How your Past Experiences Drive You to Self Sabotage

Do you catch yourself in patterns of self sabotage? 

Maybe you set yourself a goal and then find yourself doing everything except what you need to do to achieve that goal. Maybe you actually do things that will make it even harder to achieve your goals in the future. 

If you do, you aren’t alone. This is an extremely common behaviour and one that keeps many people from success and happiness.


The good news is, it is possible to change these behaviours. You can change your reality for good, attract opportunities into your life, and take control of your own future!

We often live our lives with the belief that we get what we deserve. This is not true – there are many people who do terrible things and yet are rich beyond belief, and there are others who are truly wonderful people and live in abject poverty. 

The truth is, we get what we believe we deserve. Think about that for a moment. If you actually believed that you deserved the things you want in life, would you settle for any less? 

Would you let anything stop you from getting them?

Your internal thermostat is stuck on ‘self sabotage’

All of us have an internal thermostat that determines how we look at the world and at ourselves. This internal thermostat makes choices for us that we aren’t even conscious of – choices about what we deserve to be, who we deserve to be friends with, and what choices we deserve to make. 

We use affirmations and re-framing to try and shift this internal thermostat, but the problem is that these techniques do not address the underlying problem of why our thermostat is set to a limited temperature.

If you feel like you just can’t seem to get the things you want in life, or that you can’t get up the motivation to do the things you know you should to achieve your goals, then the problem isn’t that you’re not strong enough. 

It’s that your internal thermostat is set in one spot, is refusing to budge, and is convincing you that you do not actually deserve the things you want in your life. I can help you change your internal thermostat and make a positive change to your life!

So, if we all have this interior thermostat that tells us what we are worth and what we deserve – what is setting the thermostat for us? More importantly, what keeps pushing the temperature down no matter how much we want it to get warmer and more comfortable?

Our past events determine how we see ourselves and in so doing determine the settings on our interior thermostat. When we have a negative view of ourselves, we end up sabotaging our own lives. The only way to stop this pattern of self sabotage is to permanently remove the things that are tormenting us.

Techniques like affirmations and re-framing work on subconscious beliefs. What they fail to do is address the things that caused those beliefs. Our memories create beliefs about ourselves, and until we address our memories we will continue to believe what the memories tell us, no matter how many affirmations we say.

What kinds of memories limit our self-perception?

The sorts of memories that everyone has: failure, loneliness, rejection, and loss. Some people have been abused or neglected, and these people are likely to have even more limiting beliefs. But everyone has experienced sorrow of some sort in their lives, and therefore everyone has the foundation for limiting beliefs in some way. 

Events that happen in childhood are even more powerful. When we begin to believe something about ourselves as children, that belief sinks deep down into us and follows us for the rest of our lives. If that belief is that we do not deserve good things, then as an adult we will find ourselves unconsciously acting to self sabotage our goals and ambitions.

Affirmations and re-framing can help to soften these beliefs, but at some point something will happen to bring that memory back up and re-trigger the belief. The only way to permanently put these beliefs to rest is to address the memories that caused them.

When you self sabotage and prevent yourself from achieving your dreams and experiencing happiness, you are acting out your negative beliefs about yourself. What experiences did you have in the past that convinced you that you are a bad person? 

What memories are telling you now that you do not deserve good things? These beliefs and memories might have been present for most of your life up to now, but they can be changed.


Reclaim your life from self sabotage

Over 12 years ago, scientists discovered a process that has been proven to change the way we think about ourselves, what we can do, and what we deserve. Through hundreds of case studies of clinical coaching, it was shown that the Mind Resonance Process removes negative memories completely. This means that your instinct to self sabotage will be gone, and in its place will be a positive flow of feelings of confidence, which will increase your quality of life.

This doesn’t means that you will experience amnesia, and it certainly doesn’t mean the process will take away part of who you are. What it will do is take away the burden of being a victim. These things will still have happened to you, but they no longer need to define who you are. You deserve better than the negative memories you have from the past, and you can experience positive patterns that will give you the life you really deserve.

Think about the negative memories that have given you limiting beliefs. Be honest with yourself. You are more than just those harmful memories. You can take the first step toward reclaiming your life and gaining control over your identity by requesting a complimentary phone/Skype consultation with me today.

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Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.

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Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

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