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A Note from the Founder..

The Number One Element for Success

I’m inspired to share a message about the #1 Most important element for success: Commitment.

It’s amazing to me how many entrepreneurs, Dream Chasers   SAY they’re committed to growing their business, reach their goals and achieve the success they so badly desire, to get off the train of failure, sabotage, fear  and worry about there future, swamped with negative thinking and excuses and jump on the journey to discipline, effortlessness, commitment and a resilience  to achieve success  but when it comes time to act like they’re committed, they stall or backpedal.

I know from experience that having a foot or toe out of any relationship is a recipe for disappointment. Your business and life are no different. You’ve got to be in it to win it, every step of the way.

Because even if you’re close to being fully committed (like a 9 on a scale of 1-10), as soon as challenges pop up in a project, you want to bail instead of riding the waves and growing from the experience.

I’m sharing this reminder as I am frankly tired of people telling you to commit, people pushing others to commit to something that there mind is just not able to achieve. It doesn’t take more commitment, more willpower and definitely shouldn’t take you having to push harder and beating yourself up for it, and frankly, anyone who tells you, you should have no idea how the mind works to get you from point A pain, to point B destination desire.

The Secret……………

The secret is, your mind is resisting the pleasure you are seeking more freedom, more love, more success, more closeness, being more authentic, positive thinking as it was designed that way to keep you safe. But! what if you knew how to rewire what you wanted to see it as a pleasurable experience so that it propels you forward naturally, then what will you need to commit to.? Nothing really!

To imply one needs to commit means that one needs to push past fears, and negative associations of the thing you desiring bringing you pain. Funny that !… it makes everything feel like hard work………

We run from what we think will bring us pain and we attract what we feel with bring us pleasure, If success is associated with pain in your mind, for example, failure, humiliation or potential criticism of you becoming wildly successful, then your path will be tiresome. Yes take motivators advise and commit to pain and watch your mind resist success like it is the plague. Your mind will then start feeling sleepy, more tired, less motivated and then you will beat yourself up for it saying I just need to commit .. Okay if that is working for you, then keep at it and I wish you well on your path.

So if you want to know how to board the effortless train, read my Journey below and connect if you want to find the right program for you, to get you effortless Success, Freedom from fear of your future and freedom & courage to take action …

Felicity Muscat is glad you are here, As the founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, certified Mind Resonance Coach, Esteem Expert, Behavioural Specialist, Author and Speaker who is extremely passionate about Self-Mastery. She teaches hundreds of individuals and company entrepreneurs to transform their lives and businesses. Felicity is a strategic advisor, innovator, and creator of eight signature courses, frameworks and tools suited for individuals, organizations and global transformation. She is not only the founder of the Institute of Self Mastery but a Certified Mind Resonance Coach, Esteem Expert, Behavioural Specialist, Author and Speaker who is extremely passionate about the art of Self-Mastery.

Written hundreds of Blog posts In the Self Development field and proven other self-development Modalities only resulted and create temporary shifts.  The process used, MRP provides instant changes permanently,  allowing individuals and companies to reach peak performance and potential in life, Relationships, Career and Success, effortlessly. Spoken in the field of self-development and proven other self-development Modalities only resulted to create temporary shifts.  The process used, MRP provides instant changes permanently,  allowing individuals and companies to reach peak performance and potential in life, Relationships, Career and Success, effortlessly.

Felicity spends her days inspiring and leading individuals and companies through the matrix of the unconscious to easily attain the success they so desire.


Before the 12 year journey to unlock her own challenges, Felicity’s personal experiences gave her direct insight into the crucial language of frequency and the language of how experiences shape the decisions and reality we create as adults. Felicity soon realised that such frequencies can determine how we view and think of ourselves and most importantly what we believe about life, ourselves, others and more importantly our self-worth.

Determined to transform her own reality, she took the journey to grow and find out who she was. Felicity, therefore, recognised the power within and discovered the drive behind what shapes our thoughts and reality and what creates the results we get or do not get.

This sparked her passion and some may call it a burning desire. A desire to understand, master and unlock human potential – to understand how it works and what causes us to do what we do.
Felicity has a fascination and a passion with how the mind works and fortunately, this has allowed her to discover how to remove any limitation in the human mind permanently, without you having to waste time or making your life more difficult than what it needs to be.

Later, as a young woman and immersed in her studies, with her newfound knowledge she used her findings to transform her life. Felicity’s passion for business helped her to create a business model that could empower others, change thought patterns, eradicate negative emotions, and restore the life force centre back into the body and remove parasites. Parasites like fear and limitations in the mind. This model paired with psychology resonates in her research and all of which she transcribes through her books and media content and online courses.

Standing at the nexus of human potential, self-development , science and spirituality, Felicity teaches non-linear strategies for success that empower people from all walks of life to unlock their potential, foster innovation, transform work and play, and reshape not only their own future but transforms individuals and companies realities for the future and harnesses a change for the better.
She teaches a simple way to get results by unlocking your mind to get the result you desire through a simple strategy to rewire your mind and to accept pleasure and change the course of pain.

Helping people not only understand their unconscious patterns but removing them as well as uncovering natural skills within each individual. Natural skills can include things like social skills, charisma, negation, leadership, persuasion, innovation, creativity and balance. Unlocking all-natural skills and qualities are fundamental to each individual, but more importantly, an individual must recognise harmony throughout their relationships, whether they are corporate or personal.

A good example in the corporate sector is by removing human roles through societal limiting standards. Societal limiting can hinder directors or an individual’s abilities to make life-changing decisions, decisions which could potentially obstruct company growth.

Felicity counsels and advises people from all walks of life, including fortune executives, not for profit leaders, creatives, scholars, psychologists, scientists, artists, teachers, clergy and families. She has revealed how to boost (life force) and balance brain waves in such a way as to enhance learning, access to our multiple intelligences and unlock natural human potential.

Felicity through her own personal experience and inner working on the mind uses her own mind daily as a test to cultivate experiences, educate and fine tune numerous features of her own mind to remove long-standing programs.

The personal system developed in all of  Felicity Programs has not only enabled her growth but has allowed her to transform her life instantaneously and is she now ready to share her experiences to enable others she works with like individuals and companies to obtain their own permanent lasting results.

Known for her authenticity and extensive vision, combining her experience, intuition, precision in understanding and the science behind human behaviour and understanding of the human mind, Felicity’s unique insights gained from experiences in the field of psychology,  brain science and gives her the ability to cut through the noise down to the solution in a strategy plan from A to Z.


Felicity continues to share her information through her own knowledge across genres and platforms, ranging from speeches and online videos. She uses her same system for the area needing transformation and implements the system she discovered to get quick results for any desired transformation.

Some of her work in body transformation has helped individuals lose 12 kg in 10 weeks and keep it off for life. She has turned singers who have severe stage fright into performing artists. She has rid people of their anxious dispositions and embraced people’s charismatic spirit.

In other examples, Felicity has changed a company’s unsuccessful frequency into organisations expanding partnerships. Felicity provides innovative frameworks and applications for achieving breakthroughs personally, as well as in business, science, education, the arts, government, health, healing, and human interactions.

In addition to public speaking, Felicity creates and produces online, interactive and 
multi-media programs that teach the underlying theories for finding your core passion and profiting from it, increasing health and longevity, singing freely for songwriters and artists, leadership. Her programs also teach strategic insight, how to enhance probabilities for success, entrepreneurial growth, authentic leadership, creative problem solving for business owners, performance coaching and resilience to business challenges and hardships to promote innovation.

What others say after working with Felicity,

Felicity’s content of knowledge you cannot find on google, this stuff is unreal and works.
Stephan, Sydney, Australia

Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before, her plan for my life and her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it, I am so grateful for being told about her.
Tony, Director and song writer Sydney Australia,

Felicity’s knowledge she applies in a business setting is a natural gift, her eye for business to create opportunity’s and free up 15 hours of my time per week with less work, it completely blew me away whilst removing my behavioural patterns that was causing me to work without balance. I went from being overworked,  irritable and tired to calm, relaxed and happy and 15 times more productive than when i believed that life is about working hard.
Micheal, Producer , Perth Australia.

Felicity’s content and wisdom you cannot find through other resources. I know this because I was a knowledge junkie, this reality shifting path stuff  is unreal and it works.
Brett Campbell: Melbourne, Australia

Felicity is unlike anyone I have worked with before. The plan we devised for my life was amazing thanks to her ability to help me uncover it within and remove the path to not achieving it. I am beyond grateful for the confidence and assurance I feel day to day, in achieving it.
Simon Evans: Toronto, Canada

Felicity’s familiarity with what I was doing, yes, I had heard it before, so many other coaches had told me what to do. They just couldn’t help me achieve it. I would do what they said for 2 days until i would go back to the same patterns. i was tired of pushing against my own fears and resistance.  I was ready to give up. Felicity sat me down and showed me why I wasn’t achieving it to date, and it was the first time I felt hopeful in my ability to get there. I felt relief that I was in safe hands, she knew me inside and out from the things I told myself to what I spend my time doing. For the first time, I felt that my business journey was a good choice and for the first time with complete certainty. I knew what I had to do and had a plan to get there and most importantly stopped beating myself up for not being able to do it myself. She was the first coach that directly said it is not your fault your situation is like this,  there is no use it blaming yourself when your programs will help you create and make your current lifestyle choices, although,   you do need to face it,  to change were you are going.  I felt relived and empowered and after our work together, I am running a business, making a profit and a great one at that, not only that, but by removing a few roles that were causing workaholic tendencies. I had lost passion and motivation and was ready to give up with no results. I was tired of hearing what I needed to do, without the ability to do it, Felicity work made that possible.
Daniel Costa: Arizona, US

What was amazing about my work with Felicity was that every book and self-development course I had exercised previously made me feel like a self-entitled expert. Felicity gently stripped away my knowledge and revealed my vision on what my version of success was and we got clear on the way, I could achieve it for me. Stripping back my limitations was the most fulfilling thing I have done to date other than becoming a father and marrying the partner of my dreams. What I didn’t realize is that someone’s way to get there was not right for me, up until working with Felicity, I understood why it was becoming a struggle. Trying to do more networking, more sales, copywriting, all of which were not my style. I had started to feel like an absolute failure. I felt overwhelmed and burnt out and started avoiding people. Her approach to show me my value when no-one had shown me it previously and bringing to light why I was avoiding putting my business in front of quality prospects made sense. Our work together made me believe in myself, my potential and gave me a clear path moving forward. She is a master at understanding each person and puts her heart and soul into getting you the results.
Evan Edwards, Sydney Australia

Working with Felicity before I met her I was hopeless, having applied for 15 jobs I was beginning to lose hope in my ability to make it, the worst part there was so much competition in my industry. Time and time and time again someone was always chosen for the role. I was starting to think I had to remain in my current role being overworked and taken for granted. I was beginning to feel aggressive in my role and knew I had to do something before my anger and irritation got the better of me. It had started to affect my home life. I opened up to a friend and they said they knew someone who could help. After working with her and hearing her insights on what I needed to do, to stand out from other candidates, she removed programs from my mind and she assured me, it would come naturally in the interview. I thought it was too good to be true, she advised me on how to use what we discussed and prepared. There is a 97-per cent chance that the other candidates did not know this. She said, “ I look forward to hearing how the interview goes”. She was right, I sent her the, i got the second interview text the two days later, and then 2 week after that, the contract in my hand. If you have the required skills in your industry with others not seeing your value in interviews are this is not, your strength or you have difficulty getting past recruitment agencies, Felicity will help you express your value. She is the go-to woman to get you that role you need to advance your career. She is truly a god sent.
Patrick: Sydney, Australia

I was sick of saying to myself stay positive, hearing be positive. I had so much negativity lurking in my mind and it started to manifest into suppressed emotions and sicknesses in my body. Since working with Felicity my energy is back, my mental and emotional health couldn’t feel better within. I feel like I am glowing. It is so important to cleanse your mind of the negativity that is weighing you down. It is important for people to know this, hence why I offered to do a testimonial for Felicity. Her work changes people’s realities and I thought if I could help just one person it would be through sharing my experience.
Amanda, Sydney Australia 

Before working with Felicity I worked with 4 business coaches all giving me inconsistent business advise, putting me in a lot of debt. By  the time I met Felicity I was cynical, negative and swore to never trust a coach again. I remember her sitting me down and asking ‘how much did you pay for that coach?’, the sad reality was I paid over $10k in coaching to get me nowhere real quick. Felicity zoomed into the mental blocks that had stopped me from taking action and inevitably leading to my failure prior to meeting her. What she said resonated in the core of myself, her roadmap out of my financial business struggles made me feel hopeful. When we removed the blockages I realised that it wasn’t the coaches fault, it was my own mindset that had to lead me to the point of failure and we were able to create a balanced budget where i am not back to being able to save and put away for my future
Alexander, Melbourne Australia

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