Why Old Memories Make You Feel Like a Failure – How To Restore Unshakeable Confidence

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If you are someone who has “failed” at something in the past and you now feel like a failure in life, constantly struggling with negative self-talk generated by your memories, this article is for you. 

Have you bought into the unconscious trap of thinking that these memories of failure are useful to you, and protect you from further suffering? Consider this question. 

If these negative memories are useful as a learning experience… then why do they generate feelings of low self-worth and esteem, and make you feel like a failure when you think about them?

A lot of clients ask me, how is it possible that after several failures – some people are still able to bounce back and succeed? 

This is a great question. 

Why are some people resilient to failure when others absorb the negative perceptions and effects of these so called “failures” and subsequently take on beliefs such as “I am a failure” and “I will never succeed”?

The reason is simple. 

Our unconscious programming towards success and failure is greatly influenced by our perceived idea of failure. Associated feelings of failure originate from an experience that is defined, perceived, and accepted as a ‘failure’ by others. 

In other words, if you constantly feel like a failure, it’s because you’ve been ‘hypnotized’ into believing this negative concept, by others around you. This most commonly occurs in childhood when, as a child, one is dependent, vulnerable and hence easily influenced by the adults around them.

This child will then grow into an adult who has been hypnotized to feel like a failure and have a negative self-perception. They will then be more vulnerable to experiencing the negative effects of feelings of failure – as they have been programmed to do. 

This will consequently cause certain survival behaviours such as trying to prepare for failure; as these negative perceptions are driving them to do so.

You Feel Like a Failure Because of Your Negative Memories

The single greatest impediment to one’s success in life is the storehouse of negative memories of “failed” experiences. 

It is these memories and their associated feelings of failure, humiliation, defeat, inadequacy, disappointment, shame, and embarrassment that actually generate your greatest worst enemy; aka the fear of failure. 

Did you know that if those memories did not exist (i.e. never took place) within you – the fear would be permanently erased and leave you feeling empowered, confident, strong, self-assured, optimistic, motivated, resilient, courageous, and able to make clear and discerning choices to allow a successful and fulfilling life? 

So how do you get rid of such memories, you ask? 

Well, simply by erasing them from the subconscious mind!

Many people have the belief that old, negative memories of failure are useful to them because:

  1. They help them not make the same mistakes again.
  2. It is what the learning process is all about.
  3. They make up who they are as a person and therefore give them a sense of identity.
  4. Having them makes them a “normal” human being.

And so on…

Yet, much of what is associated with any negative memory is emotional pain that undermines one’s motivation, courage, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, sense of adequacy, self-trust, sense of competence and this actually leads to serious self-doubt. 

This self-doubt can paralyze someone when they are about to make an important decision.

Erase Past Memories and Stop Feeling Like A Failure

A question that many – including perhaps you – have asked, is:

Is it possible to erase those negative toxic memories of failure, and no longer feel like a failure, once and for all?

It has come to my attention that recently medical scientists are attempting to create drugs that can somehow help one “forget” or at least blunt the emotional impact of past negative memories. This clearly means that there is a growing consciousness about how limiting these can be as well as a desire to do something about them.

Unfortunately, the approaches being taken by scientists, as noted above, have serious limitations i.e. a) the drugs cause side effects that are serious and unpredictable and b) there is a need to keep taking the drug(s) to maintain the effect.

What many don’t realise however, is that none of these problems need be taken on mentally. Now, for the first time, it is possible to actually delete any/all negative memories from the subconscious mind with a new question and answer algorithm that can be easily taught to anyone.

This algorithm has the capacity to systematically, permanently and completely erase any negative memory.

What’s more, the positive impact of this is not what you might expect. For instance, did you know that undertaking such a process can actually help to systematically restore one’s self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-trust, energy, motivation, enthusiasm for life, resilience to future negative events, sense of wellbeing, the ability to make clear and discerning choices in all areas of  life, sense of personal empowerment, joy, emotional independence, creativity and much more?

How is this possible, you might ask? Well it turns out that negative memories behave like what I have termed “Life Force Energy Parasites” and deplete vital life energy, (i.e. the source of all the positive resources mentioned above) from the mind/body. 

Once these parasites are deleted however, they completely disappear allowing one’s Life Force Energy to progressively and spontaneously return to- and re-integrate with the mind/body. Thereby restoring the individual to life and to what it means to truly live.

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