How to Stop Worrying and Live a Joyful, Carefree Life

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Do you feel like you’re unable to stop worrying all the time? Do you find yourself worrying about things that don’t matter, to the point where it negatively impacts your life and keeps you from enjoying your everyday experiences? 

You don’t have to keep living this way – it is actually possible for you to change the way you think, take back control over your mind, and regain peace and joy.

If you’re so used to feeling worried all the time you don’t know how it would feel to live on the other side, and live a life full of joy, you are not alone. It can actually be scary to think about living a life outside of worry. 

Worry creates a comfort zone, a known area in which you are familiar with everything that is going on. Worry keeps you from taking chances and embracing risks, and in so doing it keeps you believing that you are safe. 

Even if your life is plagued with fear and you have a hard time sleeping, your subconscious mind feels that you are safer this way than you would be without the worry.

Stop WorryingWorry has been programmed into you, and you are stuck with this negative and unhelpful computer program running in the hard disk of your mind. And your mind, like a computer, does not even know how to bypass this program and accomplish the tasks it needs to without the worry. 

This wears you down, taking up energy stores that you could be using for enjoying life. It saps joy from your life, causes high levels of stress, and makes you feel panicked and overwhelmed. 

Permanently Change Your Unconscious Beliefs and Stop Worrying

So what can you do to stop worrying and take back control of your life? You have to start with the unconscious myths that define how you think about yourself and the world. 

At a certain level, you worry because you believe it is better to worry than not to. Let’s look at some of the things we unconsciously believe about worry:

  • We believe that worry helps us stay on top of things.
  • We believe that worry helps our lives run more smoothly.
  • We believe that worry helps us remember things we need to do.
  • We believe that worry helps us stay in control of our lives.
  • We believe that worry makes us more efficient.
  • We believe that worry protects us from unforeseen circumstances.
  • We believe that worry keeps us safe.
  • We believe that worry protects us from disappointment.
  • We believe that worry is what it means to be human.
  • We believe that worry makes us a better person.
  • We believe that worry improves our relationships.

If we look at these beliefs objectively and critically, we realise that each of them are false: worry actually immobilises us, makes us forget important things, makes us less efficient, harms our relationships, etc. however, our subconscious still believes them. That’s why we have to unwire our minds from these myths to experience the calm, peace, and resilience that can come from letting go of worry.

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