How a PTSD Coach Can Help You Take Control Back Over Your Life

Do You Need a PTSD Coach? 

I am Felicity Muscat, CEO of the Institute of Self Mastery.

I’m a trained Mind Resonance Coach, author of over 200 articles on Psychology, a Mindset, Self development and Business Coach, Sydney based life coach working on Skype with clients in 21 countries, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

I help people break free from self-limiting beliefs and struggles with love, life, and career and business, confidence, Mindset and self Image using the Mind Resonance Process. 

A Mindset coach can help people remove limitations in mental hinderances so they can have an emotionally fulfilling and mental landscape in which is healthy to build a life and self that allows them to live their best lives.

As you know PTSD does not allow for this. Having suffered from it myself, after three experiences that broke my trust in life and the world, after 8 years I discovered the cause, treatment and a 100% effective solution to remove the mental triggers causing PTSD.

I have created over 17 life-changing self-development programs and assisted hundreds of people all around the world. 

These people come from all walks of life – speakers, artists, coaches, Individuals, Mums, Dads, entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, athletes – anyone who believes there is more to life but is struggling to realise it because of mental obstacles.

So how did I do this? I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals and then providing mindset advice with only knowledge, as frankly, that doesn’t stick.

If that was the case, everyone who has read a book and wanted to get results would have been adopt the author’s thinking and apply what they’ve learnt to resolve the issues in their own life. Right?


So if knowledge and learning, CBT, Psychotherapy and EMDR didn’t help me solve this issue – where every time I was around people, I would panic and go in the fight and flight response – what did?

You can’t reverse post-traumatic stress disorder without knowing how it is formed. But it’s actually quite simple.

12 years ago, an engineer based in Canada discovered that memories and beliefs can permanently be removed, by removing the unconscious reasonings of why the mind needs to hold on to them in the first place. 

Before I touch on this, I want to touch on current treatments. I want to shed light on why these treatment are not effective at removing triggers – brought on by the onset of the recall process of old memories and situations.

I want to give you back the power to make choices which will give you results that work and last.

Traditional Treatments for PTSD – How They Compare to a PTSD Coach

Prolonged exposure therapy

This type of therapy is where a person is exposed to the memory in which created the trauma. In this attempt to treat the ptsd symptoms, there will most likely be from 7 to 12 sessions of this exposure. Patients will first be exposed to a past traumatic memory, followed immediately by a discussion about the traumatic memory.

I want to touch on why this is not effective. The reason it is not is, the mind has been designed to recall memories, it has also been designed to recall negative memories that pose a threat to personal and physical safety by attaching belief systems to the event or experience about the world.

So when the person is exposed, it’s like digging up something your mind has negatively associated as dangerous, and placing it close to you in the hopes that your mind will relax and become accustomed to this new safe feeling.

The reason this does not work is, when the brain is in a fear response, fight or flight does not respond to logic or reason. Say a person is terrified of snakes, and I place one close to it, and try and reason with the client saying, “it’s not venomous, it won’t kill you”. 

The mind, if it believes snakes are dangerous and will kill you, will envision the snake strangling them and or causing some form of harm.

So if the brain has been wired this way, what is the solution?

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing

Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) for PTSD is supported by moderate quality evidence as of 2018. This treatment involves clients to think of upsetting images while they track the therapist moves their fingers back and forth in front of the patient.

Knowing what I explained above, hopefully you can see why this would be just as ineffective.

Cognitive processing therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is a type of manualised therapy. This involves both cognitive (thinking) and exposure elements. It is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy that focuses on cognitive (thinking) interventions.

Traditional psychology will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The reason this is limited in long term treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder is that it does not address the root memories and beliefs causing the behaviours and reactive responses from the mind.

Therefore, once the mind is, exposed to a similar experience or even in a situation that looks like a potential threat could happen a the memory gets re-triggered and the person’s consciousness is overcome by feelings of anxiety as a warning sign that it may happen again. 

From there, all the same, behaviours take over the person’s mind without the person’s control. As long as the memory is there, even if the mind has suppressed it, it will continue to look for threats similar to the original experience.

Hence why it is limited in its approach as it does not remove the behaviours and responses generated from the mind if it feels under threat.

The only way to restore the mind back to a calm confident carefree state, where you can make discerning choices and not be constantly switching to fight and flight, is to remove the experience and underlying belief systems. 

With the help of a PTSD coach you can stop accumulating these negative experiences that justify your original beliefs the make you feel unsafe. 

So, in turn, the level of trauma and feelings generated and or intensity of that event will dramatically be increased or decreased dependant on if person sons belief systems, that are being triggered and causing unnecessary feelings of stress or panic. 

In order for you to understand this concept a little more, let’s use an example. A person has a belief system that the world is safe, and that they know how to protect themselves in the world and they experience an event that is negative. 

Yes, if they are attacked and or put in a dangerous situation they will feel distressed, but their ability to return to a normal state would be 10 times quicker than someone holding a barrage of beliefs like, I am unsafe, I cannot protect myself. 

So the key is, to remove these beliefs so that the mind does not accumulate a host of experiences to justify what it believes multiplying a stressed state, to a stress disorder where it is constant. You might want to look at trying a PTSD coach to help you do this. 

A PTSD Coach Can Help You Restore Your Life

A lot of people think that this flight and flight state keeps them safe and more alert, but the truth is, it puts your brain in a state where you’re missing vital clues as to whether they are actually in danger or not.

This actually decreases their ability to make quick decisions and reduces their ability to discern if the events are exaggerated or heightened. 

That heightened state doesn’t allow clear calm thinking and it is only once the person removes those beliefs accumulated by the experience that one can no longer respond in that same way.

So, if you’re dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and you simply want a solution, there is now a 100% effective way to restore the mind back to normal states so your overall quality of life can reduce.

If you want to be free from any of the following:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder after divorce
  • Post traumatic stress disorder after car accident
  • Post traumatic stress disorder after childbirth
  • Post traumatic stress disorder abuse
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and veterans
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and alcohol abuse
  • Post traumatic stress disorder abusive relationship
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and memory

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