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Feeling overwhelmed in your business? Are you looking for a business mentor to help guide you to the success that you deserve?

Well, the supposed entrepreneur mindset needed and taught today for success is not the reason you are not taking action on your goals and are therefore unable to create a life that brings you joy and fulfilment.

I will explain the key things you need to know around mindset, and reveal the truth to what it actually takes to be successful. The reason it is important to understand is that, if you can understand the actual mindset needed for success, it makes it easy to do so.

What is an entrepreneur mindset? 

It is about a certain way of thinking, it’s a way in which you approach your challenges and failures and a need to improve your skillset to keep taking action?  

I wrote this article to share what creates a mindset that is resilient to challenges, failures and mistakes and it primarily has to do with how you associate challenges, failures and mistakes and if you have negative associations as to what they mean. For example:

– Challenges mean I can’t figure it out

– Failure means I failed

– Failure means I am bad

– Mistakes mean I will look stupid and people will think bad of me.

Not only is having a positive association of challenges, success and failure imperative to having a unstoppable mindset and to be able to reach your goal. 

In my experience of working with people as a business mentor, working on their performance in business but also the performance capabilities in the mindset of the owners, these are not the things that hold people back the most and hinder their ability to actualise a successful journey and effortless path.

It really goes deeper into things like worth and value. If someone has been programmed to believe that they have no worth as they were always put down, whenever they do face challenges they will say things like, who will want what I have, no one will want my idea, my idea isn’t good enough, and so on.

Also, a low perceived value will cause them to attract opportunities in which keep them thinking that success is not possible, as the things they attract keep their value small, and no amount of trying to change their thinking will override their unconscious thinking patterns and make their lives and business just plain HARD!

Now that we know why changing your perspective is not enough, I want to touch on what I see a lot of in the personal development space around thinking big, changing your thinking, just do it, hustle harder, feel the fear and do it anyway, learn more, read more, knowledge is power – and touch on why this has nothing to do with the real problem keeping people from hitting their full potential and their ability to hit and reach their goal. 

I explain below, why this is not the path to effortlessness, and show what is. So if you are curious as to how to achieve this, you will love this article.

The personal-development market is saturated with the entrepreneurial mindset theories. Honestly, I cringe to see it. If the “experts” truly understood what it took to achieve that type of mentality, they wouldn’t be telling people simply to “do it” and to work harder. Or to be more resilient and less afraid. 

These are actual states of mind that get triggered when trying to reach our full potential and even get triggered when trying to think of effective business strategies and business plans  to achieve success..

When I use words like “full potential” and “mindset”, I’m not referring to setting up a business and learning through experience, because it doesn’t work that way. 

I sat down to write this article because I want to shed some light around what it actually takes to be successful; from my experience of working with hundreds of individuals and businesses and working with businesses to do business coaching to solve these same issues.

If you are one of those people who may have read and acquired a lot of knowledge but are still perplexed as to why your brain hasn’t developed an “entrepreneur mindset”, this article is for you. 

If up until this point you thought it was all about being inspired enough to want to get up and change your life, or following others’ examples, then you will benefit from what I touch on below. Hopefully my insight will stop you from being so hard on yourself or thinking and feeling that you are lazy.

Achieving a Success Mindset

As you may know, mindset is governed by a set of belief systems, which create unconscious actions. Meaning that if those beliefs systems are geared towards success, the actions and the emotional feeling states in which the brain can then generate, will come effortlessly to the person. 

Therefore, they will be able to achieve states of resilience, persistence and a ‘never-give-up’ mentality. They will also believe that “failure” is just a learning that they didn’t yet know.

If you have ever felt hurt or disheartened at the slightest challenge or failure, this article will provide some explanation as to why.

Before we start, I want to say that I am really excited for you to be reading this article. The reason for this is that if I had found an article like this fifteen years ago, my journey would have been a whole lot easier! 

The good thing is, I figured out how to make life effortless and so I want to share what I discovered. I now know what it actually takes to achieve a success mindset. If you are someone who doesn’t want to settle for small; someone who in your deepest desires wants to hit your best and fullest potential; then you and I have something in common. Before we start, I would love to explain who I am and what I do.

As a passionate entrepreneur who mentors those who dream big and yearn to build a purpose-driven life achieving more than they desire… I’m really glad you stopped by.

If there is one thing I have learned as a former NLP practitioner and Psychologist, probing the minds of the ambitious for over twelve years, it is that people and business owners like yourself are never going to be satisfied by playing small. You will also not let unlearned skills or mindset limitations keep you from building a life that expresses your full potential of freedom, joy and abundance.

If you are reading this… I know we already share a love of independence, a love of learning, being your own boss and chasing the thrill of creating a dream, business and life that (let’s be honest) at times, scares you as much as it inspires you. 

The reason it scares you is because it is a grand vision which you believe only those who are used to following their heart and are driven to do whatever it takes; will have the drive to pursue this life by design. Well, that was before there was an ability to tap into the mind and propel it towards your goals.

I also know that making money is only one part of your dream. However blocked you may feel at the moment, you believe challenges are just temporary, and that excellence and being the best version of yourself is the only standard worthy of targeting!

Your New Business Mentor

I am Felicity Muscat, founder of The Institute of Self Mastery. I am a trained former NLP coach, author of over 200 articles on mindset, success, esteem and confidence, Sydney-based life coach, and Level 3 practitioner of the Mind Resonance Process. My drive that propelled me to do what I do, came from this simple understanding.

“An extraordinary life is created by an ability to take action. Actions geared towards success, are only effortless when our minds belief system are aligned positively, to what we desire and are congruent to our real selves, not the personalities we took on to keep us safe.”

–       Felicity Muscat 

Allow me to start with how I obtained this information. I didn’t get to where I am now by interviewing successful people and then providing mindset advice with only knowledge; as frankly, that doesn’t stick. 

If everyone who read a book was able to apply this knowledge to get results, they would be able to apply what they learned and adopt the writer’s thinking to apply the same actions and ultimately generate a result. Right? Wrong. 

There are several missing ingredients from just knowledge alone, which is why I help people succeed in obtaining their goals to create a life, and business that they love and deserve.  

I am the person with the answers as to why you haven’t achieved the goals you desire. I have a solid understanding of why your mind does what it does when trying to live your best life, as well as the know-how of what is needed to move, shift or change without force. I understand the limitations in your thinking which when removed; will allow you to create the desired reality for yourself, effortlessly. 

So many people are not achieving their full potential spiritually, financially, in their career and love life. I help these people to show them how it can be effortless to discover their best self. 

My clients not only realise their potential, but understand that they can be effortless which allows them to feel empowered to believe in themselves, when I show them how to remove limitations to success and greatness.

“The saying “what the mind can conceive, it can achieve” is not always accurate. Just because your mind can come up with an image, does not mean that you, which is separate from the mind, has the confidence and belief in your capabilities to actualise it. This the gap to creation”

–       Felicity Muscat

I always believed that there was a better way. I have spent over 43,800 hours of experimentation, testing my own mental barriers such as fear programming, which I have funneled into my own application of the Mind Resonance Process.

Many coaches and business mentors will tell you that you need have purpose. Supposedly, if you have purpose you will find a way and have the ability to reach your goals. 

For example, if your purpose is for financial freedom so that you can live a life you love with abundance, this will supposedly therefore allow you to have the entrepreneur mindset to push through any obstacles or challenges that may come up. 

Firstly, what you need to understand is that where the brain mostly generates desire or purpose from, may not be congruent with your authentic real self or full potential. There are many reasons why the brain comes up with a “why” for us, and it’s not always for authentic reasons.

For example, let’s say someone states that their why is to achieve financial abundance so that they can look after their family and keep giving. This desire or motivation could be coming from a scarcity and lack mentality which therefore creates the desire to fill that sadness and void from their past. In this instance, that purpose is not aligned to the person’s true self. 

The mind will therefore cause that person to lose motivation along the way, in order to stop them from losing whatever money they have earned, by that underlying belief wanting to give it all away. Make sense? 

Yes, understanding your why is important, but you really need to understand that when your why isn’t coming from your values, that will really determine if you can obtain the mindset needed.

What’s more important is not just understanding the why, but also making sure that there is no fear associated with you having what you want.

What I’m saying is that knowing your why is not enough to push through associated fears that are generated from beliefs that you took when you were younger. 

Another example of this faulty thinking is, someone can say that they want to be really physically fit and attractive so they can attract the love of their life. If this why is coming from an inauthentic place, that person may have a fear of getting hurt and so their body and mind will sabotage in the form of skipping the gym and overeating.

The key to success is a set of behaviours which are congruent with the actions needed to actualize success. This is why purpose is not actually important when it comes to a true entrepreneur mindset.

Something else I hear a lot in the entrepreneur and goal space is that you need to be more committed.

The biggest mistake I see people make when it comes to trying to attain the life they want, whether that be improved health, healthy perception of self, self-confidence, lack of stress over money, building a successful business, sticking to a routine etc. is that you cannot fix your mind and get it to do what you want, by yourself. 

Neither can you use willpower to change a habit or take action on the desired goal, or use force. It takes years to understand the programmed fears you have accumulated as well as beliefs about yourself and the fear you took on that is blocking your path to success. Beliefs and behaviours that are programmed to cause you to do what you do.

Buried deep, they drive an individual to feel stuck in every positive action they should be taking to improve their lives.

The secret is, your mind is resisting the pleasure you are seeking, whether it be more freedom, more love, more success, more intimacy, the ability to be authentically you, the ability to achieve greater success in your business or just being able to feel confident in your own skin. 

Why is it doing this? As your mind was designed that way to keep you safe from the very thing you are trying to achieve, because it thinks that the thing you want is a danger to your survival. Weird, right?

What if you knew how to rewire your mind effortlessly to see what you wanted or were trying to achieve to be a pleasurable experience so that it propels you forward naturally with excitement instead of fear? Then what would you need to commit to? Nothing, really!

The mind only fears something and then generates an excuse if you have been negatively programmed to associate it as a danger. Meaning when you try and achieve it, the brain will signal your mind, to give you an excuse why you should avoid the activities that will get you to your desired result.

It works in mysterious ways, whether it is an excuse; you instantly become unmotivated, your body feels tired, you start to feel lazy, you procrastinate, or in the sense of a relationship, you start to nit-pick. 

These defence strategies are not natural states and are not coming from you, neither are they your fault. They are just negative association based on an old experience which your mind is protecting you from experiencing again.

Hence why a technique, or those who teach you their tricks to overcome it, only create a temporary result to overcome it and act as a band-aid solution which creates short spurs of action. Small success is achieved, only then for you to spiral down again.

What this means is to imply one needs to commit means that one needs to push past fears, “feel the fear and do it anyway” and drive past the negative associations of the thing you desire to bring you pain. It just doesn’t work that way. It makes everything feel like hard work.

The second mistake I see is when individuals think they can use willpower for deeply ingrained habits. 

Yes, sure it can work on smaller programs, but you cannot use willpower if your mind has been programmed to execute a set of behaviours like to spend money, eat badly, have any kind of addiction. Eventually, your mind will revert you back to its set point of comfort.

So, if you cannot do it by force or willpower to lasting change, then what is the answer?

It is necessary that you change the foundations of your thinking to help you have the life that you want

Every decision you make, every choice that you choose, is being controlled by your mind. You know when your friend gives you advice on what to do or how to change something and the book you read does not seem to sink in or create change?

Well, anything you have tried to achieve, but have failed to do so up until this point is also controlled by your mind and this is not your fault. It is your responsibility to change the programs getting you the current results you are getting.

Entrepreneurs talk about knowing what you stand for. An example of this is, if you saw your parents working a lot when you were younger, working crazy hours and being workaholics; generally, there will be two mindsets you take on. 

The first is that work and success need to be hard, therefore you will leave everything to the last minute. Or you will take on the opposing mindset to what you saw, believing that there is an easier way to reach success without taking any actions, like selling things, etc.

When asking someone what principles do you want to take on in the world and live by, some people say I want to live a life of freedom; working when I want to work. Some people don’t even know what their principles are and can’t answer the question when their coaches will ask them what do you want to stand by.

I want to explain to you what the problem is by thinking that changing your principles or having something to stand for is actually going to give you the mindset needed to achieve your goals.

Let’s say for example a person saw their father working a lot. This was my case; my father worked really hard from 5am in the morning to 9pm at night and actually passed away on a job site.

I remember lying on the bed next to him when he was in a coma from the work accident saying to myself, I am never going to work this much. I made that decision to live by that principal. The problem was, from the ages of 20 to 28 I isolated anyone who wanted to spend time with me as all I knew was to make my purpose about work. I always struggled and put work commitments over how I felt, because that is all I knew.

From the ages of 7 to 13 our brain is developing models of how to live in the world. So, if we saw our parents struggling to succeed, our brain will then as an adult, also find ways to struggle to succeed making things hard for ourselves.

Some may find that they do get the enjoyment of taking holidays and convincing themselves that they can relax and are not like their hardworking parents… however will be constantly thinking about work as well as lose the ability to be a calm, chilled person. If they are overly driven, they may be going on holiday but have an inability to relax.

Following your principles is actually not enough. It really takes a business mentor to go into the subconscious of your brain and remove the behavioural patterns that are causing you to not be in control of your actions, which therefore causes you to have an unbalanced life.

The next thing they say in the entrepreneur space that needed to actualize success, is your willingness to grow and learn / absorb knowledge. Of course, you need to be able to absorb knowledge. But reading books is not enough. I want to tell you a little secret about the brain which will help you to understand why sometimes you need to read something over-and-over for that knowledge to absorb.

Let’s say that you have beliefs that you need to work hard. So, you read a book on how to live a 4-hour work week, and assume that knowledge will change your behaviours. The problem with believing that you need to work hard and then trying to absorb knowledge that you can work 4 hours a week, is that your brain will discount the ability to believe this is possible.

Your beliefs will override knowledge telling your brain that something else is possible. You may also have beliefs such as I don’t know the way, I can’t figure it outI don’t know how. The brain then becomes dependent on knowledge to feel confident in someone’s ability to do things for themselves, which blocks our own wisdom and guidance system. An authentic knowing that is not dictated by knowledge but rather, who we truly are.

Something else said to reach success is to be “bigger than your excuses.” A lot of people talk about this, but anyone who states this, doesn’t understand why the brain actually generates an excuse in the first place. What is an excuse? It is the brain’s way of keeping you safe from a potential danger. Your mind signals a way to associate the thing you are striving for to be a threat to your survival.

Say for example I have a new goal to head to the gym every day. My desire is to be attractive and strong. Meanwhile, I also have an unconscious belief that being attractive may attract potential partners. In the past, I may have been hurt by a relationship. 

This experience taught me that men or women can hurt me, so it won’t want me to be attractive to the opposite sex and risk being hurt again. 

The brain is sneaky and what it will do is take the slightest hiccup such as your car doesn’t start, or it’s raining, it’s cold etc. and so it will give you an excuse as to why you need to stay home.

If you are able to push past that excuse, the brain will then find another way to generate an excuse. If you push past a lot, it could even make your body sick so that you cannot physically make it to the gym. 

The key is not to push past your excuses but to identify what you are subconsciously afraid of and remove that fear so that the brain no longer makes excuses and stops you from achieving your goals.

Now that we have covered the myths that do not actually create the ability to live life on your terms, I want to touch on the things that do allow you to have an unstoppable mindset. A mindset that pushes you forward, sees opportunities at every turn, and is resilient to challenges / failure.

Only my clients know this… but when I discovered how to change mindset by removing limitations, removing some of my beliefs took me up to 1000 attempts. I couldn’t just Google the answer as the information wasn’t out there. 

It was a trial and error of understanding what the brain hangs onto in terms of unconscious survival patterns and beliefs. If I didn’t have this tool, I wouldn’t have been able to do and know what I teach today. This is why I know that a mindset designed for success, is your best investment towards your goals and future.

I want to touch on the real reasons as to why your mindset is not congruent to living a life on your terms as well as what worked for me and my clients. If you are struggling to get your mindset right with knowledge alone, the below will create an entrepreneurial mindset without knowledge.

So, if you cannot do it by force or willpower to lasting change, then what is the answer?

It is necessary that you change the foundations of your thinking to help you have the life that you want. Every decision you make, every choice that you choose, is being controlled by your mind.

You know when your friend gives you advice on what to do or how to change something and the book you read does not seem to sink in or create change

Well, anything you have tried to achieve, but have failed to do so up until this point is also controlled by your mind and this is not your fault. It is your responsibility to change the programs getting you the current results you are getting.

It amazes me to see how many entrepreneurs, dream-chasers and do-ers say that they are committed to growing their business. Their coaches tell them that they just need to commit to reach their goals and achieve the success they so badly desire.

That they need to get off the train of failure, sabotage, fear and worry about their future, swamped with negative thinking and excuses and instead jump on the journey to discipline, effortlessness, commitment and a resilience to achieve success. However, when it comes time to act like they are committed, they stall or backpedal.

I know from experience that having one foot – or even a toe – out of any venture is a recipe for disappointment. Your business and life are no different. You have to be in it to win it, every step of the way.

Even if you are close to being fully committed (like a 9 on a scale of 1-10), as soon as challenges pop up in a project, a goal, or a desire, you will want to bail instead of riding the waves and growing from the experience.

So, what is the secret to Success?

We run from what we think will bring us pain and we attract what we believe will bring us pleasure. If success is associated with pain in your mind, for example, failure, humiliation or potential criticism of you becoming wildly successful, then your path will be tiresome. Yes, take the coaches’ advice and commit to pain… then watch your mind resist success like it is the plague!

Your mind will then start feeling sleepy, more tired, less motivated and you will beat yourself up for it saying, I just need to commit. Okay, if that is working for you.

If you do not feel like you want to have those viruses there weighing you down, the secret is to remove the things stopping you from obtaining it. That’s it. There is no technique or a special band-aid solution that will work.

I have learned the six main reasons as to why people do not achieve the success they desire, which I will outline below.

Reason 1

You are not getting to the root cause of the issue. If your mindset is not programmed in a way that sees your desires as positive, you have unconsciously been programmed to repel it. Love, connection, fame, health, attention, money, friendships; whatever the desire, if there is an unconscious association of pain, this will lead to the second reason (below).

Reason 2

You are unable to take the necessary action because you believe that what you want is going to bring you pain. Beliefs and thoughts control behaviors and this leads an ability to either take effortless action, or feel confused, stuck and lost. 

Reason 3

You do not believe change is possible as your mind has convinced you that changing your situation is going to be pointless. This is caused by low levels of self-esteem deciding for you what you can or cannot achieve or accomplish. If you were constantly criticised as a child, you will not see success as possible but rather you will see failure as a set point. The key to changing this is to shift the set point, so that you can start accepting success as your new norm. 

Reason 4

You do not have an effective technique to remove your own limitations creating the reality you have now. Your mind has been designed to see life as hard, stressful, painful and a miserable place. You view challenges as dangerous so you believe that changing your situation will be an impossible task, because your mindset has taken on belief that it is simply not possible. Challenges are too hard, I can never really be successful, therefore I am not going to make it, so why try, right?

Reason 5

You do not have the skill set and the mindset congruent to what you are wanting. One thing I learned about growth is that a believe that you can have a successful business is not enough. Although this is a necessary first step to fuel your ability to take action, without the skill set of talking to people and marketing your results, you won’t succeed.

If you don’t feel worthy, you won’t want to invest and take the necessary actions to get the skills you need to succeed. This doesn’t make you lazy, it simply means that your mindset is telling you it’s not going to happen.

Are you busy trying to do everything at once?

You feel your focus and mind is always on the job. You wish you could focus more, be more organized and could be more productive in less time, you know if you don’t get a hold of this now, soon enough you will be completely burnt out

You have that business idea, and you want to put yourself out there more, but are unsure if anyone will want what you have.

You are uncertain as to if your idea or what you have to offer will be worth it to others. You fear that when talking to a potential client you might mess it up or they might see that you’re not worth the knowledge you have.

Worse yet you know you are good at what you do, but when it comes to conveying this, there is something inside of you makes you question if you can, and you feel the need to prove what you do to feel confident.

You would love more clients, want to scale maybe but you are already working hard enough, and the thought of taking on more makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure if you could actually cope with the workload.

You know those business owners struggling to achieve the success they desire? They end up sacrificing one area of their lives for the other, there work life balance is out and they do not know the cause or how to get it back.

Even if they do make the time for their health or relationship, their mind is still on business.

Did you know you can achieve the success you desire in business by shifting your mindset using a tool called MRP, which makes implementing and changing aspects of your business and incorporating strategies for success a breeze – even if you do not have a million dollar marketing budget for expensive marketers to bring in more leads or accelerate your business?

Let me explain. Have you ever seen a business doing what you wish you could achieve and read and attained the knowledge alone to get the same results but it didn’t seem to work out.

Knowledge alone cannot be absorbed if your mindset filters do not have the right foundations to 1. Apply the knowledge and 2. Implement it.

Many clients come to me stuck, unsure of who to follow or which marketing strategy to follow, how to get the results that will work to bring them in the profits they desire.  And if they do find another one, they find it impossible to find the time to implement it as they have so many other responsibilities to attend to, it’s like they’re just chasing their tail… WELL STOP.

Finding the time in your business – if you do not know this, it will be hard

It really took me years in the corporate world of working with businesses and watching their mistakes.

Then, embarking on business myself to learn this, I made all the mistakes, lost a lot of family connections and friends with my desire and determination – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have finally perfected the business productivity time matrix to get you results and free time and inner peace of mind.

There are three main challenges a business face when trying to achieve success when i offer my business mentoring & coaching

  • My small business owners as well as large business owners, feel frustrated as they are not getting the results they desire. Their mind would rather be doing everything except doing what’s needed to get the results of more profit, more free time, more clients.
  • They have no idea why and if they are working themselves to the bone; why their efforts are not producing a result.

    As a business coach, I have really learned this the the hard way. I once had the knowledge but just could not get the results and started to wonder why I couldn’t create continuous opportunities that would lead to my success.

    As an entrepreneur or director, you need to spur into action to clinch that deal, attract new clients, or make bold decisions. For you, success may not come easily – or ever come at all.

  • You may have hired the wrong people; people who create more problems than they solve. I too had all these feelings not too long ago.

What the mind can conceive it can achieve.

Just because your mind can come up with an image, does not mean you, which is separate from the mind, has the confidence and belief in your capabilities, to actualise it. That’s the gap to creation.

If you wish you could say:

·      Yes to having balance and when you’re not at work your mind switches off at work

·      Yes, to having the ability to know your worth and see your services as having real value and worth and attract clients who also do

·      Yes, to having real confidence in who you are not what you do

·      Yes, to the ability to act and be productive action towards your goals

·      Yes, to having more free time and presence with love ones

·      Yes, to having a mind that switches of and sticks to a schedule

·      Yes, to no longer feeling guilty to have a successful business and feeling like you are not a good girlfriend friend sister or husband by having success

·      Yes, to time efficiently, calmness peace and energy

·      Yes, to being full time and positioning yourself as the expert and no more hiding your skills talents and knowledge from the world 

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