How to Be Less Self Critical and Increase Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a value that you unconsciously place upon yourself. It is based upon choices that you make throughout your life and you will find that it fluctuates. 

Psychology experts will attempt to address various external factors in your life to change your self-esteem, but these attempts never achieve permanent results.

Your self-esteem actually isn’t dependent on external factors at all – such as your job, your hobbies, your achievements, your relationship status or how much money you have. It’s actually a result of your internal, self critical belief system.

Your level of self-esteem will forever determine the choices you unconsciously make. Have you ever wondered why for example, you choose the type of partner that you choose, or why some have better success in their career than others? 

When someone has been mistreated at a younger age, their self-esteem is affected. This, in turn, leads that individual to make certain life choices as a result of their lowered esteem. If you have suffered a form of neglect, abuse, or other negative experience, your unconscious programming will tell you the following beliefs about yourself (to name a few):

  • I am ineffective
  • I am unlovable
  • I will never amount to anything
  • There is something wrong with me
  • I don’t deserve the best things in life
  • I cannot function in the world

The problem is that this self critical belief system will continue to run on auto-pilot, which causes you to make bad quality life choices. 

These bad choices then perpetuate yet more feelings of low self-esteem. As a compensatory strategy to soothe the pain coming from these self critical beliefs, you will likely turn to relationships, addictions, and other dependent approaches to soothe your hurt.

As long as this unconscious program is running your life, the choices that you make will continue to negatively affect your life. 

You don’t need to accept this self critical belief system a moment longer – find out what you can do to permanently change your beliefs and unleash your diamond self-esteem.

How Self Critical Beliefs are Formed

To make this simpler, I’m going to use an example of a person who was not loved as a child. Imagine this little child, growing up with an absence of love. The foundations for their self-esteem are already extremely poor. 

So this child grows into an adult and the memories of the negative events and feelings of not being loved will remain in their unconscious mind. As long as these memories are still there, that person will have what they believe is ‘evidence’ of their unworthiness. 

That person starts to feel a sense of unworthiness on an unconscious level. When they are feeling down, they try certain techniques to cheer themselves up, like doing something they enjoy, trying not to beat themselves up, practising techniques they have learned to ‘find happiness’. 

Unfortunately, with those negative, self critical beliefs and memories stuck in their unconscious mind, these attempts are all temporary and short-lived.

What is the long-term, permanent solution to increase self esteem?

Over a decade ago it was discovered that old negative memories are like statically charged negative parasites inside the human body. This means that as long as they are there, they will continue to plague your emotional life; causing and reinforcing feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth; feelings of depression; feelings of unworthiness, and so on. 

To make it worse, as this program continues to cause you to be rejected by others, not get the job, not be able to keep any friends, not be able to hold down a loving relationship, it further reinforces feelings of hopelessness.

If you want to discover the secret to success – here’s what you must know about self esteem, and the truth permanently changing self critical beliefs. You won’t find this info anywhere else on the web.

See, self-esteem and confidence are the foundations for the type of life you can create for yourself. If you choose to ignore it, your level of self-esteem and confidence will determine the things you can and cannot attract – and basically what you can do and achieve in the world. It’s the foundation for everything else.

What the mind can conceive it can achieve. But just because your mind can come up with an image, does not mean that you – the you that’s separate from your mind – have the confidence to actualise it. That’s the gap to creating change in your life. 

It is impossible to build the self-esteem needed to make positive change, as well as the confidence to go after what you want, while you feel and sees yourself in a certain way.

So how can you build healthy self-esteem and actually, achieve confidence?

A lot of clients come to me after seeing psychologists or NLP practitioners, and are taught how to anchor a state of confidence. 

That’s not how the mind actually works – you can’t anchor a state permanently. They come to me anxious about their confidence in themselves, or their confidence in their ability to do the things they really want.

I have been studying the human mind for ten years, and having had to deal with my own confidence and esteem issues, I was determined to find a way to overcome them. If these issues had gotten inside of me, I knew I could get them out.

I discovered all self-esteem issues are created by how we take on beliefs about self, based on how others responded to us and this is fuelled by beliefs that create, certain states and feelings and low levels of esteem that get triggered at certain times. 

I also learnt that all negative, self critical beliefs reducing self-esteem can be removed – they were only taken on as a survival mechanism to fit in and avoid challenging those who implanted the negative messages we received.

It took me 9 years to figure out how to do this permanently, as I didn’t learn this from a book, or my degree.

I learnt it through trial and error, over and over and I would love to share how easy it is.

It is a process of changing the way you think, so knowledge alone cannot change the structures.

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