How to Get Rid of the Victim Mentality and Rebuild Your Confidence

Are you suffering from a victim mentality?

Do you ever feel like life is against you? Do you walk around with feeling angry most of the time? Do you spend a lot of your time feeling envious of others? Do you feel cheated, or that the life has been unfair to you?

Do you ever question why you feel this way, and why you’ve decide to accept these feelings into your life?

Well, if your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you will most likely agree that you feel like or believe that you are a victim.

If you would like to permanently shed this disempowering victim mentality from your life, keep reading.

The Characteristics of Victim Mentality

The state of victim mentality comes to those individuals who carry within them a history of negative memories, right from early life stages continuing to haunt and dis-empower them. The past has generated and created feelings of anger, low self esteem and powerlessness; most importantly whether you know this or not keeps you resonating at a consciousness level of anger. 

To a large extent this may surprise you; this includes practically everyone on the planet. Why is that you ask? Well because everyone has at one time or other experienced a negative event and most have experienced more than one.

Those negative memories reside in the unconscious mind and from there they serve as a reminder of where you came from and most importantly, as many believe, who you are. 

Yes, who you are, because many individuals believe that their life history “makes up” who they are. In other words they have completely, and without question chosen to identify themselves with those memories giving away free-will over things they could not control.

Now here you may say “Well of course they make up who I am. After all they happened to me, they have impacted on my personal development and therefore represent who I am.” 

If that is the case then if many of those memories are of negative life events, what does that make you? Well, a victim!

So, having defined yourself in this way how do you change that? Well, you may say “By taking control of my life and making it better.” 

Indeed that is what many try to do but that does not change the stuff inside of you which is ever present, and – believe it or not – still affects how you feel about yourself, about life and how others treat you.

Free Yourself from Your Negative History

You see, the only real way to stop being and feeling like a victim is to permanently stop identifying yourself with that negative history. So how does one do that without outright denying what has happened? Well, clearly denying it isn’t going to change anything because it will still, be there inside you.

The only way to separate your sense of identity from this victim mentality is to completely and permanently erase the negative past from the unconscious mind and body. 

How does one do that? Well, there is a new coaching process developed over 10 years ago that has the capacity to permanently clear the slate of the unconscious mind from such negativity. The effects are such that one is left feeling like the memories never actually took place.

What’s more the individual’s self image alters completely from one of victim to that of a confident, empowered, optimistic and successful individual. 

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Felicity Muscat is the Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery which was created to help others fulfil the truest, highest, and most authentic expression of themselves in all areas of life.

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Felicity Muscat, former psychologist is now an international self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-mastery life coach. Felicity is also a relationship and success coach, author of three best-selling books and Level 3 mind resonance coach.

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