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We know how important it is to make positive connections with those around us, which is why we offer relationship coaching in Sydney, NSW and online throughout the world.

What does your life look like?

Do you wonder when you are going to attract an authentic loving connection into your life or lose the inner compulsion to stay in a life destroying partnership? Do you feel freedom is not possible with absolute ease? Are you feeling stuck, afraid and trapped by these soul destroying relationships? With our personal relationship counselling online, you can effectively boost your self-esteem and work towards gaining healthy and positive bonds with others.

We work with clients who are experiencing a range of difficulties including fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, confidence issues and more. Find out what we can do to help you today. If you would like to speak to a personal Esteem relationship counsellor online simply get in touch with us today. To view our details, please head to our contact us page.

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See what our clients say.

“…this is no airy fairy new age banter. If you have the courage to change your history then Felicity has the knowledge, wisdom and grace to guide you into your highest vibration and your authentic self.  She gets to the core of what’s holding you back in the shortest time frame possible. I am excited by all the possibilities that will unfold as I continue this journey.”
Adam Singer, Sydney, Australia
“…Felicity words have never failed to illumine the understanding of myself. She has a unique ability to focus in on the problem that is below the surface. She brought the truth to me in a way that helped me see how it was possible to let it go, unlocking the psychological chains that were holding me back. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and my life is now exactly as I always imagined.”
Ivana, Sydney Australia
“I was struggling with aggression, frustration and relationship issues and began to suffer from deep depression, and didn’t see the point of living. Since meeting Felicity, I have transformed my life and and my marriage I wouldn’t have ever thought i could have had this, but Felicity showed me how it was possible and after my first session I knew she was the coach for me.”
Fatima, Sydney Australia