Felicity’s Clients  have experienced life altering break through in their relationships, self-expression, esteem and acceptance for there being, overall confidence.. A overall level of joy, and so much more as a result of working with Felicity for a short period of time

Getting the work done with Felicity really helped me understand my emotions and why I feel certain ways when it comes to relationships , she helped me over come my fears and in doing so helped me become the best version of myself I can possibly be , my whole self .

I am now married with an amazing man and I would have never, made it without Felicity … Had I not done the work, I would still feel depressed and confused thanks to Felicity I am now free from depression and loving ME, in which was there all along i just coldly see it a i do now as it was once clouded by toxic beliefs…

I would recommend anyone to go see her as she will definitely help you in every session as she has for me . I am living proof of the amazing techniques

Eva D, Sydney, Australia

Dearest Felicity!

Thank you very much for the article; you’re right, I definitely got a lot out of reading it. I have a better understanding of what happened yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. i’ve been trying to give “permanently erased” a proper go but couldn’t wait any longer to write. I’m not even questioning what happened yesterday, I’m just delighted I met you, Felicity. I haven’t felt this light and chirpy for a long time. Coincidentally, we had friends visit last night, unexpectedly… and I was EAGER to chat with them!!!???!!!

I think we both can probably guess what my attitude would have been like, instead, if we hadn’t had the Skype session. Grin

I’m eager to work with you again to erase more.

Eva, Australia
I have only met Felicity recently and in the few sessions I have had with her I have experienced real and absolute change within myself that has also shown itself in the external world. This is no airy fairy new age banter. If you have the courage to change your history then Felicity has the knowledge, wisdom and grace to guide you into your highest vibration, (your authentic self). I have experienced various modalities of personal development and I am extremely grateful to have come across Felicity. She gets to the root or core of what’s holding you back in the shortest time frame possible. I am excited by all the possibilities that will unfold as I continue this journey.
Adam Singer, Sydney, Australia
I am so thankful for the experience I had with you yesterday. I wanted to share with you what happened afterwards. About 5 minutes after I felt so motivated I sat in the same position without moving for 3 hours, revising my CV and doing/sending job applications. My Right leg went to sleep and I felt a sense of motivation, excitement and presence all at the same time. I felt sure of myself and much if not all of the anxiety was gone. I felt this sense of sureness; sense of self-confidence but it was more than that because it was like touching fearlessness. But even more than that my “mind” was emptier somehow there was more space in it and I found curiously, I could view things dispassionately. There was no need to “step back and detach from thought” because there was a space between me and the “input” I was receiving somehow, so I was just observing, coming from the place of observing naturally. I didn’t have to STRIVE to do it (and no need to practice detaching as a lot of the spiritual practices teach us to do….practice, practice, practice). I now understand the phrase ‘live your life with ease and grace’ because it felt so natural and easy. As if this is the way it is meant to be. Even with all the healing and “releases” during healing of subconscious beliefs?? I have never felt this way before (or actually once when I was 23 years it came naturally). Then about 2 am I became aware as I was coming out of sleep I was having lots of thoughts (negative) about my former relationship and Glenn (former partner). I got up for a while to distract. I woke up then in the morning with the negative thoughts still there and my frontal lobes felt heavier somehow and I’d returned to my former state of mind to some extent…. But as I remembered the wonderful feelings of the previous evening I moved a bit more into it not quite as fully as I had been the previous night but better than on waking. I realize my relationship with Glenn mirrored my childhood (and actually a couple of psychics said we had a karmic bond and had been together in many lives. One where he was my father!) So, from what you told me yesterday, I feel the memory of the relationship with Glenn runs into childhood stuff and is one of those ‘hooks’ you spoke about?? Anyway, GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!!! I will definitely be back! You can count on it!
Elizabeth, Sydney, Australia
Felicity Muscat is one of the wisest, most generous people I know. She is someone from whom I have frequently sought personal advice and counsel before she began her work, and whose words have never failed to illumine my understanding of myself. She has a unique ability to focus in on the problem and see below the surface, even when i was really embarrassed about the problem i was experiencing, she brought the truth to me in a way that helped me see how it was possible to let it go, unlocking the psychological, emotional chains that were holding me back and keeping me in the same situation. I know you’ll receive as much insight and clarity and value from her as I have on how my past was really shaping who i thought i was and it was a little sad that my past bad experiences were keeping me stuck. She was the first coach i had ever sat with that offered a cure not just a band aid solution to my low self confidence issues. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and my life is now exactly as i always imagined.
Ivana, Sydney Australia
Before working with Felicity”, I was struggling with aggression, frustration and relationship issues, I wasn’t able to attract a equal relationship and ended up marrying a man that saw me as less than him, I didn’t want a relationship like my mothers but that relationship as much as I resented it seemed normal to me, I had so many memories of my Cultural ties and what I believed my role was in my marriage. I begin to suffer from deep depression, and didn’t see the point of living. A friend of mine referred me to Felicity and I worked with her 4 times, that is all it took. Since then, I transformed my life and since then, my marriage is completely different to anything I ever saw growing up, and my husband and I see relationships in a completely different light. I wouldn’t have ever thought i could have had this, but Felicity showed me how it was possible and after my first session I knew she was the coach for me.
Fatima, Sydney Australia
I was struggling with Toxic Relationships, I Looked at relationships as a way to make me happy, it was only after my ninth partner left and another relationship failure that i knew i couldn’t experience loss again. There was nothing worse than the men i was dating me telling me you’re to needy” Even though they were emotionally unavailable and definitely not someone i would be attracted to now or even consider having a relationship with. Since working with Felicity, I no longer look for men and relationships to fulfill me and i now prefer being single. The best part of it is, after doing Felicity work i feel whole and feel as though i have a choice in whom i choose to relate to. The freedom of being able to make healthy choices is now something i do with ease. Thanks to Felicity i now do not feel right being in a relationship that is toxic and i have now learned to stand on my own, trust my heart , take responsibility for myself and would rather be single than be with people that cause me harm.
Helena, Gold Coast, Queensland
Before I started coaching with Felicity, I was shy, embarrassed easily and was suffering with self esteem issues. I was overly sensitive, people thought this was my personality and so did I. Felicity approached me at a course we were doing and started chatting with me after she noticed how shy and reserve I was in the group discussion. I felt paralysed and afraid to express it and myself had always been that way for me, I remember she said to me, let me know if you would like to experience what it would feel like if you were carefree spontaneous and confident. I remember telling her I was shy and this was my personality, I still remember her saying to me is that what you believe. I said yes. I went home and thought about it after she left me with a few wise words. I called two weeks later as the hope and possibility of being a confident woman really inspired me. After two session I walked away a completely different person. I actually didn’t recognise myself, as the true me had been hiding behind all of my memories of being unable to be myself in my family home. I am now confident, can talk to anyone i want to and really love whom i am and the feelings of freedom to be myself.
Belinda, Sydney Australia