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Felicity Muscat - Career Consultant Sydney

Do you feel lost or frustrated in your career?

Do you feel no passion for the career you do?

Or maybe you’re not progressing on your career goals.

A stagnating career can kill your personal growth and happiness. Especially if the career is a dead-end.

Now, how would it make you feel if you were able to:

  • Set achievable goals in your career.
  • Create strategies to reach those goals.
  • Enjoy the journey and process of getting to those career goals.
  • Pin-point what’s causing you to fail in your career.
  • See every challenge as a creative opportunity.
  • Uncover the personal blocks that’s limiting your career.

Wouldn’t you have more happiness? Wouldn’t you be living life at it’s fullest?

How A Career Coach Can Help With Your Sydney Career

Hi! I’m Felicity – career consultant and professional coach Sydney. 

Every day I counter people saying things like:

“I’ll never reach the position that I want in my career. It’s hopeless.”

“It’s not my fault I’m not successful in my career”

“I’ll just settle for the career I hate. Why bother changing?”

“I hate this career but it gives me good money”

And the truth is, it’s their thinking that’s holding them back. And it’s not their fault.

It took me years to figure out my career. I made more mistakes than I can count. But here’s what I realised:

The mind needs challenges and growth for you to feel fulfilled.

So if you’re stuck in your career you might be experiencing one of these 3 things:

  1. Your mind is limiting your abilities.
  2. You have no interest in your chosen career.
  3. You let external factors dictate your level of career success.

If you’ve ever experienced all or some of these, you’re not alone. And there is a clear way for you to break your career barriers and move forward.

I’d like to offer you a FREE 40-Minute Career Coaching Session where we eliminate the barriers that are holding you back.

There’s zero obligation and you don’t have to sign or pay for anything. The only catch is there’s only a limited number of spots a month! So be quick.

Hit the button below now to book in your free session.

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What Career Coaching Clients Have Said About Me

"Felicity has given me great tips for starting my new Sydney business, and has helped clear many suppressed ‘toxic’ beliefs."
Jullie - Sydney
"I’ve been working with Felicity for just over a year now. She was referred to me by my vocal coach and initially I was very sceptical. I had worked with a few life coaches and psychologists and didn’t really get much benefit from the sessions so was worried I would just waste money and time again. However, given my vocal coach in Sydney referred me and spoke very highly of Felicity’s work, I wanted to at least give it a try. I committed to 8 sessions as I knew that it would take a few sessions to see any benefit and didn’t want my scepticism to block the work in any way. It’s really difficult to encapsulate everything Felicity has done for me and how much she has helped me become the person I am today. I still work with her every now and then as a top up, which goes to show that the work we have done has had a long term impact on my career. I would highly recommend anyone to Felicity if they’re serious about making positive changes in their life, and their career – she has been absolutely amazing
Tass - Sydney
"I was ready to step up my career to the next level. I had the skills and more, but didn’t push to get my dream job and ultimately my dream career. I told myself don’t like to brag. A nice little excuse. Felicity taught me how to effectively market my skills beating out other candidate in Sydney by miles. Felicity is a highly perceptive coach that will help you spot those hidden blind spots in your performance and problems related to your career. She will raise these in way and explain why they will get in the way of your desires and make it make sense. Once you see these problems you can fix them. It’s very empowering. I'm an Engineer in Sydney that was always working hard and never getting ahead. While I was working nights and weekends the other people were getting promoted and enjoying fun projects. This was because of few bad core beliefs I had. Now that I’ve resolved them I can rest over weekends without feeling guilty about not working harder and funny thing is, my career is just doing better because of it."
Jessie - Sydney
"Before I started coaching with Felicity, I was shy, embarrassed easily, and was suffering with self-esteem issues. I was overly sensitive, people thought this was my personality and so did I. Felicity approached me at a course we were doing in Sydney, and started chatting with me after she noticed how shy and reserve I was in the group discussion.  I felt paralysed and afraid to express it and myself had always been that way for me, I remember she said to me, let me know if you would like to experience what it would feel like if you were carefree spontaneous and confident. I remember telling her I was shy and this was my personality, I still remember her saying to me that is only what you believe. I said yes. I went home and thought about it after she left me with a few wise words.  I called two weeks later, as the hope and possibility of being a confident woman really inspired me. After two session I walked away a completely different person. I actually didn’t recognise myself, as the true me had been hiding behind all of my memories of being unable to be myself in my family home. I am now confident, can talk to anyone I want to and really love whom I am and the feelings of freedom to be myself."
Belinda - Sydney
"Felicity Muscat is one of the wisest, most generous people I know. She is someone from whom I have frequently sought personal advice and counsel before she began her work in Sydney. Her words have never failed to illuminate my understanding of myself. She has a unique ability to focus in on the problem and see below the surface, even when I was really embarrassed about the problem I was experiencing. She brought the truth to me in a way that helped me see how it was possible to let it go, unlocking the psychological, emotional chains that were holding me back and keeping me in the same situation. I know you’ll receive as much insight, clarity and value from her as I have. She showed me how my past was really shaping who I thought I was, and it was a little sad that these past bad experiences were keeping me stuck. She was the first coach I ever sat with that offered a cure! And not just a band-aid solution to my low self-confidence issues. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and my life is now exactly as I had always imagined."
Ivana - Sydney
"I am so thankful for the experience I had with you yesterday. I wanted to share with you what happened. About 5 minutes after, I felt so motivated that I sat in the same position without moving for 3 hours revising my CV and sending job applications. My right leg even went to sleep! I felt a sense of motivation, excitement and presence all at the same time. I was ready for a fresh career. I felt sure of myself and much, if not all, of the anxiety was gone! I felt this sense of sureness, a sense of self-confidence. But it was more than that because it was like touching fearlessness. My “mind" was emptier somehow. There was more space in it and I found that I could view things dispassionately. There was no need to "step back and detach from thought” because there was a space between me and the “input” I was receiving somehow. I was just observing naturally. I didn’t have to STRIVE to do it (and no need to practice detaching as a lot of the spiritual practices teach us to do….practice, practice, practice). I now understand the phrase ‘live your life with ease and grace’ because it felt so natural and easy. As if this is the way it is meant to be. I have never felt this way before. Then at about 2am I was coming out of sleep. I was having lots of negative thoughts about my former relationships. I got up for a while to distract myself. I woke up in the morning with the negative thoughts still there and my frontal lobes felt heavier somehow. I’d returned to my former state of mind. But as I remembered the wonderful feelings of the previous evening, I moved a bit more into it. I realised my relationship with my former partner mirrored my childhood. Anyway, GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!!! I will definitely be back! You can count on it!"
Elizabeth - Sydney
"I have only met Felicity recently and in the few sessions I've had with her, I've experienced real and absolute change within myself that has also shown itself in the external world. This is no airy fairy new age banter. If you have the courage to change your history, then Felicity has the knowledge, wisdom and grace to guide you into your highest vibration, (your authentic self). I have experienced various modalities of personal development and I am extremely grateful to have come across Felicity. She gets to the root or core of what’s holding you back in the shortest time frame possible. I am excited by all the possibilities that will unfold as I continue this journey."
Adam - Sydney
"Felicity is dedicated to empowering others that are committed and open to allowing her process to work. There are times where we butt heads, but those are just barriers that I am unaware of, and not ready to understand nor receive. This is where Felicity seeks to understand and communicates in a way where I can receive with clarity by using great analogies. I feel that I have come a long way while working with her. As challenging as it may seem at times for me, she helps break down barriers to give more clarity and perspective. I appreciate Felicity for who she is and her dedication to the most difficult clients like myself. She has and is continuing to help me be build a amazing life and one where I can also help inspire others."
Stephen - Sydney
"Felicity has been an integral and pivotal part of my PTSD recovery. I was left feeling helpless, hopeless and completely unmotivated after a very traumatic event just two months ago. I was plagued by flashbacks, fear, and lack of security, self-doubt, and triggers in everyday life. After only 3 sessions, she has not only helped me regain my confidence and control over my life, but she has given me the tools to achieve success. I have slowly been able to recover my self-worth and excitement about all challenges life will bring. She has helped me to relinquish toxic beliefs I didn’t know I had and helped me to understand their impact. After each session, I can truly feel the significance of her therapy. My personal life and my work life have dramatically improved. I am very excited for our future sessions, there is still so much potential for my growth. Thank you, Felicity – you have given me my life back when at times I wasn’t sure I would be able to get out of bed and face life."
Elena - Sydney
"I’ve only worked with Felicity for a short while. I was recommended to Felicity to help me boost my confidence whilst performing on stage as a lead singer/guitarist musician in Sydney. In that short time period, Felicity has helped me to tackle the negative thoughts, usually to do with appearance and fear of looking like an idiot on stage, that presented themselves whilst performing and affected the quality of performance I gave and jeopardized my career. She has helped me to identify where those feelings come from and to understand why I feel that way and most effectively, she has helped me to remove those beliefs I had about myself in order to create a harmonious relationship between myself, my fellow band mates and the audience. There is definitely a noticeable difference in my character...and career!"
Bianca - Sydney


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Do you feel stagnant, stuck or frustrated in you career? Do you feel like you can never reach your goals no matter how hard you go after them?

It’s a crippling feeling knowing WHY you want to reach your career goals but not knowing the HOW. So what would it mean for your life if you finally got the momentum and results you were looking for in your career?

What if instead of feeling anxious, bogged down and clueless, you felt confident, energised and excited ever single day.

Just imagine for a second what that would feel like.

If you finally want to push through the barriers that are holding you back from success in your career, here’s what I’m giving you today:

A FREE 40-Minute Career Coaching Session where we dissolve your doubts, barriers and self-imposed limitations so you can finally be on the road to success.

In this breakthrough session we will:

  • Get clear on who you are and what your ideal career looks like.
  • Uncover what’s really standing in the way of your career to develop a crystal clear and unique path to success. (You’ll finally be able to grasp the opportunities right in front of you and be confident in your journey to success).
  • Figure out what’s not working and uncover the mindset shifts needed to build momentum.
  • Create your Career Success Matrix – A clear picture of what you want and how to achieve it.

This free coaching session will give you an effortless path to success from an expert career coach with over 15 years of coaching experience in business, career, confidence, relationships, goals and more.

But I have to warn you.

This free career session is only for individuals HUNGRY for success and committed to changing their lives. If you are looking for an easy fix or silver bullet, then I kindly ask you to leave this page.

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Why Choose The Mind Resonance Process
For Accelerating Your Career?

Career Coaching That's Focused On Results

Unlike psychology, this career coaching approach focuses on results. It’s not about pushing a behaviour or trying to retrain the brain. MRP is about removing harmful patterns so that the behaviour affecting your goals no longer exists.

It Works In All Areas of Life

Whether it’s getting ahead in your career, personal development, learning a new ability, attracting a fruitful relationship or gaining overall wellbeing and mental health, MRP removes the thinking that is hindering your progress towards your life and career goals.

Long-Term Career Success

Through sustained action and mindfulness, once a shift has been made, it’s very difficult to go to former negative patterns and behaviours. You’ll finally break free from life-long patterns of negativity and blame.

An Effortless Change

The Mind Resonance Process shifts your mindset to make achievement and fulfillment effortless! You gain success on YOUR terms and get to finally break free from the expectations and limitations your mind has set. 

Your Journey To Success In Your Career Starts Here!

What are you waiting for?

Let me guess…

The right time? The right amount of money? The right level of motivation?

Listen, I know deep down that you just want to be reach your career goals in the shortest time possible.

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Hack your way to success and achieve anything you’ve ever thought possible in confidence, career, love and business.

These 12 Little-Known Secrets have allowed hundreds to shift their reality in almost every aspect of their life.

Grab your FREE copy right now!