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You can create positive, permanent change in your life right now!

It’s time to challenge your thinking and free yourself from the past. It’s time to empower yourself to take control of your fears, negative emotions and sabotaging Patterns,  blocks and whatever else might be holding you back and redefine your future.

Are ready to reclaim your authentic, powerful self?

Felicity Muscat from the Institute of Self Mastery offers personalised programs to anyone who wants to break through their negative patterns and change their lives forever.

You were born with a natural, and unshakable level of confidence and self-esteem. Your negative life experiences however, have meant that your natural positive resources have become diminished, covering up your true self with layers of programmed behaviours. These behaviours have uncontrollable and unconscious patterns that set you up to keep you blocked and in the comforting walls it has created for you.

As these behaviours take control,  it is as though you have no sense of why you do what you do and why it keeps repeating (even after believing you have worked on it). The sad thing is that most people actually believe you need to use force or self-control to manage or change the behaviours. Your natural resources available to you are high self esteem, self worth, confidence, courage, resilience, charisma, attractiveness and a sense of empowerment that naturally and effortlessly propel you forward. That confidence and empowerment exists, it’s still within you and it’s yours for the taking.

Let Felicity show you how to reclaim this power that resides within you, so you can create the freedom and the life you have always wanted.

Felicity Muscat, founder of the Institute of Self Mastery, has created a range of programs that include group webinars and individual client coaching. The programs have been designed to help you effortlessly uncover the blocks to success and free yourself from all esteem issues with complete ease. The purpose of the programs is to build your confidence and prepare you for the new you.

Felicity uses the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP), a powerful method in which is a self empowerment coaching process. Read more about MRP here.

No matter who you believe you are, or whatever your past, if you are ready to redefine your future and achieve the success you desire for your life, MRP is for you.

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