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Performance consulting is a practice that became popular in the early 2000s. Performance consulting is a practice that evolved from the instructional design discipline. It is performed by performance consultants who use more of a systems-thinking approach to resolving workplace performance problems.


Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a former NLP Practitioner and now Mind resonance Coach, and probing the minds of the ambitious and helping business’s with strategic goals and performance management, is It’s that Individuals and business owners  like yourself are never going to be satisfied playing small.

Or let a skills gaps in business performance ,  on how to mange performance in others  or for yourself to perform at peak and let  mindset limitation  keep you from building  a business that  expresses your full potential   of freedom, joy and abundance.and allows you to have balance while doing so. 

If you’re reading this… Then I know we already share a love of independence, being your own boss and chasing the thrill of creating a dream business and life aspirations which (let’s be honest) at times scares you as much as it inspires you.

That’s because it’s a grand vision that only those used to following their instincts – and driven to do what ever it takes– will have the drive to pursue a business to Success, that was before there was a ability to tap into your mind and propel it towards your Success

I also know that making money is only one part of your dream. If you are interested in performance, like me, then saving time is big to you, you know that yes part of the beauty of owning a business that you love is so that you can live and do life on your terms, and you know that performance issues in our business take away from our ability to do just that.

And that, however blocked you may feel at the moment, you believe challenges are just temporary areas for improvement are necessary  towards excellence, and that excellence  and being the best version of you is the only standard worthy of targeting!

I am Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, author of over 200 articles In the self Development, Business and Mindset space ,  life coach, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

My drive that propelled me to do what i do ,  is this simple understanding, 

An extraordinary life is created by an ability to take action. Actions geared towards success, are only effortless when our minds belief system are aligned positively, to what we desire and are congruent to our real selves and real desires , Performance comes from our ability to move past our own mental barriers quickest to knowing, the quickest most effective way to out targeted outcome.
Felicity Muscat

In understanding this i discovered that, our ability to be productive and perform at peak, is determined by if, or if not our belief systems are aligned positivity towards our goal of success. I do not mean busy productivity where you are maintaining the business. I mean productivity in growing and leveraging yourself so that you can do more, produce more and have more free time and set the business up to support you . Well being productive is what achieve that.

performance is measurable by the effectiveness of the behaviour and or strategy  in meeting the desired outcome to leverage time to increase profits.


I am a mindset coach who helps new business’s and existing business owners and  entrepreneur  who are struggling to grow their business and achieve effortless balance in all areas and get their minds back to clear thinking, balance and freedom from always thinking about their business. Even if you are just starting out or have been in business for a while to know and embody, that business and life can be effortless, with  more productivity, more clients and more free time to explore life.

Lets start with how I obtained this information, I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals  on Business  or just by running my own business myself and then providing mindset advise with only knowledge, as frankly, that doesn’t stick and if that was the case, everyone who has read a book, wanting to get a results would have been able to apply what they have learnt and adopted that readers thinking and apply the same actions to generate a results right. ? Wrong.

There are several missing ingredients to just knowledge alone, and I help people, succeed in obtaining their business goals of more profit, more free time and more Visibility in the market.

Some so many people are not achieving their full potential in career and and Business, and it comes down to not being productive and not taking aligned action to our outcomes.

Are you  ready to discover  how to triple your profits, manage systems, Get more free time , perform at your peak ? and get back to doing what you do best, whilst you master your work life balance so you can finally stop worrying about your business and start focusing on living your best life worry free.

Today we are going to talk about how you can get started on your goals  with my free tools below. The below advice will help you to manage performance, but first we need to understand what exactly is business performance ?

Business performance is the way in which major areas of the business perform, including, lead generation, Marketing, sales, client retention. The reason the performance of a business is important, as if any of the above are working slow, non existent, not performing, it overall effects, sales, profits, customer experience and client loyalty. causing you to constantly struggle in your business.

The first thing you can do is make a priority list of everything you need to do in your business, whether this is branding, marketing, staff, advertising, collateral. Outline which actions you think will improve your business.

Download My Business Performance score card to know which areas are under performing and to know where your biggest priority is Here ( Until this is uploaded please email me at apologies about any inconveniences caused, please put in the email which of the below can help you.

Ten tips On Improving performance in your Business

Sales Closure- Down Load my most effective Authentic sales conversion Scripts here

Marketing Down load website, article, ads, copy client attraction ads here

Lead Generation Platforms guide Here

Customer service Survey experience Questionnaire to know areas for improvement

Complaints product returns process policy guide

Staff KPI and Performance expectations and choosing and attractive staff who love what they do and perform at peak.

Automation best platforms.

Please email me for copies of any of the above

Or you can download my six part video Series on

Video 1- How to get motivated

Video 2 How do i stop comparing myself to others

Video 3 How to take consistent Action in my business, and how to take action even if i am feeling overwhelmed and scared

Video 4 How to be more productive, a hack to get more done, over the course of a week so that i can have more momentum, build consistency and track results

Video 5 What are the best ways to Grow my business in the next 90 days, what are the top growth strategies that worked for my business

Video 6 The 52 Mindset Shifts needed to grow your business and leave your competition behind, its not marketing alone its mindset  

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