How to be More Productive In Your Business

An extraordinary life is created by an ability to take action. Actions geared towards success, are only effortless when our minds belief system are aligned positively, to what we desire and are congruent to our real selves and real desires 

Our ability to be productive, is determined by if, or if not our belief systems are aligned positivity towards our goal of success. 

I do not mean the busy kind of productivity where you are maintaining every area the business. I mean productivity in growing and leveraging yourself so that you can do more, produce more and have more free time and set the business up to support you.

Do you want to be able to achieve more in your business with less work?

As a mindset coach who helps new businesses, existing business and entrepreneurs to achieve success, I want you to know that it’s possible for your business and life to feel truly effortless, with more productivity, more clients and more free time to explore life.

Productivity is by definition, a measures of the efficiency of your production. Often productivity is measure and expressed as the ratio of an aggregate output to a single input or an aggregate input used in a production process over a period of time.

I didn’t discover the secret to being productive by interviewing successful individual on business or by running my own business myself just to provide mindset advice based on this knowledge. 

Frankly, a knowledge-only approach doesn’t create long term results that stick. If that was the case, everyone who has read a book would be able to easily apply what they have learnt and and generate results right away.

So many people are not achieving their full potential in career and and business, and it comes down to not being productive and not taking aligned action to our outcomes.

Are you ready to discover how to triple your profits, manage systems, get more free time and get back to doing what you do best, whilst you master your work life balance so you can finally stop worrying about your business and start focusing on living your best life worry free?

I figured out an incredible productivity hack to do just this when I was in the corporate world. Since then, I have applied this in my own business as well as my clients’ businesses as a Business Coach and mentor, and the momentum they see is astronomical in what they can achieve.

We are going to cover how you can be more productive in your business whilst ensuring you get constant momentum of sales, new leads and new customers.

Some of the most important steps of running a business are:

  1. The ability to share your knowledge of your product or service
  2. The ability to sell your product
  3. The ability to market yourself, your product and service, i.e. your ability to stand out from the competition
  4. The ability to put systems in place to leverage your time so that you can get more done

There is a lot of noise and coaching programs in the market around how to run a business. My business has been successfully built on the above four principles. Marketing, sales, leverage and my ability to share my expertise and knowledge.

As long as you have these four components, your business is fully covered. 

But if at any point, one of these is lacking, your business cannot run as effectively as possible.

Learn This Incredible Productivity Hack to Master Your Business

The most amazing thing that I find works for myself and my clients is that the brain can only focus on one task at a time. A lot of people however will do everything in one day. They will fit sales, marketing, customer responses etc. into one day and wind up exhausted and time-poor.

I teach my clients that it generally takes 4-5 weeks of doing the same tasks, to start getting traction in your business and hit your business goals. Sometimes it takes longer depending on your skill level, or marketing efforts. 

I work with my clients to section out their week and define when they deal with their customers, when they package / sell their product, when they respond to enquiries, and so on.

When this is defined, instead of them running around constantly trying to put out fires, they have a schedule. If you know that you are going to send the proposal to your prospective client on a Monday, generally you will follow up in two days.

So, for example, Monday you send the proposals. Wednesday, you follow up. Friday is admin day. Rinse, repeat. Even if you are the most productive person, if you are scattered in your action-taking style, you will find that it impacts your business and does not help with effective leadership.

I understand that these days, social media demands constant attention but this can still be managed with the right strategy.

The reason this segmentation of tasks is so effective is that the brain learns how to do a task really quickly if it has done it for a couple of hours consistently, in that day.

Instead of writing an email, responding to Instagram messages, processing an order, doing a Facebook live video. This is too much for the brain to do effectively and quickly.

However, when you segment your business tasks on certain days and you get your business and staff into the habit of following that routine, it builds momentum whereby it is predictable.

This will enable you to be a more effective leader for your staff and your overall business. When you are doing everything everywhere, it’s hard to get consistency and track results to see return on investment.

With consistency, you can see that on Monday, you sent X amount of proposals. On Wednesday, you generated X amount of leads. This now gives you a clear tracking ability to see exactly what is going on in your business.

This strategy allows you to get better at what you are doing in a short amount of time. The brain will become really good at an important task if it does it over and over.

Take factory workers for example. They will process tasks over and over extremely fast, as the brain has learned this technique. If they were to stop and learn something new, it would take a while to build new momentum for the new task in the same amount of time.

If you can apply the discipline to have this approach over 40 weeks of the year, it will make it so easy for you to gain momentum and get results. It will also save time for you and enable you to be more productive in the long-run as well as improve your leadership skills.

My clients love this approach because they don’t have to worry about certain things on certain days, so they have more focus to run a successful business.

When I looked at various business owners and the way they ran their business, I could see that people doing little bits of different things constantly, every day were less productive than people spending one or two days per week doing the same task. 

For example, self titled productive people who try to do everything in a day i.e. sending emails, replying to enquiries, processing orders, writing new content, updating their website etc. were executing 15% less than people who designated tasks to one allocated time slot. Therefore, they didn’t have as much as a productive day as they set out to achieve.

If you have these four things mastered in your business i.e. your ability to market yourself, sell your service, share your knowledge and leverage your time effectively; these will allow you to adopt a leadership role, manage performance and determine whether your business is going to be a success.

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