Learn How to Overcome Self Doubt

Living with self doubt can feel like you’re locked in a constant battle between you and your mind. You might feel like you’re on the verge of giving up, and you just want to regain control over your subconscious self, and get rid of the toxic thoughts that are limiting your potential. 

I want you to know it is possible to overcome your self doubt and become supremely confident.

Before I begin to show you how, I want to show you where you are at the moment, where I myself had been, and where my clients were before starting with this powerful new coaching program. 

I want to begin with showing you what self doubt is all about, what causes it to download into your unconsciousness, and some of the ridiculous teaching out there that is claiming to “help” people take control back over their life.

Self doubt to confidenceMany clients come-around telling me about the ways they used to try and manage this thing, before finding out about a process called MRP.

A few of the following techniques were often mentioned when they discussed their previous efforts. 

When you Google “how to eliminate self doubt” you will find teachings on grounding techniques or overriding techniques. They aim to simply replace negative self-talk with positive statements.

I have even had a client who came to me saying she used to try to override negative thoughts by “thinking” these thoughts were an internal guidance trying to derail her – so, in order to achieve what she wanted, she (and many others like her) would try to do the opposite of what her negative thoughts were telling her on daily basis.

Yes, this method does work to some degree, but, in the long run it is ineffective and exhausting.

Self doubt creeps into your decisions and puts the brakes on your motivation and enthusiasm to take any action.

Do you know how much of your life gets wasted by this unnecessary negative emotion? Do you know however that self doubt can be easily, rapidly and permanently deactivated, thus giving you back your life?

How do you do that, you ask?

Self Doubt to Self Confidence

Self doubt is essentially something that challenges your power as a fully potent and creative being. In other words, it says to you something like this:

  1. You don’t have what it takes to succeed.
  2. All your efforts are bound to fail.
  3. You are inadequate and incapable.
  4. You are not smart enough.
  5. You are a loser.
  6. You are a failure.
  7. You are deficient.
  8. You are useless.
  9. You will never achieve success.

And so on.

When one accepts such lies about one’s self, they are instantly thrust into feeling helpless, hopeless, stuck, depressed and unmotivated. Therefore likely to give up. Giving up on what?

Well, giving up on life essentially. In other words, self doubt is directly responsible for seducing (yes “seducing” because you actually do have a choice in all of this) one into giving up on life and yielding to death. In other words, it is a suicidal pact one makes when they allow self doubt to live inside of them.

So how does one address this toxic thing?

In order to completely and permanently purge self doubt from your mind and body, it becomes necessary to make conscious the subconscious beliefs that we have about the usefulness of this toxic thoughts.

Yes, that’s correct, many of you actually believe, deep down, without realising it, that self doubt is in some way useful to you. For instance some people believe that self doubt protects them from making rash decisions and thus behaves like a useful and necessary self checking mechanism.

If one were to logically follow this argument then one could assume that self doubt keeps them feeling safe, secure, at peace, calm, and able to make clear and focused decisions that would ultimately help improve the quality of their life.

Well, if that sounds a bit strange to you it’s because the logic is inherently faulty. See if you can discern why.

An awareness of this fault in itself is the sign that you have already begun to purge/erase self doubt from within.

There is now a new coaching process that can powerfully, effortlessly, and permanently help you erase this and other negative thoughts, feelings and memories from the unconscious mind; thereby giving you back your mind and your life. 

To learn more about it, request a free introductory telephone/Skype coaching consultation, so you can experience how this program actually lifts you out of your body leaving you feeling confident, self-assured and most importantly, helping you to never again deal with the struggle of overriding self doubt constantly.

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