Step Up To Your Life and Find the Courage to Quit the Job You Hate

By Felicity Muscat

Did you know that most people who hate their job have been programmed to unconsciously choose a job they hate? This is because they believe, and have been programmed to believe that their choices are fallen, as they make these choices unconsciously.

Many people who find themselves stuck in a job with countless […]

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What is causing you to feel stuck?

By Felicity Muscat

Negative circumstances in our life such as debt, bad relationships, depressing jobs, lack of friendships and other negative situations can cause an array of emotional issues. Your inner resilience to manage stress is essential when navigating the challenges of everyday life. The sad reality is, a lot of people find themselves overwhelmed […]

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How to go from a distant disaster to happily ever after

By Felicity Muscat

Are you wondering why your relationship has become distant? Or perhaps it has just spiraled out of hand? This article will help you to understand the first step to creating something new.

Did you know that one of the biggest drivers of relationship break down is the fear of abandonment? This fear causes […]

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How to get the girl – a guide for nice guys

By Felicity Muscat

Relationships form an integral part our lives. If you are a man with integrity and feel that the tips and seduction techniques online are only giving ineffective results at best – this article will shed some light on why you are having trouble finding and keeping a woman’s interest.

Many of my clients […]

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How to become more socially confident

By Felicity Muscat

The one thing that perplexed me when attempting to cure my shyness was that I didn’t understand why it always felt as though this debilitating mantle was restricting me. There was always something inside of me that looked at the way I would express myself to the world and compare and see others […]

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Is your emotional baggage enslaving you?

By Felicity Muscat

Do you spend your days feeling like you aren’t really living up to your potential? Are you frustrated by the feeling that the way you are today isn’t who you really are? Many people don’t realise it, but your Authentic Self can, and probably has, become buried over the years under old […]

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Why preparing for the worst doesn’t actually help

By Felicity Muscat

The way you react to a situation affects the outcome. Repeat this reaction again and again and eventually this creates a pattern for your whole life. Many people find themselves thinking about the worst case scenario for any situation they are in. As children we are taught to “expect the worst”. This […]

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How the fear of loss stops you from attracting healthy, loving relationships

By Felicity Muscat

Do you find yourself asking “why am I not able to connect with others effortlessly?” Does it make you think there is something wrong with you? Maybe you think you don’t like people in general? So how can you achieve effortless connection, attraction and build a natural foundation for a healthy relationship?

Many […]

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How to stop delaying your goals and show up for your life

By Felicity Muscat

Does procrastination rule your life? Does it feel like you sit helplessly on the sidelines of your life as you watch this uncontrollable force run it into the ground? Do you realise that means you:

a) have totally lost control over your life and therefore;

b) have no life?

Do you feel sufficiently frustrated to […]

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The secret to having unshakable willpower

By Felicity Muscat

Having a weak will is often considered “normal”. Strong-willed individuals are admired for their success. While those with little to no will power just assume willpower is something some people get and some don’t. This belief deters them from ever attempting to change, or find the source of their lack of will […]

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