Building Self Confidence Steps To Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Steps To increase Confidence and Self Esteem 

Are you feeling you lack self-esteem and confidence and are not even sure how to change it, are you not even sure what the difference is between Self-esteem and Self-confidence? Are you feeling the effects of what not having

how to be confident

how to be confident

if you are looking for answers on how to gain confidence it is important that you understand it is not something that needs to be learnt, it is not skilled it is your birthright if you do not have negative beliefs systems reducing it. It cannot be learnt but it can be restored. Are you feeling you lack self-esteem and confidence and are not even sure how to change it. Are you not even sure what the difference is between Self-esteem and Self-confidence? Are you feeling the effects of what not having these two success keys, is doing to your opportunities and the decisions it is causing you to make?,

Self Esteem is the way one sees themselves is it shaped by external programming by the way we were treated or not treated and in turn the negative self-perceptions we learnt about ourselves. In order to change self-perceptions creating low self-esteem. We need to remove the limited labels that are affecting and lowering levels of self-esteem. Confidence is only then, generated by the new levels of self-esteem that are obtained by a self-belief in one’s abilities and character and the results will be an increase in improved quality and choices , to better opportunities in the attainment of our desires, 

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In order to understand how to increase self-confidence, one must understand what causes Self-Confidence to be high and what causes it to be diminished.

How to be Confident ?

What is Self Confidence? Self-confidence is one’s ability to handle and feel confident in coping with the world and in one’s ability to achieve the attainment of one’s desires. The more a person is able to feel confident based on their ability to handle life situations, the less stressed they will feel and the easier and more effortless it will be to get the things they desire.

First, it is necessary to recognize that one’s self-confidence is depleted or undermined based on negative beliefs stored in the mind of ones capabilities. if a person has accumulated a host of negative beleifs about one’s abilities and or self in the world they will have lower self esteem and therefore confidence in themselves than someone who does not.

Such beliefs might go like this: “I’m not good enough”, “I always make mistakes”, “there’s something wrong with me”, “I’m an unworthy or bad person”, and so on. When you came into this world none of these beliefs were “written” on the hard drive of your mind/brain. As you lived through your childhood you experienced events, that got stored as memories, that generated the kinds of negative beliefs I just mentioned. Because the memories are stored inside you, that is they’re “your ” memories, you have “assumed” that they must have something to do with you. Therefore creating a low level of confidence and are unable to be removed, this is not the case.

The second step is, to identify what you are not confident at, is it your ability to succeed at certain things or your ability to handle life. Is it the person you are and or your abilty to handle challanges and or make it in the world, once you have done that then you need to identify the beliefs undermining the low levels of confidence you are experincing.

Finally, once one comes to the realization in the above, it becomes clear that the imperative is to purge one’s self of such toxicity. Yes, “toxicity” because if you recall what it feels like to have that stuff (i.e. those memories and beliefs) inside you you’ll experience once again the lousy self confidence and all of its associated negative consequences. Once one has become resolved to clear them one begins to feel an initial surge of excitement that comes with re-experiencing one’s true and supremely confident self. 

How to gain confidence

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