How to Defeat Procrastination Forever?

By Felicity Muscat

1. Did you know that procrastination is driven by negative feelings and beliefs, such as

  • The fear of failure
  • Fear of disappointment
  • Fear of taking responsibility for one’s own life
  • The need to remain dependent of one’s friends, parents or loved ones
  • The fear of facing the world and becoming an independent adult
  • The lack of self confidence
  • The belief that one cannot take care of one’s self
  • The fear of being alone
  • The fear of success
  • The need to get revenge on one’s parents for past abuse/neglect/humiliation and so on,
  1. Did you know that this negativity is rooted into the old negative memories of failure, neglect, failed nurturing, disappointment, abuse, humiliation, bullying and so on, which remains stored with the subconscious mind and regularly hijacks your mind and life away from you i.e. leading to “procrastination”?
  1. Finally, did you know that it is now possible to completely and permanently delete such negative memories thereby permanently eliminating the negative thoughts; feelings and the procrastinating state altogether? Want to learn how?

To understand what is going on here, let me give you an example of how one can begin to release these emotional roots of procrastination.

Help for Procrastination

Let’s say a person experienced abuse during their childhood. The negative memories of such abuse remain stored within oneself and continually generate feelings of anger, low self-esteem, low motivation, low energy, low enthusiasm for life, worthlessness, inadequacy, badness, sadness, victim-hood, fear of being punished/forsaken, feeling undeserving, and so on.

I’m sure you can see these serve only to undermine one’s desire and the ability to move forward in life, to unleash their full creative potential or create a happy abundant, deserving and fulfilling life. The inertia that this negativity creates is often so insurmountable that it literally paralyses the individual; which is what we refer to as “procrastination” and subsequently it even drives them to beat up on themselves for that.


This leads to a vicious negative spiral down to death!

In order to begin releasing oneself from this spiral we need to look at how their beliefs i.e.; their negative memories of abuse, etc. are actually “serving” them.

Now I know this will sound bizarre to many of you, but if you continue to follow along for a little while, it will become clearer.

So how do such negative memories supposedly “serve” individuals?

Well, one might hold the subconscious belief that those memories serve as evidence for their unworthiness. So if they believe themselves to be unworthy, the idea of striving for a happier life simply would not make sense. Because, if they did and managed to achieve any measure of success, there would be a fear that it would all be taken away and hence their efforts would have all been in vain.

So does the feeling of “one’s success being taken away” sound, or rather feel, familiar to you? If so then possibly you also have these emotional blocks living within.

So if an individual believes that their success might be taken away from them, they would simply avoid making any efforts to improve their lives; thereby “seemingly” avoiding further disappointment, hurt, sadness, loss. failure and so on.

In other words they would effectively have found a strategy to protect themselves from ever again experiencing failure of any kind. Such a person should invariably feel safe, secure, at peace, calm, relaxed, at ease, immune, resilient, confident, able to take on anything they chose, feel good about themselves and hence are able to create a full, happy and fulfilling life!

So, now take a moment and pause to notice how you are feeling inside.

Many individuals, if they have followed the example above, start to feel some of the following: feelings of release, relief, lightness, feeling unburdened, calm, energized, empowered, resilient, strong, motivated, and confident to name a few.

If you are feeling any of these, kindly place one hand over your heart and as if you are speaking to yourself from there, simply affirm to yourself that you like (if you do) these feelings. Notice how they start to get stronger.

Although you may not completely realise it, you are beginning to come back into your mind/body and re-assume control of it, yourself and your life.

If that resonates with you, in the same way as above, affirm that too.

So if you are feeling surprised, excited, and inspired to fully take control over your mind, body and life, and to delete all the remnants of your negative intruder called procrastination; request a “what’s the point” free introductory telephone/Skype coaching consultation with me that will get you started today.

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Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.

If you have tried other approaches that have failed and are ready for change, request a complimentary introductory phone/Skype coaching consultation to help you get started on your journey back to your peak performing empowered and alive self today. To learn more and explore others’ success stories, download Felicity’s eBooks.

Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

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