How to overcome depression and why medication is simply a “quick-fix” What is Depression

By Felicity Muscat

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What is Depression is, Depression by definition is a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. in order for you to understand an effective depression treatment, I want to discuss what brings on this mental health disorder in which is treated wrongly and help you to understand why so you can make informed decisions.

What brings about a mentally depressed state is when that person feels they cannot shake recurring feelings, these feelings can then either generate negative thoughts and in some case suicidal thoughts depending on the fuelling beliefs generating this state.

There are two main reasons and I will outline them below as to what causes depression and  before I go into the cause of depression I want to touch on how a mind without depression responds to events in a neutral calm way.

When the mind is not affected by the things that contribute to irregular emotional responses it should by default, respond in a calm way and with time restore back into a calm positive state regardless of the circumstances. We are designed by nature to bounce back from hardship, loss, death adversity and life challenges if the mind does not have the negative straight jackets on making the experience take longer than necessary and or has negative contributing belief systems judging the situation and experience through a negative lens of beliefs defining the person and esteem by the situation.

For example if a person loses a job and there fuelling beliefs systems are as follows they will have depression symptoms, if that person caries beliefs like they can’t make money, they can’t get another job, they are useless and worthless without a job, my job is my identity, what do you think will happen to their mind i they lose that job?

The  individual with those beliefs, will respond with an emotional response that are negative thinking, that is generated by feelings of depression, say for example a different individual has a belief system that is focused around beliefs that I am highly capable, I believe in my skills, things will turn out for me, I am supported the same emotional response will not be generated in that persons experience even if they are in the same situation, therefore, feelings and responses by the mind are created by the belief systems generating those thoughts about one, the person capabilities, two the situation itself and three certain beliefs that are creating that negative experience by the choices ones self-esteem is causing them to make and in summary the more negative beliefs the greater the overall response of the depression, therefore, the greater the mental health disorder and the greater the depressed mood and loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment causing a greater effect on activities in daily life.

So, in knowing the above the solution is not to drown out those emotions with antidepressants and medications for depression as that is not changing the way the person responds to the situation and or event, it only contributes to numbing out the emotional response, one cannot guide their way through life without a healthy balanced emotional response, as that is a person navigation system through life .

So how does taking them actually AFFECT THE NORMAL EMOTIONAL RESPONSE?


What is Depression and the treatment for depression ?

I have discussed how feelings of “happiness” and “sadness” emerge spontaneously from within our self on every decision we make for ourselves in our lives.

When the feeling of happiness emerges, it does so in recognition that the particular decision made is beneficial to the individual. Conversely, when the feeling of sadness emerges it does so in recognition that the particular decision made, is not beneficial to the individual.

In other words, there is an inner intelligence inside each of us that is monitoring and giving us an emotional feedback feeling response, on every decision that we make at every moment. It is there essentially to tell us whether we are on the right track in life. The problem with numbing this feeling with medications is that, the same part of the brain that is numbed out is needed to discern what is wrong and or what is it in the persons thinking that is causing the stuckness that leads to depression, other causes of depression can be caused by low self-esteem thinking about oneself and then behaviours one carries out due to the low self-esteem

When we are, i.e. when we choose to listen to this inner intelligence and heed its advice we feel happy, joyful, contented, fulfilled and therefore successful. For example, if a person is offered a job that they know they will hate, although the fear of loss of financial security kicks in telling that individual to take the job, the mind create a feeling of depression as the person needs to suppress there real feelings about the job in order to survive.

So what happens when we (for whatever reason) don’t heed to the advice of this inner intelligence and/or there is conditioning within the individual, which causes them to be in a situation that is less than desirable? In other words, what happens when we “think” that our logical mind – or someone else’s – has better answers to a situation than this inner intelligence? Do we choose to follow it, or them? Well, if you try this experiment for yourself you will most likely find yourself feeling unhappy, sad, unfulfilled, and therefore unsuccessful.

Now, what happens if you go on without following this inner intelligence for a lengthy period of time, say months or even years? Unfortunately, eventually, the sadness and unhappiness will start to turn into something even more severe that leads to depression.

This emerging state is what many psychiatrists and psychologists call the “State of Depression”. If it becomes bad enough, it brings with it a host of other symptoms i.e. anxiety, hopelessness, loss of energy, loss of motivation, sleeplessness, worry, and even suicidal thoughts.

Most mental health practitioners would say that this “theory” is too simplistic to explain the state of depression, and will try to invoke a biological cause. In other words, they might imply that there is “something biologically wrong” with the person who suffers from depression.

If you are suffering from depression, I ask you to judge for yourself. Say to yourself, “there is something biologically wrong with me” and notice if this makes you feel happy or sad?

Does it make you feel good inside? Does it make you feel in charge of your life or out of control? Where would you rather be? I’m sure that most people prefer to feel happy, in control of their own mood’s state and in charge of their lives.

how to get rid of depression

How do you feel, now, knowing that you have deep inside you everything you need, in order to move towards that state of happiness? If you are not used to listening to these inner guidance feelings, it will take some practice to reacquaint yourself with them.

Depression treatment

For more information on how you can reclaim control over your own life, head to my website where you will find more useful resources or request a complimentary consultation WHERE I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO GET RID OF DEPRESSION.

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