Self Confidence -affects every area of our lives from our career, health and wealth to our relationships and even our self esteem and the choices we make and do not make or to be able to attract and or be able to keep a partner in our lives . That’s why I wrote this blog post to show you that confidence is a state that is your natural state. 

I am Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery. I’m a trained Mind resonance coach author of over 200 articles on Psychology, Mindset, self development and Confidence Coach, life coach and working on Skype with clients in 21 countries, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

I help people who are struggling with mindset challenges,  confidence issues, who’s current level of self esteem and confidence limits what they can be and do in the world, who struggle being themselves and want to have confidence in who they are and what they can do in the world and help them develop the right foundations to achieve that.  drive that propelled me to do was my drive to  stop at nothing to  master my own confidence issues,  and i learnt  this simple understanding,

Self Esteem is not generated by knowledge or techniques as even if one is able to attain a small level of success by a technique or trick the level of self-esteem will beat that person back down, to a level of worth equivalent to the low level of self-esteem.Self Esteem is the way one sees themselves is it shaped by external programming by the way we were treated or not treated and in turn, the creates negative self-perceptions we learnt about ourselves. In order to change negative self-perceptions, creating low self-esteem. We need to remove the limited labels that are causing it. Once one removes the negativity, the level of self-esteem increases and in turn confidence is then generated by the new self-perception and the results  are, one can effortlessly make better choices to improve the opportunities available  in the attainment of one’s desires. Institute Of Self Mastery- Felicity Muscat

We can all relate to the below. and as embarrassing as this is, was me at one point. We all know when a needy and desperate person is in our midst. They feel ‘sticky’ and seem to drain our energy. They need constant reassurance from others about themselves to feel more confident.


If you can relate to this then it is possible to gain confidence. Confidence and this natural sate cannot be present if you are feeling   insecure, lonely, in need of validation or love, in need of being cared for, feeling afraid or vulnerable. This is a very compromised state to live in and can severely impair one’s life and potential for happiness and opportunities available .

So firstly, what causes this needy and desperate state?

If you would like to know what causes confidence to grow and how to get your confidence level extremely high, they you need to understand, foundational confidence e that last is not build by taking more action, or the act of doing how you may have been previously taught.

It is not simply just that the individual has received poor parental care or attention. In large part, it is mainly due to the fact that that the individual carries within them memories of such deficient care and with that carries, negative self esteem lowering beliefs, limiting the persons true esteem and confidence. These memories essentially program one to believe negative things about themselves such as I am weak, vulnerable, defective, deficient, incapable of looking after myself, afraid to be alone, need others to be with me to feel safe and secure and so on and this is something confident people do not have.

Much like when a computer that has old or defective software installed it cannot meet advanced demands requested of it. In the case of the individual the ‘demand’ refers to living life capably and independently.

When someone is programmed this way, they seek out others in desperation to fulfil these needs and to palliate their inner turbulent emotional state.

So what can be done to alleviate this self-destructive cycle?

Well if it was a computer what would you do? In short, you would update the programming so that you can achieve your goals.

In the case of a a human mind, the situation is somewhat similar.

The ‘program’ here consists of all those negative or unhelpful memories that generate limiting beliefs and negative emotions in the individual. So this ‘program’ must be erased and a new and more effective one ‘installed’. It’s really as simple as that, and it is just as easily done.

Is this possible? Yes, but please do not confuse what has just been said with psychotherapy or some form of behavioral conditioning program as this is not what I’m referring to.

Rather it is an entirely new process that rapidly and effectively helps one to rid one’s self of the negative program and reconnect to their true and powerfully creative self that is their Life Force Energy.

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