How to get Motivated

How to get motivated and gain momentum – learn the steps I take my clients through to get motivation soaring, so that they can run a high performing business and take action in their lives.

Welcome! As a passionate entrepreneur who mentors those who dream big and yearn to build a purpose-driven business, achieving more than they desire…I’m really glad you stopped by.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a former NLP Practitioner and now Mind Resonance Coach, and from probing the minds of the ambitious for over 12 years, it’s that individuals and business owners like yourself are never going to be satisfied playing small.

Or let a skills gaps, mindset limitation keep you from building a business that expresses your full potential of freedom, joy and abundance and allows you to have balance while doing so. 

If you’re reading this… then I know we already share a love of independence, being your own boss and chasing the thrill of creating a dream business and life aspirations which (let’s be honest) at times scares you as much as it inspires you.

I also know that making money is only one part of your dream.

And that, however blocked you may feel at the moment however strong your feeling unmotivated, you believe challenges are just temporary, and that excellence and being the best version of you is the only standard worthy of targeting!

I am Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, author of over 200 articles In the self Development, Business and Mindset space, life coach, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process.

Let’s start with what is defined by the world as to what motivation is – motivation is the reason for people’s actions, willingness and goals. Motivation is derived from the word motive which is defined as a need that requires satisfaction.

Motivation does not come from influence and needs – it comes and is active in our Psyche as long as our associations towards what we desire is seen as unthreatening to our survival.

In understanding this I discovered that, our ability to lead our own paths and create the lives and business that we want and set goals and achieve them, is determined by how motivated or unmotivated we are to attain success.

If I could change levels of motivation in my mind, not by force or will, then I could create the momentum I wanted to become unstoppable.

So many people are not achieving their full potential in career and and Business, and it doesn’t comes down not how badly you want it, but how motivated you are toward or away from what you want.

Are you ready to discover how you too can unlock the ability to be motivated as well as understand what you must do? 

To stay motivated long term, so that you can start taking bolder bigger action, triple your profits, manage systems, get more free time and get back to doing what you do best, whilst you master your work life balance? And so you can finally stop worrying about your business and start focusing on living your best life worry free?

In this article, I am going to go into depth around what causes someone to be motivated or unmotivated and how to get motivation. 

How To Get Motivation Back, Or Get Motivated In The First Place

A common question I hear is; how do I get my motivation back and how do I get motivation in the first place so that I can spring into action?

When I am working with clients and business owners, the first thing I look at is whether they are motivated towards- or away from- their goal. What does this mean?

Someone who is feeling unmotivated towards their goal will have a lot of tasks they need to do or actions needed around their business, but instead of doing these tasks they will find excuses. They will spend more time with family and friends or chores will come up.

Not to say that it is not possible to have a healthy balance between social time and business life, but when it comes to taking action towards your business, there really needs to be disciplined, scheduled time.

However, if you don’t feel motivated, it will be really hard for you to take the necessary actions, to achieve what you want in your business. The reason that motivation is so important is that the ability to feel motivated will determine the ability to take action in your business to actualise success. 

Rarely have I ever seen someone who titles themselves as lazy etc. in life, soaring high in their business. They are the type of business owners who stay in their comfort zone and are just getting by, and their business life will reflect that.

For example, they will have a small business and just have enough income coming in. They will resist opportunities to grow their business. 

A person’s ability to have driving force and feel motivated will also impact how much they can actually schedule in a day and ultimately live a life that is full. A life where you have motivation in your business vs feeling tired and lethargic and not actually applying yourself in the time that you put towards your business.

Motivation ends up affecting other areas of a person’s life too, for example when they are spending time with their family they are distracted because they know they didn’t have the motivation needed to complete the tasks they set out to do. Therefore they feel overwhelmed, guilty, shame and like a failure.

It is so important that you understand how to get motivated and stay motivated, and know that it’s not by watching an inspirational video. It’s also not by pushing yourself and committing.

Finally, it’s really not by watching other people and hoping that your inspiration / motivation will increase. What that will actually do is increase feelings of inadequacy and constant comparison of yourself to others.

Yes, it may work for some when they see a quote or something inspirational and they are inspired. However, their ability to be motivated long term – which ultimately will lead to their success – will not allow them to take disciplined action daily and achieve the goal if the motivation is not there.

Now that we understand why motivation is important, I want to explain what I work through with my clients to help them find their motivation.

I take my clients through a six-step system which will allow them to start to become more motivated towards their goals. Whether I’m working with someone in business or health and lifestyle, motivation towards one area of life will be very different to another area of life, depending on the individual’s belief systems and values.

This six-step process gets them feeling motivated and inspired without having to push or pull anyone up the hill. It is not my intention to push anyone up the hill with false encouragement. 

My plan and my strategy with every single client I work with is that if I can get them to feel authentic motivation; the right path for them will follow. As I am educating on all the principles they need, it will become effortless for them.

If that is something you would like to feel and experience, I will show you how.

Understanding Motivation

How does one become motivated? The first thing I will take a client through is I will help them to understand what generates motivation. Once you understand this, you will understand why you have a lack of motivation.

For example, when you want to understand how a car works, all you need to do is learn how to turn on the ignition, use the gears, mirrors etc. You are then able to move the car from point A to point B. 

The same goes for motivation. If you understand what makes it work and what stops it from working, this will allow you to get yourself from point A to point B.

Motivation is a feeling. The ability to feel motivated, inspired, based on a desire in our psyche or unconscious, in which propels us towards our goals. It’s not the same as having resilience or pushing through obstacles or challenges, it is very different. Feeling motivated is simply a desire. Some people don’t have motivation at all and they don’t know why.

Motivation is one’s direction to behaviour, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behaviour, a set of force that acts behind the motives. Motivation results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors. Mastering motivation to allow sustained and deliberate practice is central to high levels of achievement 

Motivation towards our set goals, to improve our life and to improve our business; comes from a few factors. The first thing I will take a client through when I’m getting them motivated is understanding where they are and where they want to be.

If I am working with a business owner and I ask them “where are you, where do you want to go and where do you want to be?” If they reply with something like “my business at the moment is just getting by, I have enough to support myself and this is making me feel tired and exhausted. I’m unmotivated, I don’t even want to go into my business anymore.”

What this client has defined to me is that they feel unmotivated, tired and like they don’t want to work on their business, so they will constantly avoid it. So now I have established where the client is, where do they want to be?

The response may be, “I want to feel motivated and inspired in my business and like I love it. To feel like I am motivated towards success and I really wish I could feel positive and enthusiastic about growing my business. For some reason it’s not there and I don’t know why.”

Understanding where you are and where you want to be is an essential step. For example, someone might say I want to move to a higher level; i.e. I am earning $100k and want to move to $200k whilst working less for it.

That is the gap that I want the motivation to help me to achieve. Understanding where you are and where you want to get to is essential. Don’t be alarmed if this creates fear and anxiety by realising the gap, especially if your mindset isn’t congruent with what you are wanting. It is the first step and you will see why.

The second step is understanding what causes motivation to drop. To explain this, I will use a story as an example. There are so many theories of motivation out there and success which I disagree with and the reason for this is that along my journey I realised something about having constant motivation. A few years ago, my mindset was around believing I was a driven person and believing that I must achieve success at all costs.

To the point where I cut my family out and had a really unbalanced life. I neglected my wellbeing, created a disease in my body called endometriosis from my lifestyle choices; which weren’t supporting my workaholic ways. I thought that motivation was something entirely different to what I know it to be now.

Some people say to me “I am so driven” and that is where they think their motivation comes from. They think that if they are driven to success and they want it so much, they will be motivated. However, this is all external.

This is firstly based on an external desire to fulfil an identity i.e. “being driven” because they have taken on that role from a role model such as their father or mother. Secondly, this comes from believing that wanting success bad enough is going to spur motivation in you. If that were the case, everyone on the planet would be achieving their goals which I assure you, is not the case!

Let’s look at what takes away motivation. I will tell you a story which is going to implant in your mind how to get motivation back and understand what may be suppressing your motivation.

If I were to put you in a cage with a snake and told you to pat the snake, unconsciously your motivation towards that action is going to be discouraged, unmotivated, and you will likely be hanging onto the bars trying to get out of there. This is because your unconscious association with what you are moving towards, is negative.

Meaning, you have been unconsciously programmed to believe that the snake is dangerous, it will bite you, snakes are not warm and friendly, etc. That will now affect your decision to move towards it.

Contrary to this, if I put you in a room with chocolate in the fridge and you have a positive association with chocolate; i.e. you love chocolate and you see it as sweet, it will take you no effort at all to get to the fridge and eat the chocolate. Why is this? Because you have a positive association with the chocolate.

The same can be applied in motivation towards your business, success and achieving your long-term goals. When we have a negative association with a desire because we have seen it as negative and that’s what we believe it to be; our motivation becomes suppressed. So, how do you primarily get your motivation back and feel good about it? You must change your unconscious association towards what you desire.

Many business owners come to me and believe that more work equals more effort. More clients equals more time in their business. When your brain believes it to be this way, that’s what will create your actions and your ability / inability to act.

If you have a belief that learning is hard because you experienced some difficulties with learning at school; this belief will now affect your actions as an adult.

To run a successful business, the ability to learn is essential. However, if you have negative association with learning, your first ever association with it will dictate your decisions.

A coach may say to you that you need to learn sales and funnels; but if you have a belief that you can’t learn or that you have an incapacity to retain knowledge because you (for example) weren’t good at maths at school, this will all affect your ability to absorb knowledge quickly and perform and therefore feel motivated. 

So, how do you get motivated?

Let’s look at success, business, work ethic, failure and success. These are all the components that determine motivation. I look at what you believe about every single one of these components.

For example, failure means I’m a bad personmistakes means I’m badsuccess means I’ll be attacked and criticisedfailure means I am a failure. I then remove these negative beliefs and you will notice your motivation become consistent, unstoppable and no amount of challenges will stop you from doing what you have set out to to do.

You therefore develop a trust in your own ability to carry out your own word and what you say. This subsequently increases your confidence overall.

I’m not sure if you know this about me but I work with so many clients in many different countries and if my motivation was lacking, this would be extremely demanding if not impossible for me.

However if you ask my clients they will tell you that I turn up with motivation, commitment and energy to every single session, effortlessly. This is because I understand what it takes to feel motivated and I have removed any negative association around the above components we just covered.

So, what else does it take to get motivated? A lot of people in the coaching and mentoring space will talk about motivation in business. What you need to understand is that if you feel your business in any way is going to hinder any other areas of your life i.e the belief that work / business and to be successful means that I need to sacrifice or lose anything – this will also affect your motivation.

This is going to create complex confusion in your brain that decreases your ability to be motivated because your ability to be congruent and clear is filtered by constant uncertainty in what taking that path will mean. When we are uncertain, we also can’t feel motivated.

The last thing I want to touch upon is that some people say “I have tried so many things before to get motivated, such as affirmations and trying to override belief systems and it didn’t work.” I agree, of course it didn’t work.

The reason for this is that the brain has unconscious reasons as to why it needs to hang on to that belief system and why you feel it serves you. 

So, if you don’t actually understand how to remove unconscious beliefs and think that reprogramming one belief is going to help you override the unconscious behaviour that belief is causing; you will find that it doesn’t work. 

The Difference Between Beliefs and Knowledge

The difference between a belief system and a knowing is this. If I know that my eyes are brown, I don’t need to tell myself that in the form of a belief, because it’s a knowing.

When I know something, nothing needs to be overridden. Meaning, the whole reason a lot of people have failed previously in trying to override belief systems is because you can’t override a belief with another belief system.

It would be like me saying to myself on repeat “my eyes are blue” – if I believe my eyes are brown I will think I’m psychotic in my ability to constantly try to convince myself that my eyes are blue.

Once you remove the belief however, it doesn’t need to be reprogrammed or have another belief put on top, because it now becomes a knowing. If you believe that work is hard and I remove that belief, you will know that work is a means to create the life you want.

It becomes a knowing, it’s not about whether it is now hard or easy. Therefore you won’t try to take on the compensatory belief which is I need to make work easy. That means it is compensating for that belief fuelling your actions.

But when you remove the belief that work is hard, it becomes a knowing that work is work and you have no association towards it and so your motivation increases.

You may have tried a lot of things in the past but I guarantee you that there is not one thing on the planet that removes belief systems like the system that I have created. I would love to help you identify what your associations are so that they can be removed and allow you to realise your full potential.

I work with clients, all over the world because I love helping people with their goals and I have the energy to help! Saturdays are my adventure day and Sundays are usually spent with my family. To me that is my version of success and I feel successful because I am congruent with that.

Whatever your idea of success may be in your life or business, I would love to help you articulate that and that’s why you will enjoy my future articles.

Even though you’re not motivated right at this moment, the fact that you read this article shows that you have ambition and I hope we get to speak one day to help you achieve your goals.

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