About us.

The Institute of Self Mastery delivers empowering workshops, programs and coaching sessions for people who want to change their lives for the better, permanently.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Institute conducts workshops in Sydney, London and New York, while coaching sessions are available via Skype to anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

How we can help.

We can assist you in your journey of self-mastery by removing debilitating esteem and behavioural issues that stand in the way of your ability to succeed in different areas of life.

We believe nothing is impossible, we believe the journey to achieving a life of your dreams should be effortless. We believe in uncovering the Authentic you to live a life full of passion, self-confidence in oneself, achieving a loving fulfilling heart-centred relationship and or career Success in your efforts to reach your dreams.

The way we challenge the concept of getting what you want is going to be hard or impossible is by challenging your internal set of belief systems creating your reality. We believe in empowerment and the change you seek cannot be made from the outside in. How we help you realize this potential for change is, we believe change comes from effortlessly changing the internal reality to effortlessly shape and propel you into action to help you create a new reality in which you see in your world.

Using a process of the called the Mind Resonance Process, in which is effortless to understand, easy to be guided through and one hundred per cent effective in clearing anything immediately.
This process has been used for over a decade and is the golden process of self-development in helping you change your reality and getting you to where you want to be. Unlike other self-development processes, the Mind Resonance Process changes, are permanent, non-reversible and simple to remove any limitation holding you back. We just happen to guide you on how to achieve this effortlessly, for a list of things you can achieve see the MRP page or click below for a free trial to let us show you we can help you achieve this level of Success to you effortlessly seek to Click Here to Be guided to trial MRP

Our Programs.

Our programs and sessions enable you to create powerful experiences to give you back your natural resilience, confidence, courage and control to change your life. We help you unlock the challenges in your mind and master your mind

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help realign the planet and empower people to unlock there authentic self and face the past with ease. We seek to raise their confidence through the roof and restore self-esteem so they can access the power of their true self. We want people to reach their highest potential in life love and success, effortlessly.

We deliver empowering workshops, programs and coaching sessions for people who truly want to change their lives for the better, permanently.