Find a Life coach and Executive coach

Find A Life Coach and Executive coach

Find a life coach and executive coach that works with every area of your life –Learn the ten things you need to know before hiring someone to coach you in Life, Business, executive coaching, or for your executive coaching needs.

Hi, I am Felicity Muscat, a Psychologist, Business Coach, Coach in Australia and Abroad, Action Catalyst, Mindset Engineer and Authentic Lifestyle Coach.



I’ve spent the last 15 years learning the human mindset required to attain success, transforming my own mind and thousands of others, specializing in mindset and CEO and Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery, I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals and then providing mindset advise with only knowledge, as that frankly that doesn’t stick.
The Institute Of Self Mastery was created to offer tested research on what works and doesn’t in the Self Development space accelerating your results , steering you away from Self Development modalities that can create long-standing personality disorders due to practitioner, lack of understanding of mindset triggers and coping strategies that get triggered, when trying to change behaviours and mental trace like states in which can be triggered by beliefs making you feel unmotivated and your coach just pushing you to do things you feel are just hard. Nor, do not know, how to effectively remove a client from a painful emotional charged state hindering success in relationships, career and Business and painfully leaving a client stuck in that state for years. The Institute of Self Mastery was designed to deliver, the best success advice in the field of coaching and Psychology on long term cures to long-standing mindset issues affecting success.

Proven and backed with 15 years of research of the truth to achieve long term change, Even if clients choose to work with her or not, her mission is to inform and educate so people can make informed decisions. When selecting a coach its really important that the coach not only has the knowledge but has actually achieved the result you are wanting yourself. Not only that, they do not just need to know how to achieve the result, but know how to help someone who has different mental challenges, beliefs systems and understand how this will affect there ability to get the same results when setting out to build a business, make a life change and or get their team to preform better.

Why is that so important, because just because i have successfully achieved something does not mean i know how to remove obstacles in someones mind that may be hindering their ability to take the action necessary to get the result. Lets say for example you hire a coach who created a successful business via face book live videos and ads, you hired that coach to show you how to generate leads. What happens though if that strategy may not work for you as you have a fear of being seen. Well what happens is that when the coach sets you that task, in there 10 step successful business launch course, is that you will procrastinate on the task set and not get the result.

To further ad salt to the wound, when you talk to your coach about not doing it, because they became a success by using that strategy, it will be hard for them to understand why your not taking the necessary action to do the task they set. They will start to say your not committed, so you will go about doing the task and it will feel like a struggle. You will find a way to move past the fear and feel anxious, not like yourself and like its all too hard. You will then slowly develop the belief that success needs to be hard as the coach didn’t address the underlying fear stopping that action from being executed effortlessly. So be sure when choosing a coach they flexible and have several strategies to help you get your desired approach and didn’t create a ten step program they automatically assume will work for different personality types as if the actions they took are hard because you are fearful about doing certain things it could cause you to give up prematurely.

The second thing you need to know when hiring a coach or executive coach, is, have they build there character and mastered themselves to be a coach, and why is that important. I am not sure if you noticed but when things difficult clients do not do the action necessary, a lot of coaches can really become impatient and not have a understanding on what is the true cause of you not taking the action to create the change. Lets say for example you set a goal to loose weigh and you want it, but you keep loosing motivation when it comes to going to the gym or your mind says its too cold, and you stay home. Well most coaches would assume you just do not want it bad enough as opposed to seeing their may be something avoiding your goals is unconsciously protecting yourself from by staying in a unhealthy state, it could mean being attractive and fit could attract more potential partners, But lets just say that person has been hurt previously. Well there brain wants to keep them safe and will do so in number of ways meaning that it will sabotage your attempts to stop relationships entering your life. So its really important your coach understands behaviours as simple put, the sum of your success is determined by the sum of your behaviours you take to actualise success. Every behaviour is driven by a fuelling belief altering changes naturally happening, it controls your moods feelings and emotions which in turn creates action or inaction towards success. So ensure they know how to change behavioural patterns for long term success as this will leave you dependant on them if your mind cannot take the action without them.

The third thing thats important is does that coach have the ability to coach your mind back to restored health so you can excel in both areas?. I feel its important as a lot my clients prior to working with me. were not able to get results when their coach didn’t understand how activating one area can potentially cause other areas to not be a success or place a strain on other ares due to the focus needed. So be sure you know who is coaching you and what exactly they can help you achieve. Is it getting the result of more client, more health but can they assist you when sabotage kicks in and or achieving that goal will create other areas to be less successful.

The fourth thing you need to know is, have they created a life that is your version of success and or are they adoptable to what is important to you. This is so important as if, you find a coach that has a different set of beliefs than yours or a different version of success , they will experience frustration and impatience when it comes to coaching you on yours. Say for example, if you find a coach that believes in work life balance but they have beliefs that success comes from money alone and wealth is money and or success comes from working hard, then it will be hard for them to create and inspire the right action in you, to create a work life balance as we can only teach what we believe and what we know

Its important that they not only teach it as they where feeling motivated one day and designed t create a signature program that they embody the success themselves, not only only on a external view but mentally also, are they healthy an actually have the mindset and have the done the growth themselves.

The fifth thing you must know is, do they understand how to read and see what your unconscious programming may be, there are many coaches that learn strategies for success, but unfortunately if your mind was able to do that it , would have already achieve it already or found a way and you wouldn’t need a coach. How much knowledge is available, how many books are available in the self development, business coaching business marketing space available, Millions, so if knowledge alone was all thats needed to achieve success couldn’t we all just read books and copy it ? No it really it doesn’t work that way for major goals. I explain below

Unconscious programming — what is that? Is it something you are doing, but not aware of in which is getting you the results you do not want? , unconscious programming is controlling every move you make. Unconscious programming is a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. Driven by fears, self image and belief systems about the self and the world taken on as a child to protect you and how you see the world, as adults, they limit, restrict and make your life’s goals seem impossible They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk and think and most importantly they shape the action you can or cannot take to get the desired results. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures.

For the most part, you were not born with them, They’re the accumulated inheritance of other people’s habits, opinions, and belief systems. Yet they remain the guiding force in YOUR life. Negative and faulty unconscious programming is why the ninety-some per cent of the population keeps getting the same results, year in and year out. Although the good news is, they can be removed, any thought, belief, negative behaviour can be removed

Success is not a fancy or hard thing to achieve, once you know this
Success is found and created daily in your daily routine to achieve long term vision creation and that is only created and mastered towards success if your mindset is designed for success. if it is not, your mind will generate excuses, procrastination and sabotage to ensure you revert back the results to the level of success your mindset is worth receiving based on, 1 your association of success wither it is a positive association or negative and 2# whether you actually believe your skills, knowledge and talents are worthy of success

Let’s say for example a client wanted a coach, to make better choices and or increase her level of income. That is great that she intended to make the changes but what if her mind and current beliefs are blocking that?

What happens naturally when one tries to implement the change, well its really dependant on two things, One, how much she believes she is worth and two, her unconscious thermostat setting that is getting her the current results she is currently getting. If her level of worth is low, her behaviours will then kick like unneeded spending or creating a idea of a purchase she wants, creating an idea of something she wants, just to get rid of the extra money yearly she was just was able to earn, and then cause her to sabotage her goals and yes only earn the amount of money she feels she is worth.

Her mind will find ways to not save to ensure she keeps her income, at that level as she feels she is only worth, therefore causing her to feel frustrated and feel like a failure as the extra money she needed to set herself up is being spent without her control.

With this in mind through my own struggles to achieve success in the past and hit my full potential and personal goals, I learnt the most crucial step to success and it goes into the sixth thing you need to know before hiring a coach.

Sixth and final thing, your coach understand your ability to succeed is not only dependant on your ability or inability to commit but understands the six reasons why people do not hit there goals in life, business, success, love , making health changes

The Number one Mistake People make to creating change, and The most crucial key to success……….The most crucial key to success……….
The biggest mistake, I see people make when it comes to lasting change in trying to attain the life they want, improved health, healthy perception of self, self-confidence, lack of stress over money, building a successful business, sticking to a routine and are moving from failure to success –

Is that you cannot fix your mind and get it to do what you want, by yourself or use willpower to change a habit or take action on the desired goal or use force. It takes years to understand the programmed fears you have accumulated as well as beliefs about yourself and the fear you took on that are blocking your path to success, beliefs and behaviours that are programmed to cause you to do what you do. Buried deep they drive an individual to feel stuck in every positive action they should be taking to improve their lives.

The second mistake I see is when individuals think they can use willpower for deeply ingrained habits. Yes, sure it can work on smaller programs, although you just can’t use willpower if your mind has been programmed to do a set of behaviours like to spend money, eat badly eventually it will revert you back to its set point of comfort.

So if you cannot do it by force or willpower to lasting change, then what is the answer?

You need to change the foundations of your thinking to help you have the life that you want. Every decision you make, every choice you choose, is being controlled by your mind, You know when the friend can give you advice on what to do or how to change something and the advice, book you read does not seem to absorb in or create change, well, anything you have tried to achieve, but have failed to do so up until this point is also controlled by your mind and not your fault. It is your responsibility to change the programs getting you the current results your getting.

I’m inspired to share a message about the

1 MOST important element for success: Commitment.

It amazes me to see, how many entrepreneurs, Dream Chasers and individuals SAY they’re committed to growing their business, there coaches say you just need to commit to reach their goals and achieve the success they so badly desire, to get off the train of failure, sabotage, fear and worry about their future, swamped with negative thinking and excuses and jump on the journey to discipline, effortlessness, commitment and a resilience to achieve success but when it comes time to ACT like they’re committed, they stall or backpedal.

I know from experience that having a foot or toe out of any venture is a recipe for disappointment. Your business and life are no different. You’ve got to be in it to win it, every step of the way.

Because even if you’re close to being fully committed (like a 9 on a scale of 1-10), as soon as challenges pop up in a project a goal or a desire, you want to bail instead of riding the waves and growing from the experience.

I’m sharing this reminder as I am frankly tired of people telling you to commit, people pushing others to commit to something that their mind is just not able to achieve. It doesn’t take more commitment, more willpower and definitely shouldn’t take you having to push harder and then beating yourself up for it, and frankly, anyone who tells you that you should or stop making excuses has no idea, how the mind works to get you from point A pain, to point B destination desire.

The Secret……………
The secret is,- Your mind is resisting the pleasure you are seeking, whether it be more freedom, more love, more success, more closeness, the ability to be authentically you, the ability to achieve greater success in your business or just being, able to feel confident in your own skin, simply as it was designed that way to keep you safe from the very thing you are trying to achieve as it thinks that the thing you want is a danger to your survival. Weird, right?

But, What if you knew how to rewire your mind effortlessly to see what you wanted or were trying to achieve to be a pleasurable experience so that it propels you forward naturally with excitement instead of fear,? Then what will you need to commit to.? Nothing really!

The mind only fears something and then generates an excuse if you have been negatively programmed to associate it as a danger, meaning when you try and achieve it, the brain will signal your mind, to give you an excuse why you should avoid the activities that will get you to your desired result.

It works in mysterious ways, whether it is an excuse, you instantly become unmotivated, your body feels tired, you start to feel unmotivated, you procrastinate, or in the sense of a relationship, you start to nitpick. These defence strategies are not natural states and are not coming from you nor are your fault. They are just negatively association based on an old experience your mind is protecting you from experiencing again. Hence why a technique, or those who teach you their tricks to overcome it, only create a temporary result to overcome it and a band-aid solution that creates temporary spurs of action the procrastination, small success then for you to spiral down again.

What this means is……………To imply one needs to commit means that one needs to push past fears, feel the fear and do it anyway and push past the negative associations of the thing you are desiring to bring you pain. It just doesn’t work that way. Funny that!… It makes everything feel like hard work………

So what is the Secret to Success

We run from what we think will bring us pain and we attract what we feel will bring us pleasure, If success is associated with pain in your mind, for example, failure, humiliation or potential criticism of you becoming wildly successful, then your path will be tiresome. Yes take their advice and commit to pain and watch your mind resist success like it is the plague.

Your mind will then start feeling sleepy, more tired, less motivated and then you will beat yourself up for it saying, I just need to commit.. Okay, if that is working for you.

If you do not feel like you want to have those viruses there weighing you down, the secret is to remove the things stopping you from obtaining it. That’s it. There is no technique, a special band-aid solution that will work.

As well as not committing to goals due to negative associations of what you want, I Learnt The 6 Main Reasons As To Why People Do Not, Achieve The Success They Desire.

Reason 1

People are not successful and struggle to get there, as they are not getting to the root cause of the issue. If someone’s mindset is not set and programmed in a way that sees their desires as positive, as they have had previously learnt the thing they want is dangerous or will bring them, pain in some way, then they have been unconsciously programmed to repel it. Love, connection, fame, exposure, health, attention, money, friendships and because is seen in their mind as in having it will naturally bring something painful and or hurtful or unwanted into lives. Of these unconscious associates of pain it leads to the second reason, below I speak about how the mind is programmed, the reasons for relationships can be a little more complex, but lets just look at success as an example and for more info on relationships be sure to check out my ebook on the ten steps to a loving committed relationship with lasting attraction and passion.

Reason 2

You are unable to take the necessary action because you believe that what you want is going to bring you pain, beliefs and thoughts control behaviours and, these lead to an ability to take effortless action and or feel confused stuck and lost.

Reason 3

You do not believe change is possible as your mind has convinced you changing your situation is going to be pointless, always caused by low levels of self-esteem deciding for you what you can or cannot achieve or accomplish. If you were constantly put down you do not see success as away, you see failure as a set point you must accept, so the key to change is to change this set point, so you can start accepting success as your new normal, in my book below I touch on how to start freeing yourself of this toxic like thinking. You do not have an effective technique to remove your own limitations, creating the reality you have now

Reason 4

Your mind has been designed to see life as stressful, painful and a miserable place and challenges as dangerous you believe changing your situation will be an impossible task because your mindset has taken on belied that it is just not possible, challenges are too hard, I can never really successful I am not going to make it so why to try right?

Reason 5

You do not have the skill set and the mindset congruent

Reason 6

One thing I learnt about growth it is doesn’t just take the growth, if I grow and believe I can have a successful business yes, that’s great that’s going to fuel my ability to take action, although without the skill set of talking to people and marketing, my results would end up not so favourable, the thing is though if you do not believe it or feel worthy your not going to want to invest and take the necessary actions to get the skills you need to succeed your not lazy you mindset is just telling you it’s not going to happen

Reason 7 You fear responsibility success, failure and committing to the life you want. In which I outline how these fears got into your mind and how to permanently remove them. Find out why and how in my book below.

If you would like to know more,
If you want to change your results — really change them, forever — shifting your unconscious programming is the only way to do it. When that shift happens, everything becomes different… just like THAT.

In order to replace an old paradigm that doesn’t serve you (i.e., “I’ve never been able to make more than $40,000 a year), you must lay a new paradigm over that old one, ensuring that it’s sealed from “leaking through” again. When you understand how to lay this floor, so to speak, you will expose yourself to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.

Or maybe you have difficulty meeting people. Altering the paradigm so that it’s easy and enjoyable to meet people could have an incredible impact on your life. Maybe you want to take your business to the next level

These are just two examples of hundreds of paradigm shifts that could be done in your life today.

Remember: there will be no permanent change in your life until the paradigm has been changed. Choose one or two limiting ideas that are part of your paradigm and replace them with ideas that represent freedom to you. Consciously keep those new thoughts in your head, and act as if those thoughts are already embedded in the foundation of your life.

Before you know it, your life will begin to change — dramatically!

Thinking of hiring a Coach for your personal life or business Goals?

I offer Personal development, coaching sessions having your own personal coach for any aspect of your life from anywhere in the world with your computer, tablet or phone. If you prefer face to face it can be arranged if you live in Sydney.

To get clear on what’s holding you back you can see the coaching options here For Foundational Mindset Programs

Click here

It is the time to challenge your thinking, achieve your goals and accelerate the path to success. Mental health conditioning is really not about you needing help or having something wrong with you, its a discipline to be the best version of yourself. It’s time to empower yourself to take control of your fears, negative emotions, blocks and whatever else might be holding you back from redefining your future and use personal development to get there so the changes become effortless.

If you are conscious, like to be completely in control of your life, your decisions and your choices and or want results that last and to be able to feel the result on the same day you work with me or are possibly unsure as to why you are stuck in the same pattern and problem, and just want things to work so you can achieve the self-growth, career, love life, and personal development goals you want to achieve then what I do is for you.

if you have you tried a lot of different things/ Modality s like NLP, Hypnosis, Psychology, Psychiatry, Sedona Method ( Feel free to Read my article on how the mind works and why other Modalities do not provide permanent results and you still feel like you’re stuck, then the Mind Resonance Process, will definitely remove the issue permanently. For Case Studies and proven results of this modality, email me, due to client confidentially I cannot put all case studies online.

if you are you ready to free yourself from negative beliefs, memories and emotions, Fears and want to feel better about yourself and experience a sense of natural empowerment, then feel free to Check out the list of issues MRP can work for here,

You can do it.
With personal coaching (via Skype sessions) by Self-Mastery Mentor, Success strategist and Relationship Expert Felicity Muscat, you can raise your confidence and self-esteem and finally say goodbye to those repetitive negative thoughts and behaviours.

A Note from a few of the people I have worked with

See what our clients say…
This is no airy fairy new age banter. If you have the courage to change your history then Felicity has the knowledge, wisdom and grace to guide you into your highest vibration and your authentic self. She gets to the core of what’s holding you back in the shortest time frame possible. I am excited by all the possibilities that will unfold as I continue this journey.

-Adam Singer, Sydney, Australia

“Felicity words have never failed to illumine my understanding of myself. She has a unique ability to focus in on the problem that is below the surface. She brought the truth to me in a way that helped me see how it was possible to let it go, unlocking the psychological chains that were holding me back. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and my life is now exactly as I always imagined.”

-Ivana, Sydney Australia

I was struggling with aggression, frustration and relationship issues and began to suffer from deep depression, and didn’t see the point of living. Since meeting Felicity, I have transformed my life and my marriage I wouldn’t have thought,t I could have. Felicity showed me how it was possible and after my first session I knew she was the coach for me.

Fatima, Sydney Australia

Discover The 12 steps to take your life, business, motivation and transform your path to the Next Level effortlessly. So you can feel the positive results of having the success you want.

FREE e-BOOK: The Effortless Path
Hack your way to success and achieve anything you ever thought possible in success, esteem, confidence, and career with self-respect and discipline.

This free ebook is an abridged sample of The 12 Steps To Self-Mastery that my clients take to shift their reality in career, business, success, and use to actualise their deepest visions.

This is only available for a limited time until I release the practical Success Code Activator: the path to remove all mental hindrances inhibiting your achievement of permanent and effortless success.

Hack your way to success and achieve more than you ever thought possible in:
Motivation to achieve success Mastery over one’s emotions High morale and self-respect Inner happiness Wholeness An unstoppable mindset

In this book, the effortless path you will learn

Secret 1
The ten principles you must know to succeed in every area of your life as well as The little known difference in your thinking this makes all the difference between success and failure and if it will happen or won’t. There’s a little known secret called resonance or restoring and when you learn how to alter restore your mind back, you will see a huge difference in your motivation reliance and ability to achieve success.

Secret 2
Why trying to commit to something you have no motivation for, is business, life and this secret Career Suicide and why doing the groundwork of what success will bring into your life, is imperative before starting a business or trying to be successful if your life, Identify the real reasons behind why what you desire has not been achieved as yet And most importantly how to start taking action to bring in whatever it is that you desire.

Secret 3

Why up until this point you haven’t been able to bulletproof your future for Failure by trusting and unlocking something inside of you that will help you stay away from things that will not work for you, and how to know if its fear of failure or you judging the decision.

Secret 4
Felicity’s Take away formula to know if your goals are aligned with yours the little known secret on how to know, what you want? and where you want to go, even if you feel confused stuck and have no idea why you feel frustrated bored and unsuccessful by knowing how to uncover it, this secret no one is teaching so far, and when you hear it will know why with three main things you already have access to and without knowing this its almost impossible to set up a vision you will feel motivated towards and passionate about and or set up a life that’s authentic to you.

Secret 5

The most important rule as to how to make the changes effortless and why it has felt almost impossible in the past, and the one thing you can do to set yourself to make the changes and transition effortless. without these changes, won’t happen and your brain will generate an excuse every time you try and change your situation for the better.

Secret 6

We all know that mindset is imperative and gets you to success quicker, but what no one understands about a mindset is that whilst fears are present they generate excuse after excuse that eventually leads to sabotage, with this secret of what to do instead to make taking action effortlessly so your mind doesn’t generate excuses at all. the number one thing that will get you to attract success and opportunities to you in dozens, without this, your mind will not know how will not attract the opportunities necessary to create your success and you will be left wondering why nothing is working out the way you had planned

Secret 7

The Banish my fear of how others view me, do you worry about what others will think of you, Learn, the number one secret to having such a confident self-perception that you become untouchable, hint this is not to be mistaken with the types of confidence out there that gets knocked down or is built, to begin with, achievements of approval from others and as soon s that lost makes you feel small and worthless by critics , haters or people keeping you small, its the confidence that last and how to achieve this, without these challenges will seem harder than necessary

Secret 8
The secret to banishing overwhelmed and feeling like the challenges ahead are all too hard, and impossible for you, once you know this, your ability to prioritize and take actions and even know what the steps are will be executed one at a time in the exact sequence you need to do, hint once this is unlocked you mind will find a way to overcome the obstacle, with it there you will waste years of not knowing the solutions.

Secret 9

The key to accelerated action, Are you trying to take action i to make the changes in our life and business or career n your business but are fluctuating to motivating then loose compete for motivation when it comes to putting your idea out there or going for it, are you finding your procrastination is killing you and making your fear of failure triple, , well you need to know the secret to removing procrastination to take consistent action daily, and help you take action effortless these changes everything, no tip trick or even hypnosis cab break the trance of procrastination as its there and designed to keep you safe, unless you do this first

Secret 10

If your on affirmations, meditation and other forms to get you results or to accelerate your vision are you tired of prepping yourself up daily yo take action and not seeing the levels of motivation needed to have consistent results. research now shows with these old type of modalities it just isn’t enough to generate the ideas and actions needed to create success over long periods of time and does not bypass sabotage, and that trying to push past our own fears feels impossible, this secret takes your ability to act to a whole new level

Secret 11
The truth behind why the self-development industry doesn’t work and why modalities are limited, in helping you create the life you desire, each modality is broken down to save you years of using the wrong tips and tricks that cause you to feel less inspired and more hopeless in getting you the help you need

See what others have to say

I needed a Life coach and I was searching for answers, I saw a blog post written by Felicity, and reached out as she was the first person who explained confidence issues the way she wrote about the causes, Felicity’s content of knowledge you cannot find on google, this stuff is unreal and works.

Stephan, Sydney, Australia

Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before, her career coaching sessions gave me a plan for my life and her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it, I am so grateful for being told about her.

Tony, Director and songwriter Sydney Australia,

Felicity’s knowledge she applies in a business setting is a natural gift, her eye for business to create opportunity’s and free up 15 hours of my time per week with less work, it completely blew me away whilst removing the behavioural patterns that were causing me to work without balance. I went from being overworked, irritable to tired to calm, relaxed and happy and 15 times more productive than when I believed that life is about working hard.

Micheal, Producer, Perth Australia.

Felicity’s content and wisdom you cannot find through other resources. I know this because I was a knowledge junkie, this reality shifting path stuff is unreal and it works.

Brett Campbell: Melbourne, Australia

Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before. The plan we devised for my life was amazing thanks to her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it. I am beyond grateful for the confidence and assurance I feel day to day, in achieving it.

Simon Evans: Toronto, Canada

Felicity’s familiarity with what I was doing, yes, I had heard it before, so many other coaches had told me what to do. They just couldn’t help me achieve it. I would do what they said for 2 days until I would go back to the same patterns. I was tired of pushing against my own fears and resistance. I was ready to give up. Felicity sat me down and showed me why I wasn’t achieving it to date, and it was the first time I felt hopeful in my ability to get there. I felt relief that I was in safe hands, she knew me inside and out from the things I told myself to what I spend my time doing. For the first time, I felt that my business journey was a good choice and for the first time with complete certainty. I knew what I had to do and had a plan to get there and most importantly stopped beating myself up for not being able to do it myself. She was the first coach that directly said it is not your fault your situation is like this, there is no use it blaming yourself when your programs will help you create and make your current lifestyle choices, although, you do need to face it, to change where you are going. I felt relieved and empowered and after our work together, I am running a business, making a profit and a great one at that, not only that but by removing a few roles that were causing workaholic tendencies. I had lost passion and motivation and was ready to give up with no results. I was tired of hearing what I needed to do, without the ability to do it,

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