Mental Shifts needed to be a success in Business for more authority more Impact & more influence

The must-know mental shifts to dominate over your competition and thrive in business

Today we are going to talk about something I am deeply passionate about. No matter how much I talk about this with clients, my passion never seems to dwindle for it. The love and passion I have for figuring out the brain is endless and I’m so deeply enamoured with mindset not because of the topic in itself, but the impact it has on your life and how it can change things so rapidly. I am a mindset coach, business coach, success coach and mentor and I hope you have found great value from the insights I have provided over this six-part course. 

I am going to cover the key mental shifts that are needed in today’s competitive markets, to achieve influence; impact; authority and dominate over your competition so you can grow your business for the success you deserve. I will also touch on the deeper shifts to adapt and quickly learn in today’s markets, to stand out and create clients on demand. 

When I have previously spoken about business and one of the four successful pillars of business, I have touched on the importance of your ability to attract clients to you and stand out from the competition. 

The reason I am so passionate about this is that when I started out thinking what I wanted to choose as a career path, initially I started out with a degree in Forensic Science. I remember at the time it was my sister’s birthday and I needed to be at the morgue for work and I remember looking at what I was doing and what was going on and I said to myself “I am not the person who wants to spend my life figuring out how people die.” That’s not what I wanted to come home and share with my friends and family after work and in my personal life. I was so much more bubbly and chirpy than that. Although I loved solving problems to better people’s lives, at the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I didn’t want that. 

So, I asked myself what I was deeply passionate about and a passion of mine that has never dwindled since the age of 10 was my love for the Law of Attraction, Psychology, mindset, self-development, full potential and understanding what it takes to get the brain to operate at full potential. 

My book shelf is full of mindset and full potential books and I started to become obsessed with this topic. So, I realised that if this was something that I could do constantly, I would feel joy, fulfilled and like I had achieved something in that day. I therefore changed my degree to Psychology because I knew that would be the foundation of learning the brain and I started to do courses in NLP. I then came across an engineer in Canada called Dr. Nick Arrizza who taught me the Mind Resonance Process and gave me a solid understanding of the brain. I started to apply everything I had learned on mindset and began to notice that everything I didn’t like in my life was becoming effortless to change with the growth I had done to transform my thinking around what had formed that reality for me in the first place. 

I would go to social gatherings and feel anxious because I didn’t like social events. They made me feel shy and nervous. I would walk away from that event and think okay, how does it serve me to be shy and not talk to people? The answer was likely so that people couldn’t hurt me. So, I started to use those principles in every area of my life to try and shift the mindset component before I shifted the reality. Before long, I could not believe the amount of success I started to experience in every area of my life and how easy it was. I was never a natural in business, or in making friends or relationships. Yes, I was cheerful and chirpy around my family and people I trusted, but around strangers I was a mute. I couldn’t articulate a conversation without feeling nervous or vulnerable, like I was in danger. 

Not only did I apply these principles in every area of my life, but I applied them in my business when I started it. I am so grateful that I had a tool to accelerate my success. Today I am going to take you through the mental shifts I took over the last twelve years, to accelerate me to where I am now. I don’t work with any new clients unless they are willing to do the mindset work, because everything will be a struggle unless we do that first. Fixed mindset will not result in success or growth.

When you do the mindset shifts, it is so important because if you are looking to achieve authority, impact or to get your message out there to expand your business; these mental shifts will make it easy. Everything you are experiencing in your reality right now is a direct result of the mindset that you have at the moment. In order to make the gap effortless, you shift your mindset so that you can create a new reality. 

I will start with the first few shifts that I think are so essential and will explain why this is. Some of the things that made a drastic difference to me and my business was not becoming more resilient, more driven, or taking more action in business. What made my life effortless was when I went deeper. I increased my worth, I increased my value and how much I value myself and what I do. I increased my capabilities and I increased my confidence in myself. Confidence in the sense of who I am and what I do. These things really enabled me to influence, impact, have authority and dominate over my competition. My business goals became effortless. 

In regards to business, let’s start with authority. Authority in business is your ability to stand out and be seen by the market as the go-to expert on that topic that you are selling. In the conscious minds of people; if you have small branding and don’t put yourself out there much – when your client sees that, they assume that your level of expertise is lower than someone who has more branding, more marketing and is putting themselves and their knowledge out there fully. 

Authority is determined by a few things and your ability to achieve this. Firstly, this is being independent to what people think. If you are in a service based business and you know things in the market that do work and don’t work – when you worry about what people think, you are going to filter everything you say or don’t say to make sure that you are giving a positive perception in the market; even at the expense of not putting the truth out there. You will make sure that you keep yourself small and keep a positive image. However, having an opinion that is different from the crowd does not mean that people won’t like you. The right clients for you will be attracted to what you say. People want personal and professional. They want to be assured that you have the answers to their questions and the solution to their problem.

The next thing is willingness to stand out. This means willingness to be yourself, be authentic and not follow the heard. If your competition is doing things that you don’t agree with, you don’t need to follow them to attract the right people to you and be safe and accepted. You can definitely go your own way. When your client is looking at you and making a decision about who is an expert in this field, they are looking at these things and making sure you embody them. 

Some of the other deeper mindset shifts that dictate whether you have a presence in the market are factors such as do I have a say? Let’s say you try to create an article around what you do and how you help people. If you believe you don’t have a say, as soon as you start it, it will become difficult, your brain will switch off and you will become unmotivated. Believing that you do have a say and you feel safe around having a say is imperative to creating authority. 

Another key thing is believing that your say matters. Whenever we have a belief that my say doesn’t matter; we may have a belief around our topic of expertise and see someone else saying something similar. This will stop us and make us think that someone else has already covered this so now what we say doesn’t matter. However, it’s not about not being able to say something just because someone else has already expressed an opinion on it, but rather we should feel that “this is my say and this is how I express it creatively and it makes me different because I say it uniquely.” When you believe what you say doesn’t matter, every time you have an idea this belief will suppress it and your ability to express yourself. 

As you can see, there are a few mindset shifts needed to help you achieve authority to then be able to grow your business and get the success that you deserve.

Now that we have covered authority and what it takes to get the brain to achieve this effortlessly, I would like to talk about impact and presence and what this actually means. 

When you are running a business, your impact and your presence is going to decide whether you are able to tune in to your client’s needs, wants and understand them. When you have presence (meaning you are completely present), there is something that goes on in the brain that allows us to pick up on cues that are not verbal. This includes vocal tone, the way the voice says something, body language etc. If you are fully present you will be able to read clients and make sure they are fully comfortable and understand what your clients’ reservations might be and soothe these. If you lack this ability, your competition will do this better than you by asking questions and being able to help your client. Having the skillset around presence and going into depth around what client reservations may be, will really have an impact because you will be able to serve more people on a bigger scale. 

Another thing that creates impact is your ability to see yourself as more than just one type of role. A lot of my female clients who are running a business and are also mothers, struggle with creating an impact in business if they believe that their role is simply to be a mother. Business becomes a really small side project for them because they believe their most important role is to be a mother. Yes, of course your children do require a lot of care for their needs to be met, but in general, as humans, we are not just one role. At any one point, we can switch or change our roles. When you believe your role as a woman is to cook and clean, that will take over your whole day and you will only give a little bit of attention to your business and something that potentially really matters to you. 

The next thing that increases impact is improving your ability to handle your mistakes and failures. If I want to create impact in the world and I’m creating a plan to get my message out in the world and do everything I want to do, what happens is, if I am worried about making mistakes; the brain will try to do everything perfectly to avoid failing, instead of creating spontaneously and easily. Therefore, the amount of content you can get into the market is reduced because you are so afraid of making a mistake and failing. With the fear of failure residing inside, even if you could generate the motivation to get things done, people find this so difficult with the fear of failure lingering in the back of their brain. 

In the first article, I covered the fear of failure / mistakes and what that means to you. If you take the time to go back and read this and do the exercises, your ability to do the work will be a lot more effortless. It’s not about failing or not failing, it’s about being creative, keep trying things to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Removing these fears will create a bigger impact because you will be able to get more out there and more people will be able to see what you do. 

The second thing around impact is dependent on how much you believe you are capable of. Whatever you believe you are capable of, determines how much you are capable of. If you have a mindset of thinking I can’t do that, I can’t cope, I can’t run a business etc. and you don’t believe you can handle things effortlessly; this is going to hinder your ability to take big, bold steps around going for the things that are going to bring in the best results for you. If you believe you can’t handle things and you can’t create a business with clients that you love working with, your brain will pick small things, small tasks and only things you are capable of. However, unfortunately when we do things we are capable of, this doesn’t improve or help the belief that we are not capable. Our threshold stays small and we only fit in tasks that fit our capability level. Believing you are capable will increase your creativity, allow you to think big and give you more impact in your business; meaning your ability to serve more people. 

When I didn’t have the capability thinking, I was working very small, only having 4 clients per week. Even though a had a bigger demand; with my other responsibilities, I didn’t feel like I was capable of taking on more. 

Another necessary shift to succeed in business is believing that you have value for who you are, not what you do. Many people associate their sex i.e. male or female with certain values in the world. An example of this is, I am working with a female client and I can see her motivation starts to reduce when she gets into a relationship. If she believes she has no value, she will take on a supporter role to her partner’s business. The reason for this is because she doesn’t believe her need and desire for support is as important as her partner’s. So, she will work less on her business, she will put the relationship as the first priority and put her desires down the priority list. Removing the belief that your sex doesn’t have value for who you are, is essential. 

A lot of people will have a belief like I have value for the work that I do. Or, I have value based on what I do for others, my value is less than a man, my value comes from providing, my value comes from making other people feel better. Value in a human being is based on the basic qualities that we have. These qualities – regardless of whether we do anything – make us a valuable human being on the planet. By removing these false value beliefs, you can really be who you are, not feel a need to overly prove yourself to someone, and just be yourself. In business, this translates to you having an approach of “this is me, this is what I do, this is how I do it, I would love to be able to help you. I am confident I can get you the results and if I can’t, I have this guarantee.” 

How to dominate your competition

How do you dominate in business? I.e. your ads are more prominent in the market, more people are interested in what you do, you rank highly in internet searches, a lot of people talk about your business etc. You dominate in business by standing out. This requires a mindset that you are capable to run a business and you are not afraid to be successful. If you believe success will cause you harm, your brain will actually execute tasks that do not result in success. When it comes to that last part of the project you are working on, your brain will shut down and you won’t be able to complete it because you are afraid of success. The fear or criticism and judgement is also a deterrent because the thought of you saying “this is who I am and this is what I do” causes you to constantly worry that people are going to critique and judge you. Therefore, instead of putting yourself out there authentically, this belief will limit the exposure you get, and how many times your potential clients see you before they want and decide to become your client. 

Other limiting beliefs in business include your association with wealth, your ability to take responsibility and your ability to do whatever it takes to achieve the success you want. Beliefs that your business won’t work, nothing that you do will work, you shouldn’t try, your business will fail, you are a failure. The belief that you are not worthy of attention, the belief that more work might cause you to become a workaholic etc. limits the amount of work that you do. Of course, one of the biggest inhibitors is the fear of rejection.

These are all the mindset hindrances that I saw and have seen with my clients. If I get rid of all of these in a client’s mindset – the client will dominate. I have seen this many times with my clients in business. The more information and helpful content you put into the market, the more people see you. The more they see you, the more they associate you as the go-to guru on your topic and believe you have the knowledge to help them with their problem. 

Removal of the beliefs I have discussed above will allow you make a bigger impact in business, to reach more people and attract more clients, to help more people, and ultimately to create a successful business that you love and is not a struggle. If you are sick of hitting your head against a wall wondering why things aren’t happening, these beliefs need to be removed in your mindset. 

These are all the things in business that enabled me to run a business effortlessly. I also take my clients through these and made their business effortless for them too. You might be thinking that you have done mindset work before, i.e. positive affirmations and so much to improve your mindset and yet you still feel stuck. As I have explained previously, you will feel stuck if you don’t get rid of the unconscious ties which are keeping those fears and beliefs locked in your brain. Once you remove them, it becomes effortless; there is nothing to bypass, nothing to re-believe, and it becomes a knowing. When things become a knowing, they become effortless. 

This concludes the six-part series and I’m immensely proud that you have stuck it out. If you have any questions, I would love to help. I also have a coaching course called the Start up to Success. Whether you are a small business owner or run a medium / large business and want to accelerate your success in business, this course will help. It’s a group environment where we go through all of the above principles and we do everything required to get your mindset right, your strategies right, to find strategies for you, to figure out if the business you have in mind is right for you, even to understand which niches are profitable. We go through everything, so if it’s something you might be interested in, don’t hesitate to message me. I’d love to go through a call with you to understand what is important for you, what your needs are and if this would be a good fit for you. I also offer a personal coaching session. If not, I hope you received amazing value out of this and I wish you all the success!

If you havent seen the previous Part, you can download the video series in the resources tab on my site


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