How do I stop comparing myself to others

How do I stop comparing myself to others

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Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a former NLP Practitioner and now Mind resonance Coach, and probing the minds of the ambitious for over 12 years is It’s that Individuals and business owners  like yourself are never going to be satisfied playing small.

Or let a skills gaps, mindset limitation  keep you from building  a business that  expresses your full potential   of freedom, joy and abundance.and allows you to have balance while doing so. 

If you’re reading this… Then I know we already share a love of independence, being your own boss and chasing the thrill of creating a dream business and life aspirations which (let’s be honest) at times scares you as much as it inspires you.

That’s because it’s a grand vision that only those used to following their instincts – and driven to do what ever it takes– will have the drive to pursue a business to Success, that was before there was a ability to tap into your mind and propel it towards your Success

I also know that making money is only one part of your dream.

And that, however blocked you may feel at the moment, you believe challenges are just temporary, and that excellence  and being the best version of you is the only standard worthy of targeting!

I am Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, author of over 200 articles In the self Development, Business and Mindset space ,  life coach, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

My drive that propelled me to do what i do ,  is this simple understanding, 

The More me compare ourselves to anyone outside of ourselves the closer to fauilre we already are, by trying to follow suit and not lead our own lives but chase the tails of others outside of us, we have lost the clear connection with our own comparison model to greatness, As the path to Success is Knowing who we are, knowing we are enough and creating a life and Business that is congruent to the uniqueness our values and unique qualities. Institute of Self Mastery Felicity Muscat

In understanding this i discovered that, our ability to be lead our own paths and set our own expectations for how our paths should look is only possible if we have access to this one thing i mention below

I am a mindset coach who helps new business’s and existing business owners and  entrepreneur  who are struggling to grow their business and achieve effortless balance in all areas and get their minds back to clear thinking, balance and freedom from always thinking about their business. Even if you are just starting out or have been in business for a while to know and embody, that business and life can be effortless, with  more productivity, more clients and more free time to explore life.

Lets start with how I obtained this information, I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals  on Business  or just by running my own business myself and then providing mindset advise with only knowledge, as frankly, that doesn’t stick and if that was the case, everyone who has read a book, wanting to get a results would have been able to apply what they have learnt and adopted that readers thinking and apply the same actions to generate a results right. ? Wrong.

There are several missing ingredients to just knowledge alone, and I help people, succeed in obtaining their business goals of more profit, more free time and more visibility in the market.

Some so many people are not achieving their full potential in career and and Business, and it comes down to trying to compare and follow the noise that takes us off path, to what sits right for us, what works right for us, and knowing we are on the right path even if it seems that everyone else isnt,


Are you  ready to discover 

how do i  stop comparing yourself ti others ?

Once you know this you can start to set the stage so for taking  bolder bigger action, thats right for you so that you can triple your profits, manage systems, Get more free time and get back to doing what you do best, whilst you master your work life balance so you can finally stop worrying about your business and start focusing on living your best life worry free.


In this article, i will touch on, the biggest causes of self comparison, and the impact something that seems so small, had on my life and is having on millions of others.

I will explain how stop comparing yourself and have even created a cheat sheet for you to do just that, I figured out this out after i lost my way for a few years, thinking that i shouldn’t grow my business to where i wanted as every one else was having children, every one else was content with not doing a lifestyle business and i started to want to fit in, i started to want to follow the heard and i too started to lose my way, until i removed the things inside of me responsible for that

I would like to explain why it is so important to stop comparing ourselves with other people and where they are in life, then comparing this to our ideals around success.

To start, what goes on in the mind of someone is very different to what is perceived on social media, and we know that. However, when we hear this, and hear people saying that social media is not all that it seems – the issue actually goes much deeper than this. There are certain beliefs in our mindset that can cause us to see a model of the world in comparison mode.

This has to do with a few underlying beliefs and it is really important that you understand why this comparison thinking is toxic to your life, your path and your business. The reason this is toxic is because someone might have an idea that success in their business or life means wealth and acquiring a lot of money. Someone else might think that success means making more than enough money and therefore being able to travel the world and have location freedom with their business. Someone else might think that success means they don’t have to work such long hours so they can have free time to spend with their family.

So when we focus on other people and see where they are at in life then compare this to our own life, it really takes the focus off what our model of success looks like to us. Comparison puts focus on the wrong person. The reason we need to stop comparing is because it can literally throw us off course or derail our path in an attempt to be like someone else’s, when this is not meant for our real self.

The reason it is so important to stop comparing is so that we can get clear on our path and we can move forward with what works for us and eliminate what doesn’t. We need to understand that others’ unique path is their unique path and ours is ours, and these will be different. They are different because they are driven by our individual value systems and beliefs.

Now that we know what we’re trying to achieve (i.e. to stop comparing ourselves to others) I would like to explain how you can start implementing a solution.

There are a few belief systems which cause the brain to see other people’s success and feel sad or bitter that the individual doesn’t have that, instead of acknowledging how wonderful it is for the other person. These beliefs will see others’ success and create beliefs such as I’m not a successful person and I will never be a success. Generally, there are some underlying beliefs that cause this model of comparison in the world and the first one is the belief I’m not good enough. What this belief does is look at us and where we are at and compares someone else as a reference point. It looks at what they are doing and who they are and it models it back to us as a comparison to see if we are good enough and if we are worthy of success.

The first belief we need to remove is the belief I’m not good enough. The second belief is I need to be perfect. This second belief is so busy trying to create a perfect existence and perfect life, it completely disconnects us from what is right for us and being our authentic self. When we are too busy trying to be perfect, to create a perfect image of ourselves and show others how perfect we are; we are not doing what is congruent to us and our true self.

If you believe that a successful business is having many employees and you are trying to get a business off the ground; if you have the belief I must be perfect and then you see someone running a business with many employees whilst you’re only working by yourself, you will likely think that you are not good enough because you haven’t reached that level of “success” defined by your beliefs. You will end up feeling overwhelmed and inadequate from this comparison.

If we are constantly thinking that we need to be more and do more, and have the belief that we are not good enough, this will likely end up in anxiety and depression around where our life is heading. Even when we do reach the goal, we will feel like we’re still not there yet. Instead of encouraging our small levels of success, we are constantly looking at where are not yet at. This also contributes to us not feeling whole or complete and like where we are at is enough; which further creates a comparison mindset.

It is likely that you have tried to stop comparing yourself to others before and may have tried self-talk or saying to yourself that where you are at is fine. However, unfortunately with these belief systems embedded in the brain, it becomes extremely exhausting to constantly try to override them. I have made it easy for you to remove these beliefs in the cheat sheet, so that you can become more authentic, more you, and clearer on who you are and what you are here to do, in your business and your life.

Feel free to send me a message when you have completed this exercise. You can contact me at


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