How to Permanently Overcome Your Fear of Success and Achieve Your Full Potential

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Are you haunted by the fear of success? It might feel counterintuitive to be afraid of going after what you desire – if anything, you should be motivated to do the one thing you know you truly want to achieve.

So why does fear get in the way? You might be feeling helpless not understanding why it’s hold on you is so strong.

You may also be wondering why so called “experts” have not been able to help you remove this from your life.

If you would like to finally take back the control over your life, mind and body to go after what you want, I’m here to show you exactly how this fear has taken the driver’s seat in your life – and what you can do about it. 

I am going to help you to understand why the fear has taken complete command of your life and subsequently, what it will create in your life if you allow it to continue to remain inside you.

Your Fear of Success, and the Unconscious Memories Behind It

Firstly, after studying the human mind for 12 years I want to educate you on why “feel the fear and do it anyway” has locked you further into a program that other industry professionals have used to simply move the fear around in your body.

Understanding fear and how it is formed is the first step to understanding how it developed inside you in the first place, and how you unconsciously have accepted it to be inside you.

As a child we come into this world and every fear inside of us is programmed into us by a collection of negative experiences; which serve to protect you from experiencing this old unconscious pain again. 

Now, you may be wondering what unconscious experience that your fear of success could possibly protecting. 

It’s important to realise that in our most vulnerable younger years, we are susceptible to being hypnotized by those around us because we are dependent upon others. This dependency also helps us to form our sense of self, as we are learning our place in the world. 

Therefore, as with all other fears – the fear of success has been programmed into you as a way of keeping you safe from further hurt, harm and danger.

Your Past Experiences of Failure, Hurt or Rejection are Controlling Your Present

Underneath your fear and anxiety lies an unconscious memory from the past. This memory taught you that if you stepped up and tried to achieve – the consequences would have been detrimental and very difficult for you to handle as a child.

The negative consequences of you stepping up at the time could have resulted in abusive harm, hurt and further rejection. So as a way for your mind to keep you safe and cope, you unconsciously developed a fear to try and succeed, and inevitably experience the pain of disapproval or failure. Make sense?

The problem with having this fear of success inside of you as a mature adult is that you know have the ability to make healthy choices and the free will to choose better for yourself. Therefore the fear that you developed as child when you were helpless, no longer serves you.

The sad fact is that most adults still allow a fear of success to reside inside of them as a protective strategy for survival and as such, it limits their potential now.

So many people stay in unsatisfying career opportunities, unfulfilling relationships and toxic environments to stay in this unconscious barbed-wire fence that the fear has created.

This fear causes anxiety and nervousness every time you try to bypass and move into a new more fulfilling life for yourself.

This fear stops business owners from realising the full potential of what could be; stops individuals from going after a new opportunity; and further creates feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety every time it is threatened to retrigger the unconscious pain stored inside of you.

Your critical inner voice is the gate-keeper of this pain and actually speaks to you in a way that serves to keep you small.

Start on Your Journey Towards Restoring Your Full Potential 

Over a decade ago, a process was discovered which could finally eradicate all unconscious fears from the core of our existence. The effect is that people are restored back to a place of power and full expression and are therefore able to move effortlessly through life.

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