new safe feeling, the reason this does not work is when the brain is in a fear response, fight or flight it does not see logic and or reason, so say a person is terrified of snakes, and i place one close to it, and try and reason with the client saying, its not venomous it wont kill you, the mind will then if it beliefs snakes will kill you are dangerous envision the snake strangling them and or causing some form of harm , so if the brain has been wired this way, what is the solution,

Discover how to switch off the mind that causes anxious and post traumatic like symptoms to be triggered so you can feel back to yourself

Lets start with understanding what PTSD is, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)is a disorder in which develops after a person is exposed to event in which the mind feels is traumatic  or  threats the personals Physical safety.  A person who is suffering  form PTSD will have Symptoms which may include, consistant thoughts, recalling the events and what they should, shouldn’t have done differently, negative feelings about life, and unconscious  dreams in which do not directly relate to the experience but of similar theme,  and attempts to avoid people and or situations which may trigger similar experiences or feelings.  The first thing i would like to ask is, Do you even believe it’s possible to stop the brain being triggered into this state, Here is the secret, Every experience in your mind that is being triggered is controlled by fuelling beliefs generating that trigger and can be removed so your mind can be restored back

Let me explain in this post Traumatic stress disorder articles on
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a condition in which the mind develops a set of reactions in order to cope with witnessing a traumatic experience. The mind then goes into a state of fight and flight in order to avoid similar experiences in order to keep a person safe.

This onset of reactions from the mind is brought about by witnessing or experiencing a terrifying life event. Common symptoms include nightmares, severe anxiety, flashbacks, and obsessive or uncontrollable thoughts. These symptoms may occur immediately after the event, or they may not develop until years later. There are four types of PTSD, including intrusive memories, avoidance, adverse changes in mood and thought, and emotional reactions and physical changes.

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I made it my Mission to make Self Development effortless. From studying all Self-Development modalities, I found none were effective in removing long term coping strategies developed by the mind, in order to deal with traumatic experiences.

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Now that we know what it is and what causes the PTSD type effect on the mind lets delve into The Truth Behind Why Traditional Techniques like CBT, and other modalities are ineffective in restoring the mind back to normal states.
In order to understand how traditional Psychology deals with PTST you need to understand how the mind works and how trauma develops in the first place.  Once you understand that, you can understand how easy it is to actually reverse the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Let’s say for example if a child was an environment where they experienced abuse, the trauma is not in the experience itself, but more so the trauma that develops from the belief systems the child takes on having been exposed to it. The trauma is in, the shattering of the self-concept, the shattered realities of the now believing the world is dangerous as well as the damage one takes on to their identify having had that happen to them.
Furthermore, The belief systems that the child now develops. in order to cope with the environment and the world around is what causes the effect of stress on the mind, not the experience itself. Let’s look at the example of a child being abused. The brain will now develop a hyper-reactive personality in order be Hyper alert, to the behaviours of the others to ensure they are not going to be exposed to the original pain, and or where they could potentially be abused to be able to prepare for the old experienced and better and better equip itself for surviving a similar event . The child mind, from then on, will take on the need for approval to avoid people turning or getting angry and potentially abusing as well as pleasing others and doing whatever it takes and a whole host of accumulation of behaviours to keep them safe. From this heightened state of hyper-alertness, is what the world of Psychology, titles post-traumatic stress disorder.

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