How to Eliminate Shyness and Develop Charisma

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Anyone whose life is plagued with shyness will know that it can create an array of problems. You struggle in pretty much every social situation, and you have no idea how to develop charisma in your life.

You ask yourself, how can these people speak so effortlessly? While you’re stuck just trying to form a sentence.  

You look at the more spontaneous people, wonder how they do it so easily and wish you could be more like them. Your internal dialogue is filled with endless negative self-talk, such as “what is wrong with me?”

Shyness affects all social spheres of your life, including (but not limited to) your ability to reveal and share yourself with others; the ability to attract others, and your ability to stand out in a highly competitive world full of other people trying to express themselves.

Worst of all, your shyness and negative self-talk leads to feelings of low self-esteem and creates many issues in the way you see yourself and perceive yourself in the world.

Is it possible to permanently eliminate shyness from your life and develop charisma in such a way that you will not even remember that you were ever shy? 

If you have the courage and desire to change your life forever, absolutely!

What is Shyness, and Why Can’t You Develop Charisma?

In a nutshell, shyness is a conditioned emotional program that constricts and restricts the full natural charismatic expression of an individual. 

It is conditioned into and stored in the unconscious mind of the individual by various negative beliefs and emotions such as:

  1. I am shy and that’s just the way I am
  2. I’m afraid of making a fool of myself and being humiliated
  3. I can never think of what to say when I’m with others
  4. I’m afraid others will not like me
  5. I’m afraid others will reject me
  6. I’m a loser
  7. I’m defective and/or deficient
  8. There’s something wrong with me
  9. I have inherited my shyness

And so on.

All of these beliefs are generated, supported and justified at the unconscious level of the mind by negative memories of early life that disrupted a normal and smooth connection with others. 

These include memories of humiliation, rejection, embarrassment, inappropriate intimate interactions and many more.

Once the memories get recorded in your mind/body they literally “define” you, i.e. they program you to believe that this is who and what you are. Once defined within you, the ability to challenge these beliefs about yourself seems almost impossible.

Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs, and Develop Charisma That Will Change Your Life

What’s interesting is that negative beliefs and emotions behave like internal hypnotic suggestions that limit you. 

You’ve likely seen or heard of shy individuals who were able to be quite gregarious when placed in a hypnotic trance. 

This is possible because the externally supplied suggestions are able to temporarily over-ride the internal ones, thereby allowing a temporary measure of freedom of expression.

The key however is that the effect is temporary. Temporary because the negative memories generating the internal hypnotic self-talk and beliefs remain firmly anchored and continue to generate the beliefs about yourself that erode away at the external suggestions, thereby re-imprisoning the person.

It doesn’t matter how many compliments someone gives you when you have these beliefs inside of you – none of them will override what your unconscious programming is causing you to believe about yourself.

If you want to break free from the shyness mantle, develop charisma and become the most confident, attractive, open, carefree version of yourself; someone who attracts better relationships, career and success opportunities, you are in the right place.

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