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Meet Your Coach - Felicity

There’s a big difference between that lucky person just meeting the right person for them and someone who seems to attract relationships that they need to either push away, or can’t seem to find that special person to connect with. The differential factor is definitely not luck or chance.

Your mindset shaped by your role models, your environment and your personality all shape and are the deciding factor as to who you are or aren’t attracted to, whether it be good or bad. It even goes as deep as deciding if the relationships go deeper or fizzle, out of past experiences trying to protect you and keep you safe from similar past painful experiences. 

It decides to create behaviours that either helps you achieve the goals you want in your love life, without the struggle and the ability to attract healthy loving partners, or applies the mental constraints and limitations that finding love takes time, is hard and no longer needs to be the challenge you face between wanting more from your dating life.

We all started with the hope that meeting that special person by our sides to experience and share life with, or maybe in your case to help make your life easier and to feel supported loved and cherished or even admired and desired. To have the things we have always hoped for and have that person you can dream big with and look forward to the future with.

But all too often we lose hope that will happen, when we keep attracting the same patterns, and attract people who hurt us and teach us love is not safe. We grow more and more comfortable being alone as the fears of meeting someone and what could happen create more and more excuses as to why we can’t find the special person we long for. We then place more pressure on ourselves for putting it off far into the future.

These mindset hindrances are the very reason things do not turn out as we initially hoped in dating – the reason we say we want one thing but do something else, resulting in the opposite result we initially wanted. These challenges then cause our mindset to shift to:

“I’m really not sure if i want a relationship”

“There are no good men/women left”

“Dating is so hard and tiresome”

“I don’t have time to date”

“I’m not even sure I want those goals and ambitions any more”

“Achieving what I want isn’t possible”

“Things will never get better”

“I am just going to be grateful with the things I already have and be okay without a special someone in my life”

From there, let me ask you this question. Did you start out initially wanting your goal before you stopped chasing it, with the hope of meeting that person you were attracted to, compatible with and shared the same values as you?

But found yourself:

“Going out more to distract yourself from the things you need to be doing”

“Watching other’s lives unfold where you wish you could have the partnership they do


Running around and making all your interactions with your friends about the possibility of meeting that someone where you lose the desire to be out with your friends as you are more concerned about when love will find you, yet to be disappointed time and time again?

Feeling like your big goals can’t be started as you don’t have that person to start them with, so your life feels stagnant and stuck?

“Wanting to find that partner that adores you, but find yourself constantly attracting the wrong person that either, isn’t available, is too busy, does not want to choose you, or you need to chase them to get the things you need, worse yet end up settling just to have a person there?

Unable to switch off while with friends and family, causing you to feel more irritable and stressed than you were before with the pressure you feel to meet someone and have your life together?

If any of this sounds like where you are at, and how you might be feeling, the insights below will change the way you see life, relationships, how to attract and date, and how you thought you needed to have someone want to be with you.

I promise you, if you face both the challenges with an approach of adjusting your mindset first, then applying the systems that accelerate you finding a special connection; this approach will change your entire dating life, guaranteed. 

How would it make you feel if I could 100% guarantee you, that achieving these goals can be easy and the feelings of disappointment and frustration will transform to happiness, joy and patience, making you more attractive to receive love?

Take a moment to experience how that would feel.

If you’re reading this… Then I know we already share a love of independence but share a love of the value in relationships and how important they are for joy and fulfilment. And similarly, the desire to build a life that expresses your full potential of freedom, joy and abundance, sharing it with someone by your side.

So welcome! I’m really glad you stopped by.

You’re probably here to get to know more about me and to figure out if we’re a good match.

My name is Felicity Muscat and I’m a trained psychologist, life coach and level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process. I’m also the author of over 200 articles on Relationships, dating, the psychology of dating, psychology, mindset shifting and self-esteem issues.

Using the Mind Resonance Process, I help people like you break free from self-limiting beliefs and struggles with love. I help you to achieve an effortless balance in all areas of your life and transform the results you are getting. 


How I Discovered The Mind Resonance Process

As a psychologist, I’ve talked to hundreds of individuals who have tried to overcome their struggles in dating and have failed. Looking for a better way, I studied everything under the sun – From Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Some were useful for a few weeks, even a few months. But my clients quickly fell back to their old habits of meeting the wrong person, chasing away love, and not being able to have the healthy conversations to guide the relationship to a committed place over and over.

Not because of my advice – advice alone does not work when fears and behaviours override the results you get in dating!

I had to keep searching.

Soon after, I discovered the life changing coaching program of The Mind Resonance Process (MRP) devised by psychiatrist Dr. Nick Arizza. After my discovery, I studied under Dr. Arizza to become a Level 3 Mind Resonance Coach.

Now I proudly share the life-changing power of MRP to people around the world. Whatever goals you desire, I truly believe that you can get there through MRP.

So if you’re struggling with Dating and love, I’d love to help you destroy the obstacles in your way in a FREE 20-Minute Coaching Session.

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