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Looking to Find A Life Coach That Gets You Results?

Hi! I’m Felicity – a life coach based in Sydney.

It’s easier said than done to “change” your mindset. Let alone “shift” your identity! This is why it’s so important to find a life coach that guides you through this journey.

It’s not as easy of a process as people make it out to be. Yet it’s your mindset that might be holding you back from the success you really want.

Let me tell you that I’ve been there.

Before becoming a life coach, I struggled for years with my identity and the way I was thinking. All the limiting beliefs and negative self talk lead me to poor choices and unhappiness. I was constantly frustrated, anxious… yet on the outside I seemed okay. 

I was constantly trying to impress people around me, when in reality it brought me no success or happiness. So the negative self talk kept getting worse. I didn’t know who I was anymore…

I had to find a solution.

After months of searching, I found the Mind Resonance Process – a powerful coaching method that changed everything. All the barriers in my way melted away. All the limiting beliefs gone. I never felt more confidence in myself.

This coaching tool was so effective that I began to life coach people based on this method and have improved thousands of lives because of it.

You see, most people think that reading a few self-help books, listening to psychologists or doing Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the key to breaking their limiting barriers. 

But the truth is, it’s all about commitment. I find that it’s all about accountability and making yourself stick to what you set out to do.

It’s true, most people start out well and begin to change their lives. But then life gets in the way. The progress halts. And they fall back into their old dis-empowering habits. This is where a coach can help you.

Imagine how much time is wasted starting to change, failing. Try to change again. And failing again.

Imagine the self-talk from those failures – “I can’t do it”, “I’ve tried so many times before”, “I’m finding this too hard”.

The real problem is that you lack accountability. You lack the guidance of someone who’s been there and done it. Let’s face it – it’s hard to be accountable when the journey is alone (that’s what a life coach is for!)

And it’s not your fault. We’re constantly told to fix our own problems, and find the solution ourselves. We’re constantly faced with challenges that no one really wants to be involved in. It’s also difficult finding someone who fully understands what you’re trying to achieve.

I’ve been there. And there’s hope – you just need the right coach.

Through the Mind Resonance Process, you can overcome any challenge or barrier that’s in your way. In fact, I’ve coached thousands of individuals just like you and they’ve had tremendous results.

So how do you start?

Book a 60-Minute Introductory Session with me, and I’ll show you how you can achieve success effortlessly. Click the button below now to reserve your spot!

Life Coaching Programs

The Business Work-life Balance Accelerator - x10 More Productivity. x10 More Connection

If I could give you the key to being the most productive you have ever been at work without more stress and responsibilities. Would that be interesting? If you want to have the quality of time to enjoy and build your relationships and be there for your loved ones in only 10 weeks then this is the program for you.

If you’re at the place where you need to find work-life balance and reconnect with your loved ones, then this is definitely for you.

You know you want to be a good friend, great parent, spouse, father or mother. You know you want to be productive without more stress, overthinking and worry. But balancing life isn’t that easy. Click the button below to enquire now.

Needs a Name

Let’s give you the exact path and mindset to stop trying too hard and attract the right person for you without all the disappointment.

Finding ‘the one’ isn’t easy. Bad dates, pain and hurt, people disappearing can take up time and ruin your self-confidence. 

I can promise to give you a mindset that filters out Mr. Wrong and finding the right person in as little as 12 weeks.

This is the ultimate chance to start your life with that person you feel is for you on an emotional, spiritual and sexual level. Click the button below to enquire now.

Career Promotion Performance Accelerator for Career Results You Want

Let’s give you the exact strategies to not only know how to perform at your peak at work but also smash through your targets and KPIs. Achieve your personal best month after month and attract the promotion and success you’ve been waiting for even if you believe it’s impossible. All it takes is 7 weeks.

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to perform at the next level but need to stand out for a promotion or you’re not being recognised at work, then click the button below and make an enquiry.

Body Confidence Accelerator for the Career-Minded

Lose 7 Kilos in 7 weeks and keep it off for life WITHOUT going on a strict diet (even if you’re short on time, always travelling or working to the bone.)

By the end of this program, you’ll have the most confidence you’ve ever felt in your body and skin.

If you have tried weightloss in the past, only to gain it all back, this is the permanent solution to your life-long weight loss. Keep it OFF without going back to old habits and bad eating patterns.

Feeling good in your own skin is not about not living the life where you can enjoy yourself. It’s about a simple formula. You’ll never have to worry about weight gain again. Click the button below to make an enquiry.

diamond self-confidence and self-esteem

Diamond Self-Confidence &
Self-Esteem Coaching

Is your self-confidence holding you back in life? Do you not love and respect yourself? Imagine the amount of opportunities and success you’re missing out on in life because of your level of confidence. In this coaching program, you’ll discover the true barriers holding you back. You’ll be able to become your best self in a healthy and empowering way.


Self-Worth Discovery Coaching

How much do you value yourself? A low self-worth could be the cause of all your worries and doubts. It will be the cause of a life harder than it needs to be. In this coaching program, we’ll discover your self-worth challenges and refine you as a person. You’ll not only adopt a new mindset, you’ll also be armed with the tools to get anything you desire in life.

stressed man on couch

Manage Stress, Emotions and Anxiety

Do you experience anxiety and stress on a daily basis in your life? What’s worse is having to hide how you feel in front of your friends and family. This can truly have negative impacts on your life. In this coaching program, we’ll identify what’s causing you to feel the way you do and come up with a strategy to solve those underlying causes and beliefs. Permanently change the way you think to remove the strain of stress and anxiety.

Speak Your Mind Coaching

Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Do you feel like you’re holding back on what you truly believe in order to please everybody else? Imagine being able to speak your mind without fear from others. This coaching program will identify the root cause of your limiting barriers. We’ll change the dynamics that you have currently set yourself and finally get you to express yourself naturally.

Real Self Activator

Don’t have a life direction? You’re not alone. Many people can’t set clear goals and don’t have a true sense of who they are. They aren’t sure about what they stand for and what their values are, causing them to create a life that doesn’t make them happy. If this sounds like you, then this coaching program is a perfect fit. We’ll uncover your true self from the false personalities. 

Clear Mind and Positive Thinking Coaching

Do you feel negative all the time? Is there a voice in your head constantly telling you that you’re not enough? Attracting the right mindset is a lot harder than it sounds. And the more negativity in your mind, the lower and lower your quality of life becomes. If your goal is to free yourself from negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive thinking for a happy life, then this coaching program is perfect for you!

Mind Detox

Is worry, self-doubt and negative thinking ruining your life? Does negativity from within cloud your perception of work, life and family? It can be a difficult journey removing barriers in your mind that are stopping you from becoming happy. You don’t have to do it alone. In this coaching program, we’ll analyse your thinking patterns, identify the cause, and give the map to effortless change. You’ll walk away feeling positive and energised from your new way of thinking.

man near waterfall with his arms up

Life Remaker

Feeling a little lost in life? Feeling like you want to start again? The truth is, it all starts with you. Together we’ll look at why you feel like your life isn’t working out and develop a clear road to getting you back on track. The mindset shifts you’ll experience will give you the tools necessary for success in any area of your life. In this exclusive coaching program, we’ll uncover where you are so you can get to where you want to be in life.

passion led us here written on the pavement

Career Success Path Accelerator

Have you hit a “Is this what I really want to do?” moment in life? It’s normal. For most people, figuring their true life direction is a challenge. In this coaching program, we’ll uncover what it is you truly want to do in life and uncover your unique talents and skills to find the right path for you. You’ll also learn how to easily change careers if it doesn’t satisfy you and get the secrets to unlimited motivation.

Life Goal Accelerator

Have a massive goal that you want to achieve in your life? Or maybe you have a big goal you’ve just been putting off. Whatever your life goals are, you need the right process and strategy to get there. In this coaching program, we’ll get clear on your goal and vision and devise a fool-proof plan of getting you to that life goal. You’ll develop self-esteem and self-belief like never before.


Sing With Confidence Coaching

It’s scary singing in front of a few people, let along thousands! Your crippling stage fright is destroying your performances. If singing is what you love, your passion is being undermined by your thoughts and fears. But by the end of this coaching program, you’ll have natural confidence to sing on any stage. You’ll have the natural charisma to make the crowd roar and feel empowered. You’ll have courage and no fear resulting in your best performances. Let’s begin!

speaker presenting

Charismatic Speaker - Remove Your Nerves

Are you a speaker with crippling stage fright? What would it mean for you if you spoke more confidently and spoke from your heart without any fear? Don’t let fear hold you back from sharing your expertise, talent or experience. This coaching program will show you how to become naturally confident in speaking, how to deliver the perfect speech so that others listen to you, and how to overcome anxiety being on the stage. Let’s get started!

man with laptop at meeting

Excel At Work

Do you have a desire to excel at work and stand out among your colleagues? Your mindset and anxieties might be holding you back. Striving for more might feel hard, scary and unachievable if your strategy is wrong. How would you like to crack the code to confidence and excellence at work and in life? In this coaching program, you’ll finally understand how to reach your goals. You’ll remove any self-doubt and erase negative thinking. You’ll become more focused and finally beat your co-workers. Click the button below now.

two people skydiving during the day

Courage To Be You in Life

Are you an ambitious go getter who wants more than the average life? Do you have a desire to be big, and want to do things outside of your comfort zone? The killer of ambition is fear. If you have fear and self-doubt, it might be stopping you from your dream life. Don’t let your mind stop you. This coaching program is designed to get you comfortable with change, and create an exciting life. You’ll understand how to be comfortable with the unknown and live a fulfilling life.

woman in an interview

Job Interview Mastery

Do you get nervous in job interviews? Are you getting no responses from job applications? Or maybe you freeze in interviews and suddenly don’t know how to answer the questions. These barriers are stopping you from the money and rewarding career you deserve. Breakthrough the fears and self-imposed limitations in this exclusive program.

woman in water fountain dancing

Live With Unshakable Confidence

Want to live an above average life? It all starts with unshakable confidence. Great confidence can bring you more money, status and happiness in your life. But first you have to understand where confidence comes from. In this program, you’ll remove negative identity beliefs and achieve unwavering confidence.

woman with her arm up

Uncover Your Authentic Self

Are you living your own life or a life that other people have imposed on you? Do you make your own decisions or do others? It can be frustrating living a life that’s not on your own terms. Ask yourself – Is this who you really are? In this program, you’ll uncover your true self and completely remove any expectations others set on you. You’ll be able to think freely and live life from your own vision.

woman checking her phone

Business Owner Bootcamp

Are you a coach, business owner or entrepreneur who feels like they’re stuck? Are you failing to reach your business goals? Or maybe you want to accelerate your business success. I get it – business is a brutal sport. And if you lack self-belief, you’ll never make it. Hit your business goals, make flawless decisions and feel more confident you can succeed in this program.

In All Programs, We Will...

Why Choose The Mind Resonance Process?

Coaching Focused On Results

Unlike psychology, this coaching approach focuses on results. It’s not about pushing a behaviour or trying to retrain the brain. MRP is about removing harmful patterns so that the behaviour affecting your goals no longer exists – a coaching method with permanent results.

Coaching That Works In All Areas of Life

Whether it’s getting ahead in your career, personal development, learning a new ability, attracting a fruitful relationship or gaining overall wellbeing and mental health, MRP removes the thinking that is hindering your progress towards your goals.

Long-Term Success

Through sustained action and mindfulness, once a shift has been made, it’s very difficult to go to former negative patterns and behaviours. You’ll finally break free from life-long patterns of negativity and blame.

An Effortless Change

The Mind Resonance Process shifts your mindset to make achievement and fulfillment effortless! You gain success on YOUR terms and get to finally break free from the expectations and limitations your mind has set. 


Hack your way to success and achieve anything you’ve ever thought possible in confidence, career, love and business.

These 12 Little-Known Secrets have allowed hundreds to shift their reality in almost every aspect of their life.

Grab your FREE copy right now!