Develop an Unstoppable Sense of Internal Motivation and Achieve Your Goals

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Are you one of the many people who have trouble with motivation? You are not alone. It is extremely common to simply feel unmotivated to do the things we need to do. 

But as common as this feeling is, it is not our natural state at all. While motivation experts have made millions of dollars telling people how to get off the couch and do what they need to do, their students quite often just end up struggling with motivation yet again.

Here is how most people teach motivation classes:

  1. Write down your goals.
  2. Imagine what it would feel like to have those goals already achieved.
  3. Feel motivated and get to work!

The problem with this method is that the benefits of visualising your goals are just temporary. This process doesn’t lead you to develop your own sense of strong, internal motivation. 

All too soon your motivation will wane again and it will get harder and harder to work toward your goals. Eventually you will feel a sense of despair when you think of your goals. 

You might start self-sabotaging, deliberately distracting yourself and taking your mind off your goals. Everything else becomes more important than accomplishing your biggest goals – washing the laundry, organising your closet, getting together with friends, or even clipping the dog’s toenails. 

Once you get to the stage of clipping the dog’s toenails, you realise that you are doing really dumb things to avoid thinking about your real work – so you try to refocus on your goal. But this period of motivation lasts even less time before you start to lose interest again.


Why relying on a coach to motivate you can do more harm than good

Some people look to coaches to give them a swift kick in the rear to get going. Your coach’s strategies may be kind and gentle, or they may be harsh and mean, but all are meant to help you realise what you need to be doing to meet your goals and to actually do it.


But even this motivation can often be short-lived, however, and the repercussions are even worse. Now you have someone else you are accountable to, which means that when you inevitably start procrastinating now, you also feel like a bad person because you have to tell your coach you have been procrastinating.

Eventually you start to have a feeling of despair, and the very thought of your goals is enough to feel depressed. This is not how we should feel about our life dreams and ambitions!

I have seen this problem in client after client, and I want to share with you a method that actually works.

This method will addresses the root problem of your procrastination and help you to develop a strong sense of internal motivation within you – so you will no longer feel like you need someone kicking your butt to get you moving.

Why Psychology, NLP, the Sedona Method, and the Six Step Strategies programs to motivation don’t work?

We all have a network of experiences that make up who we are. Some of these experiences are negative and some are positive. Each experience creates an overall energetic feeling in our core. All the negative experiences we have had cause energetic debris to pile up and sit on our energy field. 

All this debris, or baggage, acts as an emotional straitjacket that actually confines you and keeps you from doing the things you know you need to do. So every time you visualise a goal and formulate a plan to make it happen, this emotional debris weighs you down and crushes the internal motivation that you need to act on it.

Imagine trying to run a race with an extra 50kg strapped on to your back. You can imagine getting to the finish line and how great you will feel once you get there all you want, but it is going to get harder and harder to take each step to get there. Eventually you might collapse, exhausted, and decide that getting to the finish line just isn’t worth it. If we do make it to the finish line, we will be too tired and sore to even enjoy it. 

The emotional baggage that each of us carries around is essentially that extra 50kg. If we can get rid of our emotional baggage, just like if we can throw off the 50kg weight, it will become infinitely easier and more pleasant to reach our goals.

If the motivation experts you listen to don’t make you feel like you are shedding that 50kg in emotional baggage, then they are not addressing the root problem that causes you to procrastinate and despair. If you don’t feel lightweight and effortless, then you are fighting through energetic muck and mud – you are fighting a battle you don’t need to fight.

How to solve the problem of emotional baggage and negative energy, and develop a strong sense of internal motivation

What can you do, you ask, to create this effortless and weightless feeling of internal motivation and energy without having to depend on a motivational guru?

It’s simple, though it’s harder than it sounds. You have to get rid of the energy debris that is stored in your unconscious mind. Some years ago the creation of the Mind Resonance Process revolutionised the way we understand and work with memory energies. 

Through this process, you can become the authentic, fully-expressed, best version of yourself. When you think of your goals, instead of feeling defeated, you can feel an unstoppable sense of purpose and deep internal motivation.

Most of us carry around memories of failure, humiliation, and disappointment. Some of us have been abused or neglected. Many of us have felt loneliness and loss. The popular saying is that “what does not kill us makes us stronger,” but these memories prove that saying to be false: they have a negative emotional charge that depletes our Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy, or LFE, is the source of all our positive emotional resources. Everything that makes us happy and capable comes from our LFE, including:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-worth
  • Optimism
  • A strong sense of internal motivation
  • Drive
  • Creativity
  • Self-trust
  • Emotional resilience
  • Courage
  • Sense of adventure
  • And much more

Life Force Energy isn’t just what makes us happy; it’s literally what keeps us alive and unites our mind to our body.

So our negative memories might not have killed us in the moment but they’re not making us stronger; they’re depleting our Life Force Energy and slowly killing us minute by minute.

If you look closely at your negative debris, it becomes obvious that it is giving you a negative perception of yourself, others, and even of life itself. These negative memories make you feel like a victim, and they make life feel like a burden. They lead to despair.

The good news is that you can permanently and completely erase this emotional debris from your energetic field. When you do this, you can regain control of your internal motivation, propel yourself forward in your life and achieve your goals.

As you address your negative memories and remove your emotional debris, your LFE becomes vibrant again and your mind and body become optimally re-integrated. You come back to life and rediscover a strong sense of internal motivation. In my practice, I have witnessed thousands of individuals gain new energy, motivation, joy, radiance, and optimism. I have even seen them improve in their health and overall wellness.

When you revitalise your Life Force Energy, you come alive. You will feel vibrant, and enjoy an unstoppable zest for life. 

Let me show you how to take control of your life again! I designed the Institute of Self Mastery to help people like you become your highest and most authentic self, and to enjoy life and live with effortless success.

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