Don’t Be a Slave to Your Emotional Baggage

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Do you feel like you aren’t really living up to your full potential? Realising that your life is falling short of your expectations can become an increasingly frustrating over time.

Many people don’t realise it, but your authentic self can (and probably has), become buried over the years under old emotional baggage. 

All the experiences you have had in the past have combined to tell you “don’t react that way. Keep your mouth shut. Do the safe thing. Don’t take that risk.”

When we live under these layers of emotional baggage, we are subject to limiting beliefs and emotional impediments to spontaneity. We’re not free to express ourselves – in fact many times, we aren’t even sure how to express ourselves or what we would say if we could. 

When we go out on a limb and do something we really want to do, deep down, we’re overcome by guilt, fear, or old traumatic memories that act as emotional landmines stopping us in our tracks.

Unfortunately, many people never free themselves from their internal emotional straitjackets. What a tragedy it would be to die without ever really expressing our true creativity and purpose – but that is exactly the danger we face!

What would you say if I told you that you can shed your old emotional baggage, using some simple strategies that will free you to live your own life and pursue your own dreams? Do you want to gain the freedom, confidence, strength and resilience to be who you were always meant to be? Do you have the courage to take the first step?

How Your Emotional Baggage Came to Be 

From the moment we are born, we are surrounded by people and circumstances telling us what to be and how to fit in. Some of us are neglected or abused; others of us are simply told to behave ourselves and stop running through the house or singing in the supermarket. 

All of us learn that the world is not accepting of our inherent nature, gifts, and spontaneous expression. As we are repeatedly faced with impediments to self-expression we learn, sometimes in a traumatic way, to hide our authentic selves.

It is bad enough that our Life Force Energy is blocked through these experiences. What is worse is the emotional baggage that we take on. These negative memories get downloaded into our minds and bodies and become what we refer to as our life histories. 

Thus the very stories of ourselves are clouded with the emotional pain of having our self-expression stifled, suffocated and blocked. We experience this pain as feelings of abandonment, fear, sadness, helplessness, inadequacy, deficiency, neediness, dependence, vulnerability and emptiness. We struggle with feeling unloved and unwanted, insecure, lonely, and much more.

These feelings bury themselves deep into our mind/bodies. There, they form what I call “emotional landmines” that are just waiting to “explode” with the right triggers. 

When we try to step outside of our constricting boxes and express ourselves, these “landmines” explode, causing us to feel these overwhelmingly negative emotions that reinforce the lessons of our childhood. Now we are the ones limiting ourselves!

What we think of as our ego or our personality becomes an invisible emotional straitjacket. Our concept of who we are is actually a false identity. We may rely on it to help us navigate through the world, but it actually holds us back in chains. 

Some may have a vague recollection of who they were before this emotional baggage was placed on them, while others may simply feel frustration and know that they are not fulfilled in their lives. 

Move Beyond Your Emotional Baggage and Discover Your True Self

If you have ever felt the need for “something more,” ask yourself: what exactly is that “something more” you want? A new house or car will fill the need for a little bit and then it will be right back. Isn’t the “something more” you want really just the ability and permission to be you?

About a decade ago, we discovered that we can actually dismantle the ego – our false personality – by systematically and permanently erasing/deleting the negative memories that make up its fabric. As this happens the individual literally starts to wake up from a deep sleep as their Authentic Self shakes off the cobwebs of restraint. They realize how they have been held in a state of mental and emotional bondage since they were very young.

This work is difficult, and it requires delving deep into some of our painful memories. But as you do it, your Authentic Self re-emerges. You re-establish the flow of Life Force Energy through your mind/body. 

You begin to re-connect all of the positive resources you had all along – your self-confidence, your self-esteem, your self-awareness and your self-worth. You will find your inner strength, resilience, clarity, peace of mind, and ability to discern and trust your inner Truth. You will tap into your creativity and discover your true purpose.

What’s more, this re-awakening is progressive and irreversible.

So if you are one of those frustrated individuals who feels like they are living an unfulfilling life – if you know deep in your Heart that there is more to you and if you wish to experience the freedom and freewill that is part and parcel of your Authentic Self – it’s time to begin your journey. 

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