Business performance

Today we are going to talk about how you can get started on your goals  with my free tools below. The below advice will help you to manage performance, but first we need to understand what exactly is business performance ?

Business performance is the way in which major areas of the business perform, including, lead generation, Marketing, sales, client retention. The reason the performance of a business is important, as if any of the above are working slow, non existent, not performing, it overall effects, sales, profits, customer experience and client loyalty. causing you to constantly struggle in your business.

The first thing you can do is make a priority list of everything you need to do in your business, whether this is branding, marketing, staff, advertising, collateral. Outline which actions you think will improve your business.

Download My Business Performance score card to know which areas are under performing and to know where your biggest priority is Here ( Until this is uploaded please email me at apologies about any inconveniences caused, please put in the email which of the below can help you.

Ten tips On Improving performance in your Business

Sales Closure- Down Load my most effective Authentic sales conversion Scripts here

Marketing Down load website, article, ads, copy client attraction ads here

Lead Generation Platforms guide Here

Customer service Survey experience Questionnaire to know areas for improvement

Complaints product returns process policy guide

Staff KPI and Performance expectations and choosing and attractive staff who love what they do and perform at peak.

Automation best platforms.

Please email me for copies of any of the above

Or you can download my six part video Series on

Video 1- How to get motivated

Video 2 How do i stop comparing myself to others

Video 3 How to take consistent Action in my business, and how to take action even if i am feeling overwhelmed and scared

Video 4 How to be more productive, a hack to get more done, over the course of a week so that i can have more momentum, build consistency and track results

Video 5 What are the best ways to Grow my business in the next 90 days, what are the top growth strategies that worked for my business

Video 6 The 52 Mindset Shifts needed to grow your business and leave your competition behind, its not marketing alone its mindset  

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