Overcome Your Fear of Sexuality and Expressing Sexual Desires

If you have ever been sexually abused or harassed, it’s likely that you still carry the traumatic scars of such a painful incident. 

Aside from the common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder that accompany such unfortunate events, there is another issue that may be even more significant and debilitating than you first realise. 

I’m referring to the feelings and beliefs that you are left with about your own sexuality.

These feelings may take on some of the following forms: 

– Feelings of shame about your sexuality or about yourself as a sexual being 

– Fear of your sexual thoughts and fear of sexuality

– A tendency to diminish or cover up your sexuality (e.g. poor hygiene, obesity, and other habits which sabotage relationships)

Turning against your sexuality has spiritual consequences – it’s a parallel to destroying what I call the Core Spiritual Self

The Core Spiritual Self is the essence of who you are as both a human and a spiritual being.

This energy is who you really are, beneath all the beliefs and behaviours, and is the life energy within your body that causes you to be alive. 

I want to show you how to tap into this energy and return to experiencing your full, powerful sense of self.

The Spiritual Cost of Your Fear of Sexuality

In my experience over the past 15 years of helping people with trauma healing, I have seen that when an individual is traumatised, their energy field becomes encoded with a negative and parasitic energy that does several things.

Firstly, it stays lodged in the individual’s energy field and by doing so, depletes that person of their Life Force Energy.

Secondly, it tends to disorganise what I have called the Divine Holographic Energy Field (see my article of the same title) and thereby causes malfunction to occur in the mental/emotional/physical body of that individual, i.e. disease or discomfort.

Thirdly, it reduces the energy density of the individual in their body. What this means is that it causes energy, i.e. your spiritual energy or “you” – your authentic self, to flee the body because it becomes too uncomfortable to reside there for any period of time. 

This is what is often happening when people refer to an ‘out-of-body experience’ and is due to dissociation in traumatised individuals.

Finally, by forcing one’s spiritual energy out of the body it actually makes the body vulnerable to further trauma at every level (because its functional ability is already compromised) and causes the body to break down; meaning that person is susceptible to illness, accelerated ageing and eventually, death.

Release Yourself From Your Fear of Sexuality 

Returning to the discussion of sexual trauma, I would like to highlight one further consequence to this type of scenario. 

Since one’s sexual energy is, in essence, equivalent to one’s spiritual energy, when shame begins to creep into the mind it becomes a case of that person having turned against their true self or authentic essence. 

The fear of sexuality thus ultimately leads to a form of death that goes beyond just a physical one. It becomes a form of spiritual death; because that person is turning in opposition to what their spiritual self knows to be true; which is the most unnatural thing in the world.

What you should know, is that it is actually to release your feelings of shame or “fear of sexuality” from your energy field, by using a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process.

The result? You’ll experience a renewed and powerful connection and awareness of your true self. 

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