Meet the Founder – Felicity Muscat.

As the founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, certified Mind Resonance Coach, Esteem Expert, Behavioral Specialist, Author and Speaker who is extremely passionate about Self-mastery. A expert coach in the minds internal blockages leading to a individual inability to attain success in higher levels of confidence, Relationship  well as life and Success attainment and in Career and Business.
Felicity spends her days Inspiring and leading individuals and companies  through the matrix of the unconscious to attain the  success  they desire effortlessly. She reinvented the wheel of Self development after spending 12 years working with modality  that did not produce  a permanent change in individuals and who felt inspired but found disappointing results elsewhere in experiencing the change they desired  – Yes she makes a bold statement! But it’s true. She’s spoken at various conferences,  Events, and held various workshops both in the UK and abroad.

Written hundreds of Blog posts In the Self Development field and proven other self development Modalities  only resulted and  create temporary shifts.  The process used ,  MRP provides instant changes permanently,  allowing individuals and companies to  reach peak performance and  potential in life, Relationships, Career and Success, effortlessly.

From the founder

I have a passion and some may call it a burning desire to understand, master and unlock human potential – to understand how it works and what causes us to do what we do. A have a fascination and a passion with how the mind works and fortunately this has allowed me to discover how to remove any limitation in the human mind permanently without you having to waste your and or making your life  more difficult than it needs to be.

I have created 4 powerful life changing programs.

Connecting via Skype, I am able to deliver coaching workshops across the Globe.

At one point in my life I was so determined for change and empowerment I spent   4 years, 6 hours a day –  trying to figure out how to unlock fears, the mind, negative experiences and limitations and how to access the power of who I was.  i knew there had to be a easier way. Well, I can tell you this, with each year I got closer and failed many times over. So nothing gives me more pleasure than doing, what I do for others.

Here’s the background.

Things were not always like this for me.

I suffered toxic programming about my self worth. I had no control of myself or my decisions, and could not move past my blocks.  I was so frustrated with life in all areas that I went to every self development program possible and worked with a array of spiritual masters overseas.

What did this journey allow?

I found the answers that many spend years searching for.

Where do I start…?

I have to admit that I am not a coach that sets you a goal and you go away and wonder why you procrastinate, failed or sabotage yourself,  nor am I someone who tries to lock you into a 7 step process…  That simply can’t work when the human programming within you is causing the problem!

Instead I look to clear the blocks that cause you to fail or self sabotage. I allow you to let go of everything that has been holding you back your entire life. I can confidently say its unlike anything you may have experienced.

What is it like to work with me?

As you get to see things you would have never have seen, you will open up awareness and shift it on the spot and then remove the negative programming. Sounds simple? Well it is. It is difficult to descriptively explain the process, but when you experience it, you will not look back.

Even though I cannot logically explain the process, when you decided that you truly want change and you have had enough, you can try a free consultation to try it for yourself to work out if MRP is for you.

If you’re feeling brave and ready for change, you just need the courage and commitment to try it. But if you’re not quite there yet, feel free to Download one of my books in the Coaching section for you to get a feel of the work I do

No matter who you believe you are, or whatever your past, if you are ready to redefine your future and achieve the success you desire for your life, MRP is for you.

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