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Get Unstuck With a FREE 20-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session

Get out of that rut. Feel happier. And finally achieve your goals by getting a free no-obligation one-on-one coaching session (worth $200)

A Faster Way To Achieve Success

Let’s face it – achieving success can be hard.

Life never really gives you a well-made plan for achieving anything!

And it won’t matter what idea you have. It’s often difficult to maintain motivation and stick to your goals.

But just for a moment, stop and think about what your life would look like if you DID have a proven plan for success.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were able to achieve success – guaranteed. Imagine if you had the unlimited resilience, creativity, determination and discipline to stick through your goals.

You’d have better relationships. Have massive career or business growth. You’d finally find the love of your life (if you haven’t already). You’d be financially free or living your passion and purpose. You’d be happier and more fulfilled.

Now let me ask you this – how far away is all this for you? Can you give it an exact number?

Is it 2 years away? 5 years away? Or a lifetime away?

If you feel like you’re not moving towards success, you’re unfortunately stuck in a rut…

Like most of us, you probably set goals, stick with them for a few days, weeks or even a whole month (if you’re super motivated).

But then that motivation disappears. Your old self-sabotaging habits return.

Oh no…back to square one.

The cycle repeats, making you more and more frustrated. At the same time, that goal – that dream becomes more and more distant.

You're experiencing problems like:

But it’s not your fault. And there’s hope. I know it first hand because I’ve been where you are.

Before becoming a life coach, I was pretty stuck in life.

Let me give you the picture – I was working in a job I hated, selling things I had no interest in. I had no control of my time – often wondering where days and weeks went, and I was constantly seeking approval from others.

Yet, I pretended like everything was okay.

But in reality, I had no idea how I was going to move forward.

I just knew things had to change.

It took me a full 12 long years to finally figure out how to overcome my own barriers – but more on that later.

The takeaway from the story is – You don’t have to do it alone.

I sure wish I hadn’t!

Again, it took me 12 years and thousands of hard-earned dollars to finally understand how to get from where I am, to where I want to be.

And let me tell you, most of it was trial and error – often wasting my valuable time, energy and money.

This doesn’t have to be you.

You need someone who’s travelled that road. Someone who’s had struggles and has made it through. Someone who understands your situation and knows how to move you forward. Because this person will have a proven path that will get you to your goals.

You don’t need another ‘guru’ on Youtube telling you how to live your life. How can they give you accurate advice when they’ve never heard your problem?

Much of the advice you will hear is generic. What might work for one person most of the time won’t work for another!

What you need is a dedicated mentor.

Someone that’s willing to guide you every step of the way, through thick and thin. No matter what.

Someone who keeps you accountable, even on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything!

So here’s what I’m giving you today…

A FREE No-Obligation 20-Minute Coaching Session

You won’t have to pay or sign for anything. And since it’s all done online, we can even chat together from the comfort of your own home. Isn’t that easy?

There is absolutely no risk to you – really just 20-minutes of your time (which will be more than made up for in the sheer amount of value you’ll get).

The reason I do these sessions is that – yes, eventually I’d like you to become a client, but really because I wish someone had given me this same opportunity when I was in your position.

And don’t be fooled by the word free! This session is free but it will allow you to start getting results in as little as 30 days – whatever your goals are.

In this exclusive session you'll discover...

The true barriers that are really holding you back from success

The path you need to take to overcome these barriers

The right mindset for success

How to get more results in less time

How to work smarter not harder

How to finally reach the goals you’ve set

Just imagine finally living your dream life. Imagine finally hitting those life-long goals.

What would it mean for you? Just think about this for a moment.

Would it mean a more loving, passionate relationship?

Would it mean getting that dream position at work…

Or that raise?

Would it mean a business that’s generating your dream income?

Would it mean finding “the one”?

Imagine how it would feel getting the thing you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your definition of success is, I truly believe I can help you get there.

Who am I to give you coaching?

I’m Felicity Muscat – a trained Mind Resonance Coach (which is like psychology but with an additional 3 years of study), life coach and level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process with over 15 years of coaching experience.

I’ve helped thousands of struggling individuals, business owners and big dreamers reach their biggest goals and more!

I do this by using proven and effective techniques that change your beliefs, mindset and habits.

Here's what others have said about me...

"Felicity is a life coach that has given me great tips for starting my new business, and has helped clear many suppressed ‘toxic’ beliefs."
"I'm an Engineer that was always working hard and never getting ahead. While I was working nights and weekends the other people were getting promoted and enjoying fun projects. This was because of few bad core beliefs I had. Now that I’ve resolved them I can rest over weekends without feeling guilty about not working harder and funny thing is, my career is just doing better because of it."
"It’s really difficult to encapsulate everything Felicity has done for me and how much she has helped me become the person I am today. I still work with her every now and then as a top up, which goes to show that the work we have done has had a long term impact. I would highly recommend anyone to Felicity if they’re serious about making positive changes in their life – she has been absolutely amazing.
"Felicity showed me how my past was really shaping who I thought I was, and it was a little sad that these past bad experiences were keeping me stuck. She was the first coach I ever sat with that offered a cure! And not just a band aid solution to my low self-confidence issues. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and my life is now exactly as I had always imagined."
"I am so thankful for the experience I had with you yesterday. I wanted to share with you what happened. About 5 minutes after, I felt so motivated that I sat in the same position without moving for 3 hours revising my CV and sending job applications. My right leg even went to sleep! I felt a sense of motivation, excitement and presence all at the same time. I was ready for a fresh career."
"Before I started coaching with Felicity, I was shy, embarrassed easily, and was suffering with self-esteem issues. After two sessions I walked away a completely different person. I actually didn’t recognise myself, as the true me had been hiding behind all of my memories of being unable to be myself in my family home. I am now confident, can talk to anyone I want to and really love whom I am and the feelings of freedom to be myself."

Again, here's what I'm offering you today...

A FREE 20-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session

With zero obligation. And all you have to do is fill in a short form!

By now you might be wondering, “Is this coaching session really for me?”

Here’s who I’ve specifically tailored this session for:

If you’re any one of these, this coaching session is perfect for you!

I have to warn you though…

As much as I love doing these free sessions, I still need to dedicate time to the clients I already have. So what does this mean for you?

It means there’s only a limited number of spots for these free coaching sessions each month. So be quick and don’t miss out!

Here are some common questions I get about this
breakthrough coaching session

How is this session done?

It is done over Skype! The session is customised as I find out more about you.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself.

Why is it free?

Think of this as a ‘free sample’. In this value-packed session, I show you how to get from point A to B. I do this because I’m a big believer that if someone asks you for money before they can show you results, you should be questioning if it actually works. This coaching session is a great way for you to decide whether MRP is for you or not.

What makes you qualified?

Apart from my studies, I’ve been coaching for over 15 years and have been getting my clients exceptional results! 

Do I need to be a business owner?

No, but if you if you ARE a business owner who would like a business coach, this session is still for you.

Do I need to be reeeeaaally struggling to do this session?

If you are completely happy in life and don’t need to get to the next level, then this might not be for you. I mainly work with clients who are not achieving their goals in life and who feel like it’s a struggle to get what they really want.

Are you scary?

My clients tell me I’m terrifying! Kidding. I work with people from all walks of life, and there isn’t much I haven’t seen already. My discretion comes from compassion, not judgement. And because of this, my clients are usually laughing with me and continually wanting to be coached by me. Doesn’t this say a lot about my coaching style?

If you’ve read this far, you must be pretty interested, right? So what’s stopping you from claiming your spot today?

Is it the fear of speaking to someone? (I promise I don’t bite!)

Is it not the right time? (When is it ever the right time!)

Again here’s what you’ll be getting – a FREE 20-Minute coaching session with me! – a trained psychologist with more than 15 years of coaching experience! (Valued at $200).

Remember: There’s only a couple of spots left this month so be quick.

You really only have 3 choices today…

Continue what you’re doing now. Do the same things over and over again expecting different results. Wonder why you’re not hitting your goals. And eventually give up on achieving success

Try to achieve success on your own. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Trial and error until you make it, wasting valuable time and energy

Or, you can get your free coaching session. Get your problems heard. Learn how to overcome your barriers. Discover your unique path to success

To your success,
Felicity Muscat 


If you’re like me and love skipping to the bottom of the page, here’s the ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’

You’re getting a free 20-Minute coaching session. In this session, I’ll give you a road-map to success by getting to know your beliefs, mindset and barriers. There’s no obligation. This is for any individual struggling to reach any goal. There’s only a limited number of spots so be quick!