What is A Life Coach What can they help me Achieve that I cannot achieve myself

What Is A Life coach

By Felicity Muscat Success Strategist, Success Coach, life coach and former Psychologist, Business Coach, Coach in Australia and Abroad, Action Catalyst, Mindset Engineer and Authentic Lifestyle Coach. 

What is A life coach ?

What does a Life coach do exactly

Life coaches, help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want. Most life coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of their own coach to do so.

What Happens if Behavours sabotage a individual and the changes do not stick?

What happens if you get a life coach and they are not trained to move long-standing behavioural patterns causing you to get the results you want. you will primarily feel like you have failed yourself and think coaching doesn’t work. Here is why it doesn’t, with NLP life coaches and coaches who do not understand how to remove long-standing beliefs and patterns keeping you stuck.

Tip you cannot learn it from a Psychology degree, the system fails long term changes nor an NLP course, I did them both.

Let’s say for example a client wanted a coach, to make better choices and or increase her level of income. That is great that she intended to make the changes but what if her mind and current beliefs are blocking that,

1 how much she believes she is worth and 2 her unconscious thermostat is set to get her the current results she is currently getting,? Well if that, is the case her behaviours will then kick creating an idea of something she wants, just to get rid of the extra money yearly she was just was able to earn, and then cause her to sabotage her goals and yes only earn the amount of money she feels she is worth. Her mind will find ways to not save to ensure she keeps her income, at the


she feels she is only worth, therefore causing her to feel frustrated and feel like a failure as the extra money she needed to set herself up is being spent without her control.

Hi, I am Felicity Muscat, a Psychologist, Business Coach, Coach in Australia and Abroad, Action Catalyst, Mindset Engineer and Authentic Lifestyle Coach. 

I’ve spent the last 15 years learning the human mindset required to attain success, transforming my own mind and thousands of others,  specializing in mindset and CEO and Founder of The Institute of Self Mastery, I didn’t do this by interviewing successful individuals and then providing mindset advise with only knowledge, as that frankly that doesn’t stick. Have you ever wondered why your attempts to make changes in your life goes against advice you were given?

Why Is That?

Knowledge to improve your life, can be absorbed in the mind long term, if the beliefs blocking your success are removed. Even if you studied a thousand successful people and tried to mimic their  resuts, the human mind,  can only execute the behaviours needed for success and access this knowledge, if you have the success beliefs designed to absorb and implement this way of thinking,

Success is not a fancy or hard thing to achieve, once you know this

Success  is found and created daily in your daily routine to achieve long term vision creation and that is only created and mastered towards success if your mindset is designed for success, if it is not your mind will generate excuses, procrastination and sabotage to ensure you revert back the results to the level of success your mindset is worth receiving based on, 1 your association of success  wither it is a positive association or negative and 2# whether you actually believe your skills, knowledge and talents are worthy of success

Institute Of Self Mastery

Felicity Muscat

So if coaching alone doesnt work ?

With online access and content translated in 21 countries, Offering Online Coaching, online life coach courses and Advise for Individuals looking for a simple solution to achieving your life, Self-Esteem, Confidence and Success goals?

The Institute Of Self Mastery was created to offer tested research on what works and doesn’t in the Self Development space accelerating your results , steering you away from Self Development modalities that can create long-standing personality disorders due to practitioner, lack of  understanding  mindset triggers and coping strategies that get triggered, when trying to change behaviours  and mental trace like states can be triggered by beliefs making you feel unmotivated and your coach just pushing you to do things you feel are just hard. Nor, do not know, how to effectively remove a client from a painful emotional charged state hindering success in relationships, career and Business and painfully leaving a client stuck in that state for years. The Institute of Self Mastery was designed to deliver, the best Success advice in the field of coaching and Psychology on long term cures to long-standing mindset issues affecting success.

Proven and backed with 15 years of research of the truth to achieve long term change and showing individuals and Business owners why achieving your goals using other modalities is a recipe for failure. to help and made it her mission, even if clients choose to work with her or not, her mission is to inform and educate so people can make informed decisions. She created this and it’s now my mission to transform peoples lives into an effortless path to achieving fulfilment in relationships, careers, business and self-growth.

The Number one Mistake People make to creating change, and The most crucial key to success……….

The most crucial key to success……….

The biggest mistake, I see people make when it comes to lasting change in trying to attain the life they want, improved health, healthy perception of self, self-confidence, lack of stress over money, building a successful business, sticking to a routine and are moving from failure to success – is that you cannot fix your mind and get it to do what you want, by yourself or use willpower to change a habit or take action on a desire or use force. It takes years to understand the programmed fears you have accumulated as well as beliefs about yourself and the fear you took on that is blocking your path to success, beliefs and behaviours that are programmed to cause you to do what you do. Buried deep they drive an individual to feel stuck in every positive action they should be taking to improve their lives.

The second mistake I see is when individuals think they can use willpower for deeply ingrained habits. Yes, sure it can work on smaller programs, although you just can’t use willpower if your mind has been programmed to do a set of behaviours like to spend money, eat badly eventually it will revert you back to its set point of comfort.

So if you cannot do it by force or willpower to lasting change, then what is the answer?

You need to change the foundations of your thinking to help you have the life that you want. Every decision you make, every choice you choose, is being controlled by your mind, You know when the friend can give you advice on what to do or how to change something and the advice, book you read does not seem to absorb in or create change, well, anything you have tried to achieve, but have failed to do so  up until this point is also controlled by your mind and not your fault.  It is your responsibility to change the programs getting you the current results your getting.

I’m inspired to share a message about the

#1 MOST important element for success: Commitment.

It  amazes me to see, how many entrepreneurs, Dream Chasers  and individuals  SAY they’re committed to growing their business, reach their goals and achieve the success they so badly desire, to get off the train of failure, sabotage, fear  and worry about their future, swamped with negative thinking and excuses and jump on the journey to discipline, effortlessness, commitment and a resilience  to achieve success  but when it comes time to ACT like they’re committed, they stall or backpedal.

I know from experience that having a foot or toe out of any venture is a recipe for disappointment. Your business and life are no different. You’ve got to be in it to win it, every step of the way.

Because even if you’re close to being fully committed (like a 9 on a scale of 1-10), as soon as challenges pop up in a project a goal or a desire, you want to bail instead of riding the waves and growing from the experience.

I’m sharing this reminder as I am frankly tired of people telling you to commit, people pushing others to commit to something that their mind is just not able to achieve. It doesn’t take more commitment, more willpower and definitely shouldn’t take you having to push harder and then beating yourself up for it, and frankly, anyone who tells you that you should or stop making excuses has no idea, how the mind works to get you from point A pain, to point B destination desire.

The Secret……………

The secret is,- Your mind is resisting the pleasure you are  seeking, whether it be  more freedom, more love, more success, more closeness, the ability to be authentically you, the ability to achieve greater success in your business or just being, able to feel confident in your own skin, simply as it was designed that way to keep you safe from the very thing you are trying to achieve as it thinks that the thing you want is a danger to your survival.  Weird, right?

But, What if you knew how to rewire your mind effortlessly to see what you wanted or were trying to achieve to be a  pleasurable experience so that it propels you forward naturally with excitement instead of fear,? Then what will you need to commit to.? Nothing really! The mind only fears something you have been negatively programmed to associate as a danger, meaning when you try and achieve it, the brain will signal your mind, to give you an excuse why you should avoid the action that will get you to your desired result. It works in mysterious ways, whether it is an excuse, you instantly become unmotivated, your body feels tired, you start to feel unmotivated, you procrastinate, or in the sense of a relationship, you start to nitpick. These defence strategies are not natural states and are not coming from you nor are your fault. They are just negatively association based on an old experience your mind is protecting you from experiencing again. Hence why a technique, or those who teach you their tricks to overcome it, only create a temporary result to overcome it and a band-aid solution that creates temporary spurs of action the procrastination, small success then for you to spiral down again.

What this means is……………To imply one needs to commit means that one needs to push past fears, feel the fear and do it anyway and push past the negative associations of the thing you are desiring to bring you pain. It just doesn’t work that way. Funny that!… It makes everything feel like hard work………

So what is the Secret to Success

We run from what we think will bring us pain and we attract what we feel will bring us pleasure, If success is associated with pain in your mind, for example, failure, humiliation or potential criticism of you becomes wildly successful, then your path will be tiresome. Yes take their advice and commit to pain and watch your mind resist success like it is the plague.

Your mind will then start feeling sleepy, more tired, less motivated and then you will beat yourself up for it saying, I just need to commit.. Okay, if that is working for you, then keep at it and I wish you well on your path.

If you do not feel like you want to have those viruses there weighing you down, the secret is to remove the things stopping you from obtaining it. That’s it. There is no technique, a special band-aid solution that will work.

So if you want to know how to board the effortless train, read my Journey below in the About Us page and connect if you want to see if it is a fit for you.

Ways I Help You.


With a coach or not

I Learnt The 6 Main Reasons As To Why People Do Not, Achieve The Success They Desire.

Reason 1

People are not successful and struggle to get there, as they are not getting to the root cause of the issue. If someone’s mindset is not set and programmed in a way that sees their desires as positive, as they have had previously learnt the thing they want is dangerous or will bring them, pain in some way, then they have been unconsciously programmed to repel it. Love, connection, fame, exposure, health, attention, money, friendships and because is seen in their mind as in having it will naturally bring something painful and or hurtful or unwanted into lives. Of these unconscious associates of pain it leads to the second reason, below I speak about how the mind is programmed, the reasons for relationships can be a little more complex, but lets just look at success as an example and for more info on relationships be sure to check out my ebook on the ten steps to a loving committed relationship with lasting attraction and passion.

Reason 2

You are unable to take the necessary action because you believe that what you want is going to bring you pain, beliefs and thoughts control behaviours and, these lead to an ability to take effortless action and or feel confused stuck and lost.

Reason 3

You do not believe change is possible as your mind has convinced you changing your situation is going to be pointless, always caused by low levels of self-esteem deciding for you what you can or cannot achieve or accomplish. If you were constantly put down you do not see success as away, you see failure as a set point you must accept, so the key to change is to change this set point, so you can start accepting success as your new normal, in my book below I touch on how to start freeing yourself of this toxic like thinking.

You do not have an effective technique to remove your own limitations, creating the reality you have now

Reason 4

Your mind has been designed to see life as  stressful, painful and a miserable place and challenges as dangerous you believe changing your situation will be an impossible task because your mindset has taken on belied that it is just not possible, challenges are too hard, I can never really successful I am not going to make it so why to try right?

Reason 5

You do not have the skill set and the mindset congruent

Reason 6

One thing I learnt about growth it is doesn’t just take the grown, if I grow and believe I can have a successful business yes, that’s great that’s going to fuel  my ability to take action, although without the skill set of talking to people and marketing my results would end up not so favorable, the thing is though if you do not  believe it or feel worthy your not going to want to invest and  take the necessary actions to get the skills you need to succeed your not lazy you mindset is just telling you it’s not going to happen

Reason 6 You fear responsibility success, failure and committing to the life you want. In which I outline how these fears got into your mind and how to permanently remove them. Find out find out why and how in my book below.


The Secret……………

Personally, I went from a negative thinking, self-sabotaging, feeling stuck, and having no idea on how to fix the areas I felt I kept falling in, keeping my weight off, Looking after my health, taking action on my business, attracting  toxic relationships, making poor quality life choices and blaming others for my choices   to waking every single morning feeling incredible happiness and confidence in myself as I could finally set a goal a vision an intention and hit it.! I went from having no answers to all of the answers on how to, do it! This isn’t magic, it’s really quite simple, but it took me stopping almost EVERYTHING I was doing in order to make it happen at the age of 22 and start thinking of a way that would generate lasting change. If you’re thinking you’ve already heard all there is to know about self-growth, that’s what I thought too. I was wrong. Here’s what is different, you don’t need to do MORE, you actually need to do LESS! As in stop trying to change and struggle with the outside world when it is your inside world, creating it, so do less is your advice?.

If you’re fed up trying to figure out how to get the happiness you deserve and find out what you MUST do about it, but feel so overwhelmed and unsure? Most importantly, learn how you can finally get your own working life as a positive growth machine. I use the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP), a powerful method that is a self-empowerment coaching process which permanently removes any mindset obstacles that are getting you, the results you are currently getting that is not leading you to the success you desire.

The one thing people do not know is that, the strategy you take or do not take, is controlled by  your current beliefs and behaviours and if your beliefs and behaviours are not congruent with your desires and, or what you want and are seeking, is not seen in a positive way, then your behaviours and strategy will feel hard towards propelling you towards what you want as well as, tiresome and they will sabotage before getting to the desired result.

My life is not one of flying in planes and riding fancy cars, as for me that is not what makes me feel successful. What makes me feel successful is doing what I love, being a source of hope for others, and getting my clients results when 15 other therapists and practitioners were not able to, that’s what makes me feel successful as my determination and my own skills and talents are used to better the lives of others, that is a life of meaning and that equals success to me. was able to help me do what others are not able to, but for me it means success.

So what makes me feel successful is the ability to do and breathe what I love by being who I am and using my talents and abilities to create change in others lives. That is my version of success. Having got there, let me tell you what didn’t make me feel successful.

I went from working in an industry I hated doing things with my time I had no control over, selling things I had no interest in, seeking approval from people using my skills and abilities to make them more money, whilst hiding away from people in my lunch break any chance I got,  to having to hide my inner fears and anxiety and pretend I was okay, studying my degrees of a night time part time, to want to hide them to appear normal to keep my job for companies I didn’t even want to work for.  Fake it to you, make it was all I could do and I realized a  waste of time, type of thinking, I had no actual care or investment in the jobs I was in, to  achieving goals that made me feel frustrated, and had no grasp on my emotional landscape or had no clue as to why I made the choices I made. To further add salt to the wound, I had no clue as to why I picked partners and friends who used and treated me poorly, I was terrified of rejection to the point of isolating myself for years, terrified of being humiliated. I would freeze up around others and could only do phone-based roles so I didn’t have to be around people, and make excuses as to why I had to leave and had no clue as to why my mind did that.

I made poor money choices to be able to now, do what I love every day. I  was angry, bitter and negative and frankly blamed everyone but myself for how my life had turned out. Yes environment had a lot to do with it and everything I had seen growing up, did contribute to it, but I quickly realized,  it is my life and if I want to make anything for myself I need to work with what I have, not what happened in the past.

I need to stop blaming, as these things did not make me feel successful and I had to stop looking for others to validate me and say sorry and to take my mind my confidence and all the negativity I had acclimated that had created my current reality and figure out how to quickly   remove anything that was stopping me from being me in the world.

Where I could create my own life and my own path, not one destined for me upon my limitations, one I didn’t ask for, that’s all I had control over, not the past, just how quickly I could learn to remove the limitations in my mind  when the world of psychology only has band-aid solutions, I didn’t want a band-aid, I wanted a cure.

I didn’t want to battle this way my whole life, I wanted it gone and I was determined to figure it out.  To remove so many obstacles in my own mind to be feeling positive, calm and peaceful and to never be triggered by anyone as my self esteem and self-confidence now supports how I think of myself to be able to live and breath my passion of psychology, to as  study the arts whenever I choose to and that only came about once I was able to remove all of the limitations on what I believed I should be spending my time doing.  Have kids, get a  good job, marry young and I went from being my authentic self in the world, doing only what I want to do with my time and that is pursuing my passions, arts learning business, dance and Martial arts and set up my life and the foundations to be able to support it.

The problem was, not everyone’s path to success looks the same and for me, the hardest part was, I have so many fears and anxiety and confidence issues running in the background, I didn’t even know who I was and what I wanted, so I really had to start from the scratch. I began, I had to figure out what creates beliefs to form, where they come from, why they even get in the mind in the first place and more importantly if they got in, how to get them out.  Uncovering all the false selves I had taken on to survive to strip myself back to who I am and discovering what I want and what would make me feel successful.

The hardest part was, traditional techniques in self development do not remove beliefs, programs and personalities so it took me 12 years to figure out how to remove that them first so I could have at least some type of normal  life, where I wasn’t feeling scared and anxious to be around people so I has to figure that out first. I hired a coach at the age of 22, changing from one coach to the other, some of the techniques I experienced were laughable and I experienced no long term permanent change, after trying 15 different modalities, NLP, Psychology, the Sedona method, I found one of the  world best Engineers who was testing his modality in a Canadian University, got a part-time job at a to be able to pay for him and when I started seeing the results and felt myself do the things I always wanted to do naturally and effortlessly, and my fears going completely. I made it my mission for him to teach me everything he knew about the human mind, so I could do for others what he did for me, 5 years later I was qualified and had cured my own mind, his name was Nick Arriza and he is an innovator in the world of Psychology,   him and I, were both former psychologists and realised quickly ,  the techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, only proved to be band-aids solutions to more complex issues of the mind  and with his innovation created a process called the Mind Resonance Process, click to read my article on why self-development techniques do not aid long term results in change and why Mrp does.

How is this different from me doing it myself and why can I not decide to do it and, be able to create my own reality and what is a life coach and or success coach anyway

Felicity tell me, what is coaching ?and why is it affecting my ability to get results.

Unconscious programming  — what is that? Is it something you are doing, but not aware of in which is getting you the results you do not want? , unconscious programming is controlling every move you make.

Unconscious programming is a multitude of habits that guide every move you make. Driven by fears, self image and belief systems about the self and the world taken on as a child to protect you and how you see the world, as adults, they limit, restrict and make your life’s goals seem impossible They affect the way you eat, the way you walk, even the way you talk and think and most importantly they shape the action you can or cannot take to get the desired results. They govern your communication, your work habits, your successes and your failures.

What i learn through my own challenges and battles is, yes, they can be removed and now we do not need them to survive, self-esteem issues, lack of drive, no motivation, feeling stuck, low self-esteem, negative self-perceptions are all programs.

For the most part, you were not born with them, They’re the accumulated inheritance of other people’s habits, opinions, and belief systems. Yet they remain the guiding force in YOUR life. Negative and faulty unconscious programming is why the ninety-some per cent of the population keeps getting the same results, year in and year out. Although the good news is, they can be removed, any thought, belief, negative personality can be removed by removing the memories of filters in which your mind is storing them in,

What about you?

Is success slipping through your fingers? Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be in life, but still can’t seem to get there? Do you see people with more money, more success, more happiness than you have and think, “What am I doing wrong?” are you striving for your own version of success but yet to figure out what that is or have no idea where to get started

I can tell you right now that the problem isn’t you. It’s your unconscious programming.

If you want to change your results — really change them, forever — shifting your unconscious programming is the only way to do it. When that shift happens, everything becomes different… just like THAT.

In order to replace an old paradigm that doesn’t serve you (i.e., “I’ve never been able to make more than $40,000 a year), you must lay a new paradigm over that old one, ensuring that it’s sealed from “leaking through” again. When you understand how to lay this floor, so to speak, you will expose yourself to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.

Or maybe you have difficulty meeting people. Altering the paradigm so that it’s easy and enjoyable to meet people could have an incredible impact on your life.

These are just two examples of hundreds of paradigm shifts that could be done in your life today.

Remember: there will be no permanent change in your life until the paradigm has been changed. Choose one or two limiting ideas that are part of your paradigm and replace them with ideas that represent freedom to you. Consciously keep those new thoughts in your head, and act as if those thoughts are already embedded in the foundation of your life.

Before you know it, your life will begin to change — dramatically!

Read my book,

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Are you more a Learn from, one on one interactions? 

 You can join Felicity for a free consultation,

This is by Application only

From anywhere in the world with your computer, tablet or phone.

To get clear on what’s holding you back

Learn the number one mistake you are making to change your results

Get your Free A – Z plans on your path to success no matter how far you feel it is a way.

Felicity will zoom into your mind and help you to get the potential of your desire to be unlocked and show you the quickest way to reach your objectives

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It is the time to challenge your thinking and accelerate the path to success. It’s time to empower yourself to take control of your fears, negative emotions, blocks and whatever else might be holding you back from redefining your future.

What people do not understand about the attainment of success is a lot of the time it starts with the pillars and or foundations of self-esteem, which cannot be fully attained and achieved whilst fears are present, 

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Success doesn’t just happen, it is generated by clear and consistent  actions, faith is not the only thing needed to get to your vision in business and success, it is faith plus the skill set, plus the ability to take action required to hit your target and that target the vision, is only not in your sights due to a lack of confidence in yourself and what type of success you deserve.

Felicity Muscat- institute of Self Mastery

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Love and attraction cannot be sustained long term if the other person needs you, this turns the love, passion and attraction, to an unconscious bonding that eats away at love, attraction and passion. They key to sustain, a long term one passion and attraction, one must contain within themselves the thing they are getting from their partner and if they do not first, will need to settle for a relationship filled with no attraction, no passion and a feeling of being trapped, True attraction comes from loving the persons style character and ability to survive without you, this is the only attraction that sustains long term connection successfully,

Felicity Muscat

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Success In Self Esteem, 

Confidence coaching

Are you feeling you lack self-esteem and confidence not even sure how to change it,  Are you not even sure what the difference is between Self-esteem and Self-confidence? Are you feeling the effects of what not having these two success keys, is doing to your opportunities and the decisions it is causing you to make?, Try the Diamond esteem Activator, Leave about what’s experiencing are shaping how you see yourself and learn how to remove the negative self-perceptions lowering your self-esteem, . Remove the obstacles and get free from the negative perception in the session with a balanced diamond-like self esteem that is resilient to external factors like rejection and humiliation get clear and confident in who you are lying dormant under Neath it and feel confident in yourself and the way you hold yourself, this is no technique session either so if you’re after knowledge a

Self Esteem is the way one sees themselves is it shaped by external programming by the way we were treated or not treated and in turn the negative self-perceptions we learnt about ourselves, in order to change self preconception creating low self-esteem. We need to remove the limited labels that are affecting lower levels of self-esteem, confidence is then generated by the new levels of self-esteem and the results the new level of self-esteem choices, you then can make and that’s what shapes confidence in oneself and that’s how self-esteem is the foundations of self-confidence and your ability to like love yourself based on how your level of self-esteem aligns you to better choices and opportunities  in the attainment of our desires, ,

Felicity Muscat- institute of Self Mastery

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Self Esteem is not generated by knowledge or  techniques as even if one is able to attain a small level of success by a technique  or trick the level of self-esteem will beat that person back down to a level of worth, equivalent to the low-level of self-esteem,

Felicity Muscat

Institute of Self Mastery

See what others have to say

I needed a Life coach and I was searching for answers, I saw a blog post written by Felicity, and reached out as she was the first person who explained confidence issues  the way she wrote about the causes, Felicity’s content of knowledge you cannot find on google, this stuff is unreal and works.
Stephan, Sydney, Australia
Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before, her career coaching sessions gave me a  plan for my life and her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it, I am so grateful for being told about her.
Tony, Director and songwriter Sydney Australia,

Felicity’s knowledge she applies in a business setting is a natural gift, her eye for business to create opportunity’s and free up 15 hours of my time per week with less work, it completely blew me away whilst removing the behavioural patterns that were causing me to work without balance. I went from being overworked,  irritable to tired to calm, relaxed and happy and 15 times more productive than when I believed that life is about working hard.
Micheal, Producer , Perth Australia.

Felicity’s content and wisdom you cannot find through other resources. I know this because I was a knowledge junkie, this reality shifting path stuff is unreal and it works.
Brett Campbell: Melbourne, Australia

Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before. The plan we devised for my life was amazing thanks to her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it. I am beyond grateful for the confidence and assurance I feel day to day, in achieving it.
Simon Evans: Toronto, Canada

Felicity’s familiarity with what I was doing, yes, I had heard it before, so many other coaches had told me what to do. They just couldn’t help me achieve it. I would do what they said for 2 days until I would go back to the same patterns. I was tired of pushing against my own fears and resistance.  I was ready to give up. Felicity sat me down and showed me why I wasn’t achieving it to date, and it was the first time I felt hopeful in my ability to get there. I felt relief that I was in safe hands, she knew me inside and out from the things I told myself to what I spend my time doing. For the first time, I felt that my business journey was a good choice and for the first time with complete certainty. I knew what I had to do and had a plan to get there and most importantly stopped beating myself up for not being able to do it myself. She was the first coach that directly said it is not your fault your situation is like this,  there is no use it blaming yourself when your programs will help you create and make your current lifestyle choices, although,   you do need to face it,  to change where you are going.  I felt relieved and empowered and after our work together, I am running a business, making a profit and a great one at that, not only that but by removing a few roles that were causing workaholic tendencies. I had lost passion and motivation and was ready to give up with no results. I was tired of hearing what I needed to do, without the ability to do it, Felicity

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